Has anyone had a successful VBAC?

I am 6 months post an emergency C-section; it was the worst birth experience I have ever had. Long story short, my epidural insertion was horrendous, causing severe pain up and down my spine and head; I still feel residual pain any time I think of it, or anyone mentions it like a form of PTSD, my epirdual froze me above the shoulders by accident then my baby heart rate dropped to 53, and I had an emergency C-section shortly after but they forgot they turned off the drip and I could feel them starting the procedure. It was something out of night mirrors, and I had two natural births prior. I want to have a fourth baby or try for a fourth after this little one turns 1 1/2, but I get scared off by my past experience and severe PTSD/residual pain that happens any time I think of it. We do badly wanted a fourth, but I am terrified. Has anyone ever had a VBAC successfully? How did it go? Naturally? Anyone ever has an experience like the one above and was able to have another baby without panicking, or how did you get past your birth trauma? I really want another, but I am worried this birth trauma may have ruined any chance of it because I can’t get past the horrible feelings from it.


I’ve had 3. 4 births total. Never had any issues because of the epidural. C section was in 98 and others in 2000, 2003 and 2007.

If you have birthed naturally before your chances of a successful vbac are very high
Speak to your doctor x

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First off I’d be suing for this !! Horrible. I’m so sorry you went through this. Can you have your baby elsewhere and maybe a different doctor next time?

I’m 38 weeks and am going to be attempting my first VBAC after 1 c section :green_heart:


The first thing you need to be doing is seeking help from a therapist to work through the ptsd.


I’m pregnant with my second, but had a very similar birth experience. It sounds very much like you also have PTSD, and I would strongly recommend therapy to help you with that before trying for another.

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Vbacs are very common. Firstly I’d be getting the help you and your partner will need with the trauma. If you’re too scared about attempting a vbac to just for it to lead to an emergency section. Maybe think about a planned section. I’ve heard it’s very calm and relaxing knowing exactly what the plan is. Good luck

I had a VBAC with my 4th child with no problems. My first 2 were naturally, the 3rd was an emergency c-section and I had my 4th 2 1/2 years later

Me…I had a son via emergency c section…less than 2 years later I had a VBAC then 13 years later another c section

I had a VBAC 5 years after a c-section, with no epidural. I was induced, but it went well and I had a healthy baby boy.

My first child was a c section and my last three was vbac I was scared that I was going to have a another c section and the doctor told me that I was a good candidate for a natural birth the doctor calmed me down and I’m do sorry that you went threw that I also had my epidural messed up so with my first child I wanted to be put to sleep so I didn’t have to feel the pain

My mum had 2 VBACS and with her last birth she was out of hospital and even went grocery shopping on the way home on the same day

I had a schduled csection with my 1st he was almost 10lbs 2 weeks early in November of 15. In March of 18 i tried for a vbac with my little girl and labored for over 24 hrs. She ended up being turned sideways cord around neck twice and i wouldn’t fully dilate. So we went back for emergency c-section worst experience ever. I felt it all screaming and freaking out till they put me under. Scared the shit out of me i thought i was done after that never wanted to go through it again. 2019 i ended up pregnant during my clinicals for cna i miscarried not long after :angel:. I was officially done i was devastated and new there wasn’t a chance for another vbac. Well God had bigger plans for my husband and I because in August of 20 I had my little healthy :rainbow: baby via 3rd csection.

You’ve got this momma head up high I pray you get your vbac​:pray::pray: if the lord has other plans he will bring that baby here safely​:heart:

I had my first by c-section then 2 years later had a vbac then a 1 later had another vbac. I didnt have any issues. I recommend talking to your doctor to find out how long he or she suggest you wait

Omg, you poor mama! My heart goes out to you!!! Some people should not be in the medical field! I hope you are able to overcome and find the healing you need to have your fourth baby!

It all depends on your body. I had an emergency c-section for my first and wanted a vbac but my baby was breech and had too much fluids to turn him and had to have a scheduled c-section. Talk to your doctor. My doctor told me I could try if I wanted to it just didn’t happen that way.

I’d go to another hospital

VBAC and Birth After Cesarean Facts — Evidence Based Support I’m in this group with a lot of people who have had success. If you join you can search the group for success stories and also look for others with similar experiences. So sorry you had such a traumatic birth experience. I cant imagine how you must feel.

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You may want to consider switching providers. Move to a midwife model of care. There are plenty of hospital based or affiliated practices. That’s how I had my successful vbac. Also, do consider therapy to work through your birth trauma. It will continue to haunt you otherwise. Lastly, and I can’t say for sure, but your story sounds like medical malpractice. Perhaps consult an attorney. :heart:

I had a similar experience with my first C section. They moved the epidural before taking me into surgery and I wasn’t numb when they began. They ended up having to knock me out to finish the procedure. For my second csection I made sure they knew what had happened. They do a spinal block for scheduled sections at the hospital I was at and my experience was completely different. They asked me every step of the way and made sure I was numb and the spinal was working and walked me through everything. I have scoliosis so I knew a Vbac wasn’t possible and had to have another csection. Good luck with the Vbac but if it isn’t possible or doesn’t work out I would try to communicate with anesthesia before you give birth and make sure they are aware of what went wrong last time. I told every single person I came in contact with at the hospital and it made them more aware and allowed me a better experience than my first.

I’ve had 3 successful VBAC’s after an emergency c-section!