Has anyone had an abnormal pap?

So I was wondering if any other mamas have had a pap smear come back as abnormal with high risk HPV 51 detected, and can give me some insight? I’m 23 and just had my 3rd baby boy in August at 2months early, I got letter today in the mail from the lab that did my pap smear testing and said for me to call my obgyn and they asked me to come in right away on the 22nd. So I’m trying to get some insight so I’m not going crazy, till my appt,but everything I find says cervical cancer or pre-cancer. I have my lab results if any mama Drs or nurses here would like to read them and give me some insight as to what they actually mean. But a little back story, my mom had horrible period issues and everything after she had kids and they got worse with age. Well they ended up doing a hysterectomy when she was in her early 30s and found a huge tumor on her ovaries after they removed them, which was undetectable through ultrasound. So between what I keep finding on HPV -51 and what my mom went through, it all says cancer, but I’m only 23 and thats the last thing I want to worry about. So I was wondering if abyone else had some relatable experience and could give me insightsAlso I already know I’m a carried for HPV type 1 which is the basic that most everyone has, which results in fever blisters, mouth sores,ect. I’ve had them all my life,even as a kid,but this HPV type 51 is new to me, and theres not much on it when you search for it.