Has anyone had a tubal reversal?

I was just wondering if anyone had any tubal reversal success stories. Well, not a story, but did it work basically lol I go next month for my consultation, and I’m excited. In 2018 I had my tubes tied. I got my paperwork from the Dr today that did the surgery, and all I can keep finding is something that says 3cm, but I do not understand what that means. Like do I still have a chance if I get the surgery done? Thanks!


I think that’s something this fan should ask her Dr. Not a random Facebook group


I had mine in Sept 2020! I’m 32 weeks pregnant! Feel free to pm me any questions!

I had it done 34 yrs ago…pregnant in 2 months!


My friends mom had one was pregnant within a year

A friend had one. And within 4 months she was pregnant


I know someone who did and unfortunately she had a couple of miscarriages while in early stage but now I have God son on the way!!


I had my tubes cut, tied n burned in April of 2003. N not trying to be vulgar or Gross but my husband and I were like fertile and Myrtle, he coughed next to me and I was pregnant. We had 3 kids in a row prior to my to my tubligation. Literally I have a 20 yr old daughter, 19 year old son, n and 18 year old son…and that’s it! I haven’t had any scares, tubal pregnancy, nothing…i was 23 when Dr. Hendricks did my tubal and I’m about to be 42 and recently found out Im still fertile with eggs, but nobody’s getting through to those eggs…I guess it just comes down to how well your Dr. Is at her job…I haven’t had any problems! N it’s been 18 years

Did they take out the tubes? My daughter told me recently, when she had hers done, that they now take them out completely so if that’s the tubal ligation she had I don’t think it can be reversed. Mine was a cut, tie, burn and had sections taken out bc I was done so I was told it can’t be reversed. I do know one woman who had it reversed and it didn’t take long for her to get pregnant. Probably best to ask the MD exactly what the chances are.

I had 2 kids after a reversal


More than likely 3 cm refers to 3 centimeters of tube left. It could also refer to how much tube was cut.


Had mine done in 2016 and have 2 beautiful reversal girls 2 and 1!


If you plan on having surgery ask ever question you can think of , write them down


I had 3more babies after reverse


I had tubal reversal in 2017 …had to get my tubes reopened after that due to scar tissue…had problems getting pregnant so Gave up…2020 came and I had a surprise pregnancy test positive :slight_smile: she is now almost 1 years old

This is all great news for everyone who had success. But as a person who supports women’s rights to their bodies, I can’t help but to think with all the women who decide to reverse their procedure is why some states have put stipulations on getting your tubes tied. Such as women have to have 2+ children and permission from spouse


Tube has to be atleast 3cm in length for reversal. GOOD LUCK MOMMA, HOW EXCITING

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Hi! YES! I had two sets of twins back to back. Then I had my tubes tied. 10 years later, I wanted another baby sooo bad. I got my tubes reversed. I had an excellent doctor in Fremont that did the surgery. He had perfected a way of doing it a certain way and had great success. He was also a very sweet man and I just loved him! He did my surgery and I ended up having two more children. Irish Twins! Born a year apart. My surgery was laparoscopic and I was in and out the same day. Felt a little rough for a week afterward, but was so excited to try for another baby! I even would go back to Fremont and visit my surgeon and showed off my babies he helped me be able to conceive! :sparkling_heart: Best of luck to you! Keep us posted! :muscle:t3::pray:t3::heartpulse:

I wish like hell i could get a reversal but my tubes r tied cut and burned

What kind of tubal reversal are you talking about? Is this birth control related? For example essure?

Had mine done in 1996 and had them reversed at 39yrs young. Fell pregnant straight away. Had my youngest at age 40 he is 15now

Random… But is a reversal expensive???

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The consultation with Dr will tell you if he can do it. Most time it is successful.

I consulted with a doctor years later about a reversal but my tubes had basically disappeared he said.

Most dr will cut tie and burn there is no going back

I had mine done. Right tube grew a cyst in it and blocked 3 eggs in it, tubal pregnancies the 3rd cost me a tube. Left tube is completely blocked. Ended up doing IVF to get pregnant worked on first try. Now we have a 1 month old baby girl.


Be careful my mom has hers reversed and got pregnant it cost her baby’s life and almost hers

Had a reversal 11 years ago. Paid $7000 It DID NOT work. 11 years later and no pregnancy… The dr told me there was an 85% chance to work . So I paid and took my chances. There are so many factors that weigh in. Scarring, length left, age, God. Etc
Wasn’t in the stars for me. But it’s ok.

