Has anyone had issues with HCG not rising and still had a healthy baby?

I caught my pregnancy so early like 4 .5 weeks gestation. And my #s were not rising like they were supposed to. I was told its non viable. And here he is.

I am give or take 8 weeks similar symptoms. My midwife said it was possible it was implantation bleeding (it’s common for week 6) and when I got tested my numbers didn’t double but they did go up. I get my first ultrasound Monday and provide An update but so far healthy


Unfortunately this sounds very much like a miscarriage, especially with the spotting and cramping. Iv had 2 miscarriages and 4 healthy babies. With my 2 miscarriages my HCG never increased correctly but with my 4 healthy babies it always more than doubled in 48 hours. I’m very sorry for your losses.


I was about 6 weeks pregnant and had pains in my side so went for a scan and nothing could be seen and my HCG levels wernt high enough they kept me in hospital for 48 hours the next day went through same thing again over and nothing my HCG levels needed to double. Thankfully the 3rd day evening time the nurse came to me not only had the doubled but they tripled and now iv a beautiful 15 month old baby girl :blush:

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Talk to your doc about taking progesterone to increase your levels. I had 2 miscarriages and after that I took progesterone for both my next pregnancies and the progesterone worked. They’re both healthy girls!

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Dr. said in all his years as a OB he had never seen HCG levels like mine end in a healthy pregnancy. Let your heart and body speak for you

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go in and see you r OB gyn

God bless you and keep you strong

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Stay calm, avoid atresa

I hope everything goes well so you can have your baby

Happened to me… i had twins and one passed, my son came out healthy and is almost 12 years old now

I was told my HCG levels werent rising with my daughter. I was almost 8 weeks pregnant with her & I started bleeding the ER doctor said miscarriage but I was able to call & get an appointment with an OB the following day. He examined us & said once the heartbeat is detected your HCG levels don’t matter as much. I now have a happy & healthy 4 year old!

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I’m sorry hunny. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself. It’s not a good sign. I’ve miscarried too, it’s very common. You’re not alone. Sending you love.

With my son mine dropped then we thought tbe worst and it started to climb around 10weeks. He was baby #5 and i have a ton of health issues. Every pregnancy is different. Good luck and just keep in contact with your ob.

Progesterone is the only thing that worked for my daughter. She had the exact same problem and suffered 4 miscarriages until she insist he doctor put her on it.

After my fourth miscarriage, they ran done blood work and found out that I have a clotting problem so it was causing me to lose the babies. I took baby aspirin before and during my whole pregnancy with my last one but it was very scary for me

I kept having this issue. I had four miscarriages before I finally had my last baby. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. :pray:t3::heart:

Good Luck & May God Bless you Both…

I’m experiencing the same thing now.
Do you mind me asking how low they were at 4-5 weeks?

That is so great to hear that some of you had your period the whole time you’re pregnant and also that some people’s HCG levels were not rising the way the doctors wanted to but still had a healthy baby… I had a period in October and also in November and this month as well. The doctors are going off my October period and said I probably was miscarrying cause they didn’t see a gestational sac. But when I had my period in November is when I got my first pregnancy test done at the doctor the urine test came back negative but the blood test came back positive and my HCG was only 6… so I obviously was not pregnant in October so now they’re thinking they should be going off by November period and I’m only around 6 weeks now. My last doctor’s appointment I would have been 5 weeks and 1 day according to my November period and my HCG levels were 1662…so they didn’t double every two days but they are going up so I have hope

I am worried too. I am 4 weeks preg. 5 days ago my hcg was 38 and today it was 40. Is this a really bad sign?

What were the numbers? I was told most likely
I have a non viable pregnancy. At 3.5 weeks I was 38 and today at 4 weeks I am only a 40. I am repeating the test Thursday. I am just so sad

What ended up happening with you I’m in the same situation

I feel like I am in the same boat. I have endometriosis so I didn’t even think getting pregnant was possible until I saw two lines with a missed period. Well I’m about 4 weeks and my numbers are low and not doubling. So I’m kind of freaking out. With covid it’s difficult to get into my doctor, so I get to deal with the receptionist who keeps saying “oh” when she sees my numbers. At 3 weeks I was 174, 1 week later I’m at 384. Today I experienced mild cramping with a tiny bit of spotting. Does anyone have any experiences like mine? I’m trying to stay positive.

What was ur number of hcg? Mine on Jan 17 208 then Jan 19 377 and one week after 871. Dr said hcg not rising better. This is my 5th pregnancy n I’m scarred n dunno what ultrasound gonna b his Thursday. I never had miscarriage or ectopic

My numbers are like yours. According to my last period I’m 6w 2d but according to ultrasound I’m 5w 3d. 1/30 my hcg was 22, 2/1 it was 45, 2/3 it was 98, then on 2/8 it was only 103. I’m going tomorrow 2/11 to see what my hcg looks like. Did an ultrasound on 2/9 and they saw the gestational sac in my uterus, so ruled out ectopic. But it was so small they don’t know if i’m just really early or if it stopped growing, so i’m going back next tuesday for another ultrasound.

You are not her doctor. There have literally been studies showing that unless there are unique circumstances there is no benefit to waiting to try again. So if her doctor did not tell her she needed to wait, then neither should you. Also just as an FYI, you should probably keep any comment to someone who suffered a loss that starts with “You should have…” to yourself. This was not her fault.

This is bad advice. Listen to your doctor, not this stranger. Women often have successful pregnancies the month after a miscarriage–it’s actually MORE common to get pregnant that second month! Hope you’ve been healthy since. Take care!

What were your hcg levels? Going through same

Do you have any updates since then? I hope everything worked out for you,my levels are at 7 :frowning:

How far along are you?c.ruiz

I tested at 4wks 3days (05/04) and HCG was 21, 05/05 HCG was 64 and on 05/11 it was 71! I’m devastated and feel a little desperate. I have to wait until 05/18 for another set of bloodwork and ultrasound. Anyone have advise? Thanks

How slow is slow and how long did that progression last. In a similar situation.

Hi can I ask what your numbers were that early?