Has anyone had a succesful pregnancy after being told their husband had a low count?

Question? Have any other ladies out there had a successful pregnancy after being told their SOs count is extremely low? I was told it’s not impossible, but highly unlikely I could… Just looking for encouragement. Hubby and I would both like the bring another into this world. Our daughter turns 5 in May, and she’s been talking about wanting a sibling also has anyone went through the IVF process in a cause that’s the route we go? TIA


We thought we could not get pregnant but I ended up having 6 babies in 6 yrs


If you got pregnant by him 5 yrs ago. Then yes you most definitely can again time your fertility days and have fun


Yes after years of fertility treatments and finally a successful ivf. When our son was 18 months found out I was pregnant.

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I would have him start looking up ways to increase his sperm count and track your cycles

Look at IUI! So much cheaper than IVF! My IUI was around $1300 and that included the price of donor sperm!


My husband and his first wife split because he was told he had a low sperm count (and some other stuff but that was the main issue). We had 3 kids in 5 year so yeah. Don’t think he was the problem.


Yes! We did IVF + ICSI and I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with our long awaited baby girl!

Yes! Did iui the first time and 5 years later surprise baby on our own

I am the product of such scenario. I was the only biological child my mother and father had and they never got pregnant again after me despite never using precautions but here I am! The baby doctors told my parents would never happen.

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Yes! We’ve got 2, both from IVF treatment (actually ICSI but it’s the same in concept)

Mine was 99.9% sterile & we got 4 all natural


I was told 6 years ago that i had scaring leaving me infertile and my partner had low sperm count , the only way we could have a baby was through ivf, fast forward I now have a 4 year old , a 3 year old and I’m 7 weeks pregnant all conceived naturally


He’s the father of your oldest ? Then why wouldn’t you be able to have another ? Use an app to track your cycles and have sex on those fertile days. Good luck !


Try the Keto diet! It has helped so many women and men . Look into it and best of luck

My ex and I had 4 kids within 5 years (one ser of twins) and then found out when he went to have a vasectomy that he had a genetic condition that cause low count.

Time your cycle just right and your chances will rise up.

Only takes one good swimmer

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My ex and I have 2 kids together when he was told he’d never have kids.

Im the result of a low sperm count… It can happen. My parents tried for a long time to have me and with not even having fertility treatments here I am lol

Me and my husband were both told we likely wouldn’t be able to have kids but here we are with 2 babies 3 years later!

My ex husband and I had 4 pregnancies after being told that his count was low and there was a slim to no chance of conceiving

My hubby’s been told that but hes gotten me pregnant a few times over 2 years :joy: all conceived naturally

Yes buy being stressed will not help u both. You should just allow it to happen. If you stress about it ur body wont allow it. Let it happen when its suppose too.

You will go down a dark path if u keep making it or trying to make it happen if you keep trying and failing. You will seek darkness and ur relationship can go down the drain etc

My sisters husband had low Count and he drank a product called Proseed…mixed in his OJ…plus they did artificial insemenation…I think she was put on Clomid to help…had twins also…4kids total so it is possible

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Low doesn’t mean none! Research ways to increase the count and see if any are possible for you, some simple things, right foods and supplements etc., same for you, and track your cycles, avoid stress. Lots of literature out there. It’s not impossible. Like someone else said it only takes one.

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My fiance was supposed to be 87% sterile. He has a daughter with someone and our son too. They are 5 months apart. I was off birth control for a week and got pregnant. I hope things work out for you guys!

We DID AND was told wife couldn’t carry to full term. We have a BEAUTIFUL little girl

You can try to get his count up with a healthy lifestyle with reducing stress, lots of sleep, exercise, and eating well. He can also take zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. As well as D-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, fenugreek, and maca root supplements. These can all boost fertility.

My dad had testicular cancer in high school. He had a very very low count and was told he would never have children. He met my mom and 2 years later they had my older sister, it was considerd a “miracle” then they were not planning on having another because they were told it was not even possible. 3 years later here I am so anythings possible if you want it to be! Best of luck!

Maybe check into assisted reproduction where they get his good guys and implant them into you. It is much cheaper than IVF and some insurances pay for it.

Carrying our miracle baby now!! 7 months along

Your husband should start taking vitamins. Just Google ‘low sperm count vitamins for men’. Also there is a great group called ‘IVF in Mexico with Dr. Garza’. He is an amazing Doctor and just for a 5 minute drive across the border you can get an IVF cycle for 2900$ (meds are separate, but still only around 1100$) Not sure what sperm extraction costs, but you can ask if you join the group. I got my twins from my 2nd cycle with his office and it’s the best thing I ever did! God bless! Oh, also, your husband can improve his count with a cleaner diet and vitamins.