Has anyone had issues with birth control?

I have a weird question,I started my new birth control pills that I have never used before,so I took the pregnancy test earlier tonight and it came back negative,I started my thing on Monday,Tuesday then yesterday it stopped so my question is that have anyone had any problems with birth control pills

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Birth control can mess you up. Especially if you’re just starting on it. The pills and IUD were the only ones i ever had issues with. Pills especially. Would make me incredibly nauseous before my period started. Periods were absolutely awful. I recommend looking up reviews of the kind you’re on and see how many others have dealt with similar side affects.

I can’t take pills I have a gagging reflux i have the Rod and i haven’t had No problems with it.

I was taking 2 forms of birth control at once. I had Nexplanon and took pills. The reasoning was Nex made my cycles very aggressive. Very heavy and more often. The pills made them regular. More people have slowed, weak cycles with pills. Birth control that stops your period completely, is worrisome.