Has anyone gotten their tax return back yet?

Have any of you received your tax return? I filed way back in January and it was approved about 2 weeks ago… I figured I would’ve gotten it by now. I did file 2 child tax credits, not sure if that takes longer to process…


Child tax credit returns will not begin to be processed until February 15th, and refunds can be expected around March 1st. This is what it said in the notice I got when I did my taxes online.


My accountant said February 28th is when the IRS is releasing child tax credit returns.

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They don’t release the returns with EIC or CTC until mid to late February.

I claimed a child and got my tax return back within 6 days.

Look up your transcript ftb. It says Monday the 13th for mine. But I will have to wait and see if that’s true.

Looked and it said if you have qualified for any earned income tax credits that they would not be giving them out till mid to late Feb. And you can check online on where’s my refund starting late February.

Child tax credits won’t be processing until after Feb 15th and will be expected to hit accounts by Feb 28th.

I got mine back last week…I did H&R with direct deposit…filed married/plus 1 kid.

I think Feb 20th will the first batch of returns with EIC and CTC

If you got the child tax credit you won’t see anything until after feb 15th

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I got mine back a couple weeks ago with a child tax credit

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My boyfriend got his last week with his child tax credit.

Go to it’s where’s my refund. If u get child tax credit or earned income they don’t even process till mid Feb

Go to irs.gov/transcripts

You’re probably on PATH. You have to wait for that to lift, should be the 15th. Check your transcripts. Check your codes. Look for an 846 code & a deposit date next to that. Your transcripts will update before “where’s my refund” If your cycle code ends in 05 you’ll update weekly

How much is the tax credit this year …just asking …havent filled mine out yet … Thank you guys .

They DO release returns with child tax credit before the 15th… It’s the returns with earned income credit or ADDITIONAL child tax credit that won’t begin processing til the 15th.

Use the irs tracker it’ll update once a day.

If you’re under path they won’t even start on them till the 15th

I filed 2 weeks ago with child tax credit and have already received my refund

They are not even releasing chd tax credits until February 19th is what I was told so that is why you have not received yours just yet

Child tax credits aren’t processed until mid/late February