Has anyone gotten their tubes untied?

Hello, so I’m looking for other moms who have had their tubes tied and then got them untied! I got my tubes tied five years ago when I was with my ex-husband, but we are divorced now, and I’m with a great guy—I’m thinking of getting untied.


A friend of mine was in the same situation. She got hers untied and was able to conceive again successfully.


I think IVF is roughly the same price but its covered partially by insurance. Tubal reversal isnt. I’ve been considering IVF for the same reasoning. It has a high success rate for women who have had tubals as well

I had my tubes untied almost 2 years ago and no luck

Following as I’m in the same situation.

I had my tubes tied. Got divorced and then got remarried and did IVF. Our son is now 8. Good luck!!!

I’m in the same situation and we’ve decided to go with ivf instead of getting my tubes untied. We researched both options and found that ivf would more likely be successful

There are groups on FB for women who want tubal reversals. You should search for some. I was part of one, but gave up on the idea due to finances and current situation. I had mine tied in 2014 and just got my first positive pregnancy test over the weekend but it turned out to be ectopic.

A friend was thinking about getting it done and she said her insurance wouldn’t cover any of it as it ellective. She was gonna have to pay for everything out of pocket.

I have a friend who tried to and the way they were tied it was basically impossible, so now she was doing in vitro

Everyone I know that has wanted a baby post tube tying had to do IVF

The mistake is the terminology. Tubes aren’t tied. The are resected and cauterized. There is no untying. You can have The cauterize portion cut off and then re-attached… 6 weeks later a HSG will determine if it worked or not. Insurance do not cover the surgery or HSG. Its over 9,000 to have done with a super low success rate. Its cheaper to do IVF


My friend had her tubes untied but unfortunately has still not been able to get pregnant naturally.

Nope and I never will I am too old for any more kids I’m 49 and my youngest is 18. 19 in three months. This uterus is closed forever. There’s no way ever for anyone. I love my children, I loved that time in my life and being a stay at home mom, but that season has passed. The next one is coming whatever that brings. But it won’t ever be babies. Brendan is forever my baby(not mamas boy, but that’s his birth order forever). Done!

I have heard of people doing it but I haven’t heard of any success. Ask an OBGYN

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I haven’t got my tubes undone but my mom (in her late 30s) did to have me…it is an out of pocket surgery…its best to see your doctor they can tell you if your a candidate and answer your questions with cost, healing and other options.

It’s an out of pocket surgery so insurance more than likely will not cover it so call your insurance company and ask if they do first. It’s not a guarantee of becoming pregnant. The other best option is going through in vitro fertilization with your partner.

I know someone who did, and was able to get pregnant!!! She now has a beautiful 3 month old baby boy!!

I haven’t but when I got mine tied my dr told me to can get them untied just costly.

Yes! I had mine untied in 2010. March 15th. We were lucky, we got pregnant very first try, and my daughter was born December 4, 2010. She was early! But healthy.

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How much does it cost

I haven’t but my sister in law did and had successful pregnancy after.

I had mine tied after my 3rd child and after our daughter (5) passed away 5 years later I had a reversal and got pregnant three months later. Best money we ever spent.

Yes!!! I had 3 months to conceive before and they would inject the dye through my cervix. No success. I begged for 1 month and I got pregnant. That was 35 years ago. Back then the success rate was 30% … I was so fortunate! Good luck!!!

I was so fortunate, my husbands insurance paid for the surgery!

My mom had hers untied to try to have more kids and she ended up having an ectopic pregnancy then tried IVF and it was unsuccessful but that was quite a long time ago. Medicine has probably gotten better by now.