Has anyone had issues with huggies?

Has anyone had issues with Huggies? My 3 week old has been wearing them since birth bc that’s what the hospital put on her, I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook of them causing chemical burns!? I want to switch her to a different diaper but I don’t want her skin to react to the change bc she seems to be doing really well with the Huggies…advice?


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Don’t switch her if they work for her. They don’t cause chemical burns on every child. Some kids are sensitive to certain brands. I hate those posts because it’s not the company. It’s their child’s sensitive skin. My middle child couldn’t use Huggies, where as my older two could use any brand including Huggies.


If they work for her keep using them


They were fixed they are safe now I would stick with Huggies now

Each baby is different, I used loves because my son couldn’t wear Huggies

She’s fine in Huggins. Those chemical burns are from either an allergic reaction that so far your baby hasn’t shown or parents let them fill up and they explode and the stuff comes out which is what causes the burns. Leave her in them if they work.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!


If she’s doing ok with them, I wouldn’t change the brand. Some babies have more sensitive skin. Doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with the diapers.


My youngest daughter got chemical burns from Parents Choice. My older two kids used only Parents Choice until they potty trained. If your daughter isn’t having issues, leave it alone.


Huggies is great. Every kid acts different to different diapers.
If your daughter isn’t having issues, don’t change it.

Some kids just can’t handle some brands of diapers & that is ok. As long as she’s happy, and is doing great, don’t change it.

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Huggies leaked for us so we used Pampers. I made a diaper cake out of the Pampers Naturals diapers. They looked high quality, and I trust them since they worked well.

I wouldn’t if she is ok but my niece was allergic and had to switch to pampers. Good luck though

No problems whatsoever. Used when I raised my kids many years ago and now with my grand daughter. They are truly the best !

I could try the Pampers sensitive :gift_heart:

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We’ve used Huggies since my son was born in January. No problems

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Just save your money and get the Walmart brand or target brand. My baby has sensitive skin and I’ve switched diaper brans a lot with no issues. I do like to use pampers swaddlers for night time because they do hold more liquid than the cheaper diapers.

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you could always go to cloth diapers if you feel it would be better

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

No issues with huggies at all and my son is 10 months old. Been using them since birth. It is what I always buy unless I have to get another brand because the store didn’t have his size on huggies. It goes by baby since each baby is different. My friends kid has a bad reaction to huggies and she had to go to all sensitive diapers, wipes, laundry detergent. If they are working for your kid I wouldn’t switch.

I’ve only used Huggies with both of my kids and have never had any problems.

My grandchilren had rascal and friends diapers

My older son wears them since birth . He never had a allergic reaction until recently I thought it was a diaper rash. Next day it was gone then again he had the rash . I wouldn’t say it was the diaper completely. My older son has sensitive dry skin . So I thought it was just a skin falre up . It only happened twice and he got over it. I never changed the brand . He’s been fine keep in mind it was a summer humid day so I figured it was just a reaction nothing serious . Hope that helps my newborn wears the same brand he’s now 6 weeks today . So far he’s been ok :slight_smile:

There’s always going to be a few kids that don’t get changed properly and the parents blame the diapers or some kids are allergic. If yours is fine leave. Ours used since about a month old. Love. We did have to ditch the wipes and go to WaterWipes which helped tremendously 

My older two were allergic to Huggies. Got bad rashes from the start. My youngest is allergic to a few other brands and does really well with Huggies.

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Both my girls got chemical burns from Huggies, so we never used them again. Switched to Rascal and Friends, and they are amazing!

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My grandson can’t wear Huggies

I used luvs my daughter broke out in everything else.


I had issues with my youngest. Switched to Luvs & was fine.


My grandson could only wear Parents choice from Walmart the whole first year of his life. Super sensitive to any chemicals.

Pampers & Huggies were a no go right off the bat. He can wear Luvs with no reaction though.

That can happen with any diapers at all. Either a bad batch, baby’s sensitive, or a freak thing happening. It’s not just Huggies.

My kiddo had no issues with them at all.

We tried Huggies with both kids and never had good luck. However theirs overnight diapers are the best. We mainly use pampers.

Yes gave my baby chemical burns, only pampers worked

Huggies always left blister/welp/chemical burns on my babies.

All my kids wore Huggies and they never had a problem. They are allergic to pampers though.

My kids got chemical burns from Huggies. I used pampers for the longest time until my newest little one he’s very sensitive so I switch to rascal and friends.

My son (29), daughter (25), niece (23), both nephews (24/20)and all 3 grandsons were on Huggies. Never once had an issue I loved them from the first use.

Don’t fix what’s not broken. Keep using the same brand since your child isn’t having issues

I swear by Huggies!! Best absorption without gellin! Hold up overnights as they get older… by far the best. Or Safeway brand.

I used pampers and luvs

Every baby is different. Mine couldn’t use Huggies but my friends baby could only use those.

My son loved his Huggies diapers. He had no problems.

Both of my Great Grandkids wore them and didn’t bother them

Yes! I’m going through it right now because of huggies. Changed diapers and it is healing nicely.

