Has anyone had issues with HCG not rising and still had a healthy baby?

So I am about five weeks pregnant, not exactly sure, but I’ve been spotting and having cramps for five days I went to the er two times in the past week. My HCG levels are not rising as they should I get tested every two days the last time I was tested; it was at 901, and 2 days later, it should have doubled but only went to 1030. I had a miscarriage last November, and I don’t want to lose this one too. Has anyone had a problem with the HCG levels and still gave birth to a healthy baby?


You should’ve given your body some time to rest …miscarriage cause a lot of damage to a woman’s body and its takes time to heal and reconstruct…i hope nothing goes wrong and you give birth to a beautiful healthy babyboy/babygirl , stay strong Momma Bear❤

Ask your doctor for an ultrasound or ask The Ithaca Pregnancy center about their free ultrasound. As a momma to 3 heaven born babies and 4 healthy boys, it’s better to “think happy thoughts” until you get that 8 week appointment. Stressing yourself out can produce the results you are fearing. Prayers for a safe & healthy pregnancy.

Yes mine doubled at 5 weeks and 2d then dropped a little then rose again slightly then dropped from there. My pregnancy was Hetrotopic (twins) I had one viable measuring 5w & 2d. One in my right Fallopian tube (ectopic) but because I didn’t get my surgery because of covid I lost my viable one :two_hearts: my most recent loss this was!

I’ve had 5 miscarriages in a row, all early stages between 2018-2020. apart from a live birth in 2018 at 16 weeks. (Twins again). And each time I’ve had my hcg levels monitored and none of them turned out viable x

I’ve miscarried at 13 wks. I’m sorry I don’t have any advice, but I am sending good vibes your way and hoping you have a healthy pregnancy

I had that issue as well, I’m 21 weeks now and everything is progressing perfect.

Yup, I was told that my pregnancy was ectopic since my levels were barely rising. I was given the speech on having to terminate and I told my OB that nobody was touching me until I was given an ultrasound. So they gave me an ultrasound and my pregnancy was not ectopic.
4 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl, she was tiny, only 5lbs but completely healthy.

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This is how my miscarriage went numbers went up 4 days …blood every 2 days and the 3rd blood draw numbers down bleed and 4 days later my counts were 0…

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I had this happen. I was carrying twins and miscarried one after 10 days of nonstop bleeding, thought we lost entire pregnancy but ultrasound showed one fetus and by the time we realized baby was 11 weeks! I hope things work out for you! :heart:


It sounds like the pregnancy is likely not viable. I’m sorry you’ve already been through this. Losses are so hard.


Yes mine wasnt rising fast either but i didnt have spotting or much cramping they thought i would lose it and didnt and now im 5months roughly

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This is how my ectopic pregnancy was. :broken_heart:

My hcg wasn’t detected until I was 20 weeks pregnant and only reason I found out was cause I took a test and it came out positive then that same night I ended up in the Er with massive blood loss the tech on duty was a newbie told me I miscarried a week went by I didn’t feel right went to my primary he did an ultrasound found out that day I was 20 weeks with my son n what had happened was a “vanishing twin” so basically I was pregnant with twins but lost one and I had complications the rest of the pregnancy severe morning sickness in and out of hospital with contractions got put on bed rest and medications to stop contractions doctor took me off meds when I was 34 weeks 6 days cause I had passed out from the meds and I told him I won’t make it until 40 weeks N I was right my water broke at 2 am at 35 weeks and my son was born 18 hours later (16 without any medication n was told either epidural or emergency c section I opt for epidural 2 hours later he was born) he weighed 5 lbs 7.7 oz.

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The best thing you can do for yourself and baby is not stress. My HCG was rising low in the early stages of my pregnancy (4-5weeks) and it all evened out.

I had a miscarriage last year. I started spotting went to the hospital. They said either I was miscarrying or I was wrong about how far long I was, because if I was five weeks they couldn’t find the baby’s heart beat. They did follow up and my numbers were not increasing. :sob: still makes me so sad and upset. I’m praying I will still be able to have another

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I experienced the same at the start my first full term pregnancy, I had to be rushed in for blood work and and internal ultrasounds because they were sure that after I began experiencing cramping and spotting. My blood work showed that my hcg level was much lower than it should have been, but luckily my ultrasound showed a heartbeat. I had a difficult pregnancy with complications, but a healthy little girl in the end.

