Has anyone had a CST done?

Posting for stories of mothers who had this test done while pregnant. Has anyone ever had to have a CST done? (Contraction stress test) can you explain your experience? Did it put you into active labor? I’m already 2CM dilated, with contractions on and off constantly and was hospitalized two weeks ago for three days to try and stop contractions. I’ll be 36 weeks when my CST will be done next week.


You are given meds to start contractions and babies heart rate will be monitored. They are looking for decelerations in the babies heart rate. Which would be signs baby can’t handle labor.

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The stress test that I had done was only with a few monitors on the belly that kept track of the baby’s heartbeat, your heartbeat, and the timing of any contractions. It wasn’t anything actually stressful you just have to sit and let the monitors track what’s already happening with your body. Don’t overthink it too much! It’ll all be okay!