Chemical burns can happen with any diaper. It’s the manufacturing process that can lead to Chemical burns. I never had an issue and my daughter is 2.

Pretty much all diapers have chemicals in them, it just depends on what you child’s skin tolerates

My girls could only use Huggies snugglers/little movers the other huggies they were very allergic to though most diapers they were allergic to I almost switched to cloth diapers

Huggies have always been my favorite I never had a problem with them so if she has no issues with them don’t switch

I hated Huggies for leaks. 3 kids and constant issues whenever I used them. No issues whatsoever issuing cloth nappies or the cheaps ones from Coles.

Every baby is different. They all react differently. If Huggies seem to be working for your baby, I wouldn’t recommend changing brands.

Why would you change if you don’t need to??? SMH

My son was reacting to them and the wipes so we switched to rascal and friends. Imo theyre better diapers and you get moee for less.

Huggies left little jelly things on my 1st girl. So then I tried pampers. She was allergic to them. Then I went to luvs and that was a winner. My 2nd girl could use any of them, but we stuck to luvs

Huggies wipes are giving my daughter issues for the last few days

If she’s doing well with them then she’s likely fine. My kids never got chemical burns from any brand but I’ve seen people have issues with at least 3 of the major brands. I use whatever works best for my kid.

Get rid of them. Bad burns on babies. Luvs are good

Any diaper brand can and will have issues for many reason.

huggies are the only diapers that dont give my baby a rash we have been using them for 5 months

I have used huggies for all 4 of my kids with no issues. My daughter had reactions when we didn’t use huggies

If she’s doing well then keep using them. All babies react different to different brands.

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I use huggies. Have never had a problem. I however, had the “chemical burns” when I was a baby from huggies. That was almost 33 years ago. My son did get that reaction from pampers though. I think it’s a skin reaction thing at this point.

If it’s not causing any problems, don’t switch. I use Luvs at night and cloth during the day. Everything else seems to cause issues on my son. My daughter can use any brand.

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My last two used huggies. Pampers brand when I couldn’t find hugged but they’ve never had any chemical burns. Just keep using them. If not I recommend pampers brand.

I switched to Rascal and Friends. So far my son hasn’t had any problems. Good diapers.

Yep. Both my kids would get blisters from them.

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Call the number on the box give them the serial number they will give you back your money and try to make it better

My son is about 2 1/2 months old and has been in mostly huggies since birth. No issues at all. I’m planning to mostly use a combination of huggies and rascal and friends going forward, just because I like rascal and friends so much! Huggies little snugglers and r&f are the best!

My son is the only one to ever have sensitive skin and he cannot wear Huggies. They give him such bad rashes that he blisters with just a few hours of having it on.

Every kid is different just switch brands

I love Pampers. Used them for my first daughter and now I’m using them with my second.

My first daughter got chemical burns from huggies wipes immediately so we stopped and switched to pampers sensitive wipes and diapers and never had an issue

I had no issues with huggies we been using them since he been born

Rascal and friends… I won’t buy anything else now

My son cant wear pampers because they give him bad rashes. We use huggies

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My son has blisters from pampers

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Rascal and friends!!! Absolute best option all around!!

My oldest daughter had this issue when she was a baby. Switched to luvs and her skin cleared up. I say if it’s not causing any problems don’t switch. Blessings

All of my kids have had a sensitive tush and we’ve only had problems with Pampers and Luvs. Huggies and Kirkland are our go-to because between 3 babes not one of them has had a reaction

For some weird reason when my daughter was in preemie to size 2 I had to use Pampers because huggies caused a rash and then when she went to size 3 I had to change to huggies because pampers and little rascals were giving her a rash and they weren’t

We liked Luvs and parents choice from walmart

I think it’s just what kids are sensitive too
My oldest got chemical like burns from parent’s choice
My daughter got chemical burns from luvs & target brand.
My twins get rashes from anything but Huggies or rascal & friends

2 of 6 of my kids couldn’t wear Huggies and Pampers, nor could they use the wipes, they was very sensitive skinned. With very bad rashes and blisters from wearing them from one change to the next. Luvs is the only thing they both could use with no issues and parent choice wipes.
All children are different though… my last baby can wear whatever I put on her with no problems.

If they’re not giving her a rash, why are you even thinking about switching? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The only ones I could use was the target brand

We used Huggies with no isssues until he was about 6months old then he started peeing through them. We are now using Woolies little ones nappies.

Used buggies for both my grandaughter never ever had any problems best nappies

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Coterie has been the best diaper ever. Amazing wipes too.

Huggins gave my son blisters. But if you have no problems then I don’t see the need to switch brands.

I only use Huggies for my son

Mine never had any reaction to huggies and I’ve had and used them with 4 kids!

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Every baby is different. Some get reactions to different brands

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Leave her then. I personally preferred pampers until they grew out of the newborn size, then I switched to luvs

My son got severe chemical burn from Huggies when he was a toddler. All his privates and legs where red swollen and blistering. I never seen anything like it. he was is so much pain. We never had a problem with Huggies other than that once.