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I did but I was breast-feeding at the time and I stopped after that my levels got higher. I stopped bleeding and cramping. I have miscarried in the past also. If I were you I wouldn’t look anything up or read anything about it I would just try to enjoy your time and relax as much as possible this will only stress you out more and you don’t want that! Relax and eat healthy drink water and pray baby grows! :love_letter:

Yes. Doc said it was definitely going to be a miscarriage. Said I could wait it out or do D&C. I told him it will have to happen on its own. As I was leaving the ultrasound tech asked the Dr. if I could have another ultrasound. There was my baby and her heartbeat on the screen. She’s a happy healthy full term 7 year old now.


I had spotting at 7 to 10 weeks. My levels were low and I had Previa. We had tried for years to even get pregnant and I was so afraid I was going to miscarry after all that time. My doctor gave me some I believe it was progesterone medicine to take but told me that if I began to miscarry, there was nothing they could do. There was a lot of crying, a lot of worrying and a whole lot of praying.
My son is now nine years old and is having a nerf gun war with his father as we speak. He is our miracle child and we never take that for granted.


I had severe probs with that and other hormones have them check all your hormone levels and don’t give up!! I was told I wouldn’t carry any babies and I have 3 beautiful children I needed hormone therapy for 6-8. Weeks during pregnancy to successfully carry. Get a 2nd opinion if necessary. And most of all rest rest rest so you can carry your little angel. Good luck to you

This sounds like what I had when I miscarried last year. My hcg levels were rising- but very little, and not doubling… I was also going in every few days to get tested. I was having alot of spotting and cramps and unfortunately ended in a miscarriage within the first few weeks😥


I was told I was miscarrying with my 2nd. I went to another hospital for a second opinion 24 hours later. Found my little beans heart beat, she’s six now. Sending you luck and love!

When I was pregnant with my son I was told I was going to miscarry because my hcg levels were not rising. I had a bumpy pregnancy and he was born at 33 weeks. He’s now 4 years old he has some challenges… he has a rare genetic syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and asthma. But he’s doing well now


I had this with one of mine and was told I would need a D&C to removed the fetus. Surprised everyone when they did the ultrasound and found a perfect but small baby! Anything is possible momma. Try to rest your mind and body


As far as I know if your levels are still going up and not down everything is going the way it should. Every woman is different and different things come into play. I was also only a 600 some level at 5 weeks. I didn’t even know I was pregnant till they told me.

All my numbers went down for my 2nd baby. Even with an ultrasound, there was only a sack, not baby. They declared miscarriage twice and told me to do a d&c. Then the dr came chasing me out of the clinic one day, there was one number that went up she said and after speaking with another doctor, they wanted me to do another ultrasound. Longest 30 seconds of my life. She was about 6 weeks along and had a healthy heart beat. Doctors dont know everything


Yes, it happened to me. I lost 3 babies all by 8 weeks and then with the 4th, they put me on progesterone right away. That baby just turned 7 years old on Monday. Hang in there mama. :pray::two_hearts:

I had full blown periods during mine. Didn’t know I was pregnant until 4.5 months in because of it. Your levels are going up. So unless they stop rising completely or you have an ultrasound proving no heartbeat just stay calm and carry on as lower stress is better in the long run. I now have a healthy 13 year old daughter from that pregnancy and every time I got my period after finding out I freaked out about it. She was born 5 days prior to her due date and healthy just a little small weight wise. She was 5 lbs 11 ozs

Doctors dont always have the right answers…based on what others have said. Try and not stress and worry. I know that’s easy to say and harder to do, but you gotta. Try to just do all good and positive things for yourself. I hope all goes well for you.

I think everyone is different, I had completely normal HCG with my miscarriage then with my pregnancy after my levels were off at first and picked up to normal around 15 weeks and I have a healthy 6 year old. Try to stay calm and pray :heart:


When I was around 5 weeks with my one daughter I had bleeding and alot of cramping also. I went to the ER and they thought I had a miscarriage. They scheduled me for an ultrasound at around 6wks and turned out my baby was good. Strong heartbeat and everything. Definitely go to your dr in about a week to see if they can give you an ultrasound to see the heartbeat. Hope everything is ok for you and your baby


Prayers you make it through. Went through them same thing. That said there wasn’t really mych we could do. Take it easy. As much as you can. We were only given a 50/50 chance of making through our 24th month. We are now 32 weeks and safe.

