Has anyone gotten pregnant with an IUD?

I’m just curious, has anyone had an IUD and got a positive pregnancy test result? I’m freaking out; I took two today and got both positives. I called my dr and talked to a nurse who is having me come in for a blood test to actually determine if I am, in fact, pregnant. She said she sees false positives all the time. My husband and I decided we were done after having our two children, 5 and 8. I’m worried bc of the complications due to the IUD that I and the baby, if there is, could have. Or if it’s something else.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone gotten pregnant with an IUD?

I got pregnant on the iud, turns out it can come out without knowing it if u have a heavy period and they didn’t tell me that he’s now almost 4 months!! Good luck

I went to high school with a girl who’s 38 weeks pregnant with her baby she conceived while having an IUD

Did you see the baby who came out clutching his Momma’s IUD?

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Yes, yes I have. I also got pregnant on two different types of pills, and after my tubal ligation. :rofl::woman_shrugging:t4:
All four of my children were born perfectly healthy.


Yup! Apparently then coming out isn’t uncommon. I’m 7 months pregnant after getting my iud while waiting for my husband to get snipped. As long as it’s still not in there or lodged some place it shouldn’t be there aren’t any other risks. They will do ultrasounds to try to confirm where it is if blood test comes back positive

I got pregnant with my iud. It came out in the placenta after I delivered my son


I have had two IUD babies. Their 4 & 5. Sadly happens more than you think!

It’s possible, no birth control is 100% I have to ask tho were zhe tests blue dye because those are TERRIBLE for evap, indents and false positives. 2.5 yes ago when I was ttc I had THREE show a dark clear distinct positive. Digital said negative I called my dr for a same day blood test (I was high risk for mc so they wanted to watch my levels risk) was not even close to pregnant. Levels were nonexistant.

If you are indeed pregnant they can remove I’d safetly and if not they’ll probably have you take progesterone until delivery and remove it after (if it’s moved)

This just makes me think of that picture that circulated a while back of the newborn holding moms IUD.

My friend got pregnant on her IUD I hope it works out the way you want

I had a miscarriage bc they didn’t know the IUD was sideways after having multiple ultrasounds.

had my last child while using the IUD He was holding it in his hand at birth that was 33 years ago


I didn’t find out I was pregnant til I was 11 weeks and I ended up losing the babies before I could get the iud out

Yes i got pregnant with an iud.

Yes I had the IUD and had gotten pregnant on it. The dr took it out and said it was a 50/50 chance I would have a miscarriage after removing it. She is now 5 years old and as healthy as can be :revolving_hearts:


My aunt had twins with and iud. Only issue was one didn’t make it bc the IUD lodged in it’s head while being formed.


I got pregnant on the IUD and it caused a miscarriage.


Yep 8 months pregnant right now off of an IUD and got it removed when I went to the ED I was about 10 weeks I think

I did 9 years ago, had it for 2 years prior fell pregnant and it was in the exact same place it had been fitted my son is now 9 this year

I know tons of women with iuds. And most became pregnant while on it. That’s why I’ll never ever get it.


Yes I have but i miscarriaged

Me I fell pregnant on both coils got two healthy kiddos

It’s very very common.

My little Mirena fails. :heart::heart: twins. Lol


I got pregnant on 3 separate occasions on 3 separate birth control methods. All kids and myself were fine.

Oh shit! Now I’m scared lol I’ve had mine for 2 years and I’ve had time I felt pregnant but I wasn’t. Wishing you the best of luck!

I know someone who’s gotten pregnant 3-4x with an IUD

My friend did. :woman_shrugging:t2:

If you manage to slip by with this one, get that thing removed and have your husband get a vasectomy. It’s time for him to take one for the team like you did carrying and birthing his kids.


My cousins last son was born with her using the IUD . It can happen but rarely

Our little Mirena miracle! My Mirena stayed in till after my water broke.


Definitely possible! Don’t freak out, get the blood work and go from there. You hear more about complications that not

My ex’s sister is an IUD baby :+1: it can happen

Vasectomies are great options for not getting pregnant also, men can suck it up for a day of pain

I had 2 chemical pregnancies with the iud levels high enough to read positive but no development

Hiiii I have a 4 month old baby right now and fell pregnant with her on the copper IUD. I have to admit ill never be getting one again :sweat_smile:

I did! Paraguard. Mine slipped down and was floating around the doctor decided to remove it. It was stuck in my previous scar tissue. It was so painful. But our beautiful son was born 9 months later on my husband’s birthday!:heart:

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No but I did after I had my tubes tied, God knew best.

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Yes I did and so did my sister.

Yes but I had the copper one. It fell out of place within the first year now my baby girl 12.

