Has anyone had dreams about being pregnant before they found out?

Hey, has anyone ever had dreams about taking a pregnancy test or multiple n they all showed positive, and u actually ended up pregnant? My dream was weird. Somehow, I took luke five pregnancy tests, and all had big fat dark positive at 1st. They faded, but then I took more n they stayed dark. Last pregnancy dream I had, I didn’t take the tests others did n I had to confirm if they were pregnant or not turns out my close friend found out soon after she was pregnant. But this time, I took the tests, and they were all positive. This was a few days ago but had anyone ever had a dream and was actually pregnant?? Lol, I want to note that I’m not trying to get pregnant, but things happen. More curious then anything


Yessss. I also have dreams that are vivid and weird a lot when I’m pregnant. So if you’re remembering your dreams more that could be why.

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Yes. Even in my dream i was like “I can’t believe I’m doing this again” :joy::sob::sob:

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I didn’t have a dream but my 2 year old told me I was pregnant exactly a week after I had surgery on my wrist (they had me take a test before I went back and it was negative). I took a test the day after he told me and BAM 3 positive tests!!

I had a dream I was pregnant and took a pregnancy test that morning because it felt so real it scared me! :joy: It was positive, lol.

My child’s father had a vivid dream that I was in a recovery room holding a baby. He held our daughter up & she said “baby” then “eyyyyyyyye” both words for the first time. In his dream baby was a girl. I was unknowingly almost 20 weeks pregnant with my son at the time. Everything else was true. He was born via c-section, recovery room. Daughter was wearing the same outfit which wasn’t planned. It was a normal OB appointment turned emergency csect. She said baby & eye for the first time etc.

They have dream books… Maybe look it up and see what it says about what those kinda dreams mean