Sweet heart do what you need too do wait and let your body go thru it’s normal cycle no one can really tell you what too do cause no ones body and system is the same god help you carry your baby full term prayers for you

I had the same issue, and went one to have a healthy baby boy.:heart: I pray you do as well.

Yes, my first one, we went home and both of us started talking to the baby and telling her that we wanted her very much and to please stay

My best friend had this issue…HCG levels not rising. Was finally able to deliver a healthy baby…if I remember correctly she needed to have progesterone suppositories as soon as she found out she was pregnant and use them until she was 12 weeks along.


Praying that you carry and have a healthy baby this time…sending many prayers your way and toward all other women trying to conceive. Amen God’s timing is perfect.

My HCG was so low HPT wouldn’t read as pregnant with my first. I even went through a full cycle my first 5wks. I didn’t know I was pregnant until I went to the hospital because I was doubled over in pain and they were like “ummmm you’re pregnant…but according to your hormones you’re only 6wks and according to the ultrasound your 12wks. Prepare yourself to lose this baby…” they told me I was gonna lose my baby all the way to 20wks and my HCG finally caught up. She’s now 6 years old and has 2 more siblings

This happened to me and I miscarried. If this is your second one , get a workup. You might need progesterone or clomid or both. Could be a number of things they can help you with. I had three miscarries between my two kids and finally had my son at age 40.

I had this problem so my doctor put me on progesterone for about a month and then I was able to stop taking it and had a totally healthy baby.

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I had same problem but they did ultrasound told me they found an empty sac. Was referred to my obgyn he told me I was just not as far along as I thought I was have a healthy 19 yo now.

With my 3 miscarriages it never went up like it was supposed to. I did finally have my rainbow baby though. It will happen for you too. If you ever need someone to vent to… just DM me.

I had low levels and took progesterone for the first 12 weeks and he’s turning three next month.

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My HCG levels were low during my pregnancy with my daughter after a miscarriage. I started spotting and went to the hosp. They told me my levels n the development looked like I was having another miscarriage. My daughter is turning 2. I’ll keep u in my prayers.

Test n take comic acid … if it’s meant to be it will if not theirs a reason usually medically or chromosome defect … prayers to you

Have they done a utral sound yet? Last year my my hcg would raise then drop… I even went to the hospital cause I started bleeding heavy they told me it was a miscarriage and told me go have blood work done at my dr to make sure my hcg level was going down but it was going up and because of that my dr wanted a utral sound done and found out my baby was a ectopic baby !!! I was 4 weeks

I had the same issue hcg rising but not doubling I still had a healthy baby… sending you prayers :heart:

Hard to say.I went to the ER in January of this year because I had some bleeding and was about 5 weeks along. The ER could not detect a heartbeat because 5 weeks really early.My HCG didn’t double but they did rise.I’m about 6 weeks away from giving birth.

My mom never showed enough HCG to get a positive test with me. She found out she was pregnant with me at around 4 or 5 months. Hoping for the best for you

I always waited mine out. Ultrasound confirmation is the only way to go. Even then, I wouldn’t terminate willingly knowing there could be a chance. No matter how small.

All 3 of my pregnancies I had issues with hcg and cramping with bleeding until I delivered… they had me expecting a miscarriage at anytime with all 3… I delivered a 6lb 11oz 36weeker, a 9lb 38weeker and a 6lb 7oz 34weeker…

Yes, I had to take prometrium with my first baby the whole first trimester. He is a healty 7 year old little man! Best of luck!!

I went through this and I started taking progesterone, and that’s the only thing that helped my levels go up.

Me! I’ve got two healthy behemoth boys ages 9 and 14. It took a long time for my levels to rise, I was about 4 months along both of my pregnancies before they were in the range they were supposed to be. Both were full term babies. Relax mama, stressing won’t help. Doctors don’t know everything.

I had a miscarriage when mine wouldn’t rise. :cry: I hope it’s not the same outcome for you :broken_heart:

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My levels were super low with my daughter and then I had bleeding and they told me I was miscarrying and there was no fetal pole and then when I went back the following week for a followup to see if my body had expelled anything and during the ultrasound they saw the heartbeat and she is now 6 years old :slight_smile:

My hcg levels stayed low my whole pregnancy to the point never showed positive for pregnancy had a period the whole time and had a healthy baby

Happened to me three times! Each pregnancy resulted in healthy babies. I prayed to St. Gerard.