My sister had her 3rd baby with an IUD

My not 1 but 2 iud babies

Following because I’m invested now

I’ve seen tons of IUD babies. :two_hearts: congrats.
Also a nurse and I’ve never seen a false positive


I got pregnany on the mirena
Nuva ring
And depo shot

I had false positives

mine was super faint with my son and I thought was false positive but my doctor told me you can’t get a false positive? I’d say if you got 2 positives it’s positive…


False negatives are much more common than false positives


My friend had her daughter while on an iud the little girl has a scar on her face in the shape of an iud. It’s my biggest fear

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I see iud babies more than I see on the pill babies

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Honey, I’ll say a prayer

Yes with my third child

I am an IUD baby. Those things have been failing since 1985 :joy::speak_no_evil:

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The only guarantee if not getting pregnant is not doing it at all. No other birth control methods are :100:

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My friend did. The iud was stuck on her sons head when he was born

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Time for hubby to get a vasectomy and get your tubes tied.


False positives are not that common.


False positives are pretty rare… Unless you aren’t doing the test properly. If they showed positive within the 5min window you’re more than likely pregnant. It happens, I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear. Just know you have options


My daughter got pregnant with her daughter. Doc removed the IUD on her first visit to the OB.

I got pregnant while using an IUD. I didn’t have any complications though.

I did but I ended up losing it before I was able to get the iud removed.

Yes had the iud in for 3 months then got pregnant i found out right away and they were able to take the iud out and had no other complications!

My brother was conceived while an iud was fitted

IUDs are one of the best birth control methods out there — more than 99% effective. That means fewer than 1 out of 100 people who use an IUD will get pregnant each year. IUDs are so effective because there’s no chance of making a mistake “usually” Dr. Stine…

Yes I did with Mirena and it was a tubal pregnancy, ended up having an emergency surgery because it ruptured and I was bleeding internally.

Ok guys since reading this how did you know you were pregnant since you’re periods aren’t regular with it anyways?

I got pregnant at 16 I had an IUD and my son was born prematurely. I had serious compilations during my pregnancy.
I split with his father and got an IUD again I had it for about 4 years I met my now fiancé and got pregnant again while having it.
Everyone is different so if you are pregnant you could have lots of complications like me or you could have none.

I’ve never herd of a false positive. You’re definitely Prego hun


Yep, only 2 times I’ve carried a baby to term was on birth control. Once on the IUD once on depo shot. Both healthy babies so it does happen

Many people get pregnant with the iud because for some stupid fuckin reason people think they don’t still need to wear a condom. No single form of bc is 100% affective. Having an iud doesn’t give you a free pass to rawdog :rofl::unamused:

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I have a IUD and I kept stressing I was going to get pregnant because of it because of complications of the Nexplanon I had all signs of pregnancy morning sickness tender boobs ect. Got to the drs did a blood test came back negative they told me that my body can false a positive

Yes, I had a copper iud, I got pregnant second year of havinging my iud. I now have a 1 and a half year old. I got my iud taken out at 5 weeks pregnant and everything went well with my pregnancy. There are risks with taking it out or leaving it in, you also have to make sure the pregnancy is in you tubes because iud puts you at an increase risk of it being in your tubes. Go to emerge or book a doctors appointment ASAP! Honestly my pregnancy was a blessing.

Its more then likely false positive

Nope! Had my mirena for 10 years and never got pregnant!

Yes, I did 50 yrs ago…had a beautiful baby boy…I also had complications from the onset… but once it was removed pregnancy was normal…

Yes first with copper iud the second time with the mirena :rofl:


3 years on with my copper IUD and no pregnancies :crossed_fingers:t2:

Can an IUD father children?

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I have, but only because it had fallen out less than a month after having it put it. And i never noticed it was gone

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Um yes :sweat_smile::joy: almost 39 weeks with baby #5 and I had the mirena put in, June of 2018 :joy::woman_shrugging:
No complications caused by iud…

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Yes i did 3 yrs after having the copper iud inserted. My son is nw 11 yrs and the most perfect little boy.

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I did, it was ectopic. They’ll rule that out immediately via transvaginal unltrasound if you are confirmed to be pregnant.

Yes I did y 3rd daughter

Yes on the copper iud

Thought about you Rita Jaramillo Cherry :grinning:

I got pregnant with my second baby with an iud she is now 7

Yes! My 2nd and he’s now 27 years old.

My best friend got pregnant on the IUD Baby lives right next to it for a while Baby is completely fine now but it’s totally possible

My almost 5yo is an IUD baby…

My sister in law had a iud and got pregnant with her daughter

Yup baby number 2 copper and then baby number 3 marina IUD I got pregnant on both and had to get it taken out both times lol

I got pregnant with my second child with the paraguard in

Got pregnant on paragaurd. Now my tubes are tied

Currently pregnant with my Mirena Iud baby, i didnt find out till almost 12 weeks along.

Yes, currently 17 weeks pregnant with my third and he is an iud baby.

Yes. It was an ectopic pregnancy. Baby in tubes. Extremely painful.

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My 3 year old was a paraguard baby.

not me but heard several stories of babies with iud