My brothers wife had one done and it worked he had a son ( his only child )

Excellent question for your doctor


Its probably an ovarian growth. They’d take out the growth when they do the surgery. But why anyone would go under the knife just to reverse later is beyond me. Most peace I ever had in my life, I’m not reversing that shit​:rofl::rofl:

Undecided ppl shouldn’t have kids.


Were they cut or burned? Mine where burned and I was told it couldn’t be reversed

I had mine cut and tied back in 2001. In 2014 I got the reversal done in Mexico,came back home and had a dye exam done where I was told only my right side was open and that I only needed one ovary. Anyways…I had my girl and she will be 4 years old next month and I am 44 and proud of it.

I had my tubes tied (filshie clips) when I was 22 and had a reversal when I was 39, one month before my 40th birthday. I was pregnant two weeks later and had another baby at 42. Depending on how your tubes were tied, your age, and how much tube can be saved, it can be very successful. Best of luck to you.

High risk for tubal pregnancies I do know that


I had my reversal in august of last year n six weeks later got pregnant on the first try n now have a baby girl due next month :blush:

Yes I have ! And had 3 successful pregnancies after :heart:


A friend of mine took her dumb self to Mexico for the surgery but she now has a 6 yr old.


My mom got a tubal reversal with a 10% chance of getting pregnant through one tube and 13 years later my brother is happy and healthy :blush:

Why would you tie them just to get them reversed. It’s people like you that make it harder for the women who actually want it done without reversing it. If you wanted more baby’s you shouldn’t of done it in the first place or adopt.


Best to call a specialist. My reversal success wasn’t likely but I had it anyway. I am now 30 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 post surgery

I don’t know your story but three years and now you want another after a supposed “permanent solution “) :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:


There are tubal reversal groups that are very informative…

I had a tubal reversal surgery in 2018 and it was successful. My tubal reversal baby is 8 months old. Definitely check out Tubal Reversal/TTC/Pregnancy & Babies afterwards

This is why i wont tie mine nopeeee

“I wanna reverse my nut job,” said no man ever. Why? Because it was an important enough decision to think through thoroughly, maturely, and rationally the FIRST time. And when do guys go get cut? When there’s a woman in their life pressing them to, or they got tired of the pill “not working” when their partner wanted to get pregnant, orrrr they just are smart enough to know they shouldn’t have any offspring to the wishy washy psycho they’re with. Lotsa wishy washy on this thread. A kid is 18 years of your life, minimum. Getting “done” and “undone” every couple years isn’t showing the proper decision making processes or dedication that 18 years of anything takes.
There were like two sensible women on this thread that got attacked for this common sense. Got tired of watching the sharks eat them. Figured I’d give you something to chew on.

I was told that they cut and burn them over 10 years ago and this is not reversible

Had reversal and now have 5 angel babies all ectopic with damage so bad a hysterectomy followed


Yall do not know this woman’s story! Maybe she was in a bad relationship. Maybe she had medical issues and didn’t want to chance it and is now better.This woman did not ask for yalls opinion, she asked if a reversal works.geesh.:woman_facepalming:t2:


It goes by how far the doctor cut your tubes back. Like some docs dont cut back far enough when they tie the tubes,and sum cute back too far is what my doc told me. So I would start with hiw far your doc cut your tubes back and see what the percentage rate is then.

Mine were clamped and burned in 1996 within an hr of my baby girl’s birth. I was told it could NOT be reversed.

I got a tubal reversal almost 2 years ago. I am now 6 months pregnant.

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I know a girl who got her tubes tied and was unable to get the reverse since it had been 4 yrs.

one of my friends had reversal & has a beautiful baby as a result she has a whole blog about her experience on fb her name is Ashton Janae Huseman

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Sound like they removed your tubes if your seeing 3cm on the paperwork. If that the case I don’t think it’s reversible.

I had my reversal in dec 2018. Miscarriage August 2019. Finally pregnant in feb 2021 and I’m 17 weeks pregnant.

My ex sil had her tubes reversed in Mexico. She became pregnant quickly after and also gave birth to another one after the 1st one. She was also was a high risk for being older.

I got my tubal reversal done a year ago. 3 months ago my OB did a test and my tube closed back up. By miracle I am pregnant now. Honestly I would do IVF. You’ll be paying ruffly the same amount but you chances are much higher. If your tubes close back after surgery than you will only be able to do IVF.

Me… had one and conceived the first month my husband was home from his deployment. It probably means that took 3cm from each side

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I have! Currently 34 weeks pregnant now:) feel free to pm me with any questions:)

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