Talk to your doctor sweetie… Asking on Social Media will just scare you more. Best of Luck Doll


That was happening to me and my doctor put me on progesterone suppositories the remainder of my pregnancy

I had the same tjing happen to me but I unfortunately had an extopic pregnancy. :pensive: I hope you get to have a healthy pregnancy.

I have had this experience 3 different pregnancies and each baby was healthy and now are 10 and 6 and 3 years old

Twice for me. First was ectopic pregnancy second time was a happy healthy girl 3weeks prem she’s now 8 turning 9 this year.

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Could very well be an ectopic. But honestly anything is possible.

I believe as long as you levels are rising, don’t lose hope. And don’t let them convince you it isn’t a viable pregnancy.

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I bled with all 3 of my kids and they are here and healthy

They told me I was having a miscarriage, I had spotting and levels dropped, but I have a healthy 11 year old :slightly_smiling_face:

You would need to be on progesterone and your doctor should know this if this happened before .

Unfortunately sounds like a miscarriage or blighted ovum. Your doctors should be able to help you

I had this and ended up being an ectopic pregnancy :pleading_face:. Keep an eye out for any shoulder pains


I’ve had so many miscarriages and that’s bcuz my hormones aren’t doing their job and that is what happens with me or it moves nowhere triples then drops all kinds of weird stuff but everyone is different

You and baby may be perfectly fine however please ask them to check for ectopic pregnancy.

17 yrs ago I did. My daughter is a happy healthy teenage today.

You should talk to your doctor if you worried…each person is different

Yes I was having the same issue with this pregnancy but now I’m 6 1/2 months

Check thyroid and testosterone levels
I MC x 2 until ckd testosterone-then was able to carry

It could be ectopic… but just try to relax and do what the dr tells you…

I had this same exact experience. Mine was from a ectopic pregnancy.

The next set of labs will tell you what will be, anyone checking progesterone levels?!

I think as long as the levels are not dropping baby should be ok

Mine was like that too, I have a happy healthy almost 2 year old now.

As long as it goes up even by a couple numbers things should be fine . My daughter just delivered a baby girl and her numbers werent going up Heaven Leigh Godfrey do u want to share ur story

Mine was like that. I had a chemical pregnancy.

At that far along, it sounds like a blighted ovum.

Yes it came up eventually

I’ve had that happen. The drs called it a blighted ovum.

I used to be in a pregnancy forum forever. Have seen it go both ways. Prayers.

This happened with my twins… they just turned two in April :heart: sending you baby dust momma!

Have faith and stay positive :sunny:
Stress makes its harder on you and baby.

Unfortunately that does’t sound good. But there is always hope my friend. :pray:

I think as long as it’s going up, that’s a good sign.
Mine went down… & then things didn’t go well after that. :pensive:

Also if your blood type is o negative you need to let your doctor know so they can give you a rhogam shot so your body can carry the baby.

Yes all four of mine hcg leavels didn’t rise fast for me…

Friend of mine had this problem and it was a tubal pregnancy

That happened to me and it ended in a miscarriage :pensive:

Ask for progesterone ASAP!

I had that happen with my 10yr old. My ob tested every few days and it wasn’t rising the way it should,we didn’t think it would be viable but after about 3 weeks of tests finally went up!


When I was pregnant with my youngest I went to the hospital for bleeding heavy my hcg levels only raised a little like yours. The hospital told me I had miscarried they even cleaned me out I went to my checkup 6 weeks later and low and behold there was a healthy baby boy in there, and they said I was 12 weeks. So they think I had twins and lost one but they are completely stuck on how I had a d and c and baby boy lived! Here is my now 2 year old healthy boy!

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Yes! My dr told me to come in for an abortion. I refused and was put high risk. We now have a healthy 2 year old. Thankfully I followed my heart and not modern medicine. Had hcg tests every 48 hours for 3 weeks. The numbers never quite doubled. The sac was too small for the baby and had sonograms every 2 weeks my entire pregnancy. Just ended up with a small baby girl at just barely 6 lbs.

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