Has anyone had the covid antibody infusion while pregnant?

Has anyone had the covid antibody infusion while pregnant? Or just had covid and the baby be fine. I’m almost 19 weeks and my mil just rested positive. I ran a high fever all day and night Wednesday. Just wanting people experiences so I can quit freaking out for the baby.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had the covid antibody infusion while pregnant?

I had covid at 17 weeks and baby Is doing great at 29

i got covid around 14 weeks in 2020 when covid first hit. my son is 17 months now no birth defects or side effects. only crappy thing was i couldn’t take meds bc i was pregnant. everything else was normal and fine.

I had covid around the same time and am now 37 weeks pregnant baby is just fine

Had it at 8 weeks and then 26 weeks had antibody infusion twice baby and I are doing great :blush:

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I had Covid at 20 weeks. It was rough for a couple days but he turned out fine. He’s two weeks old now and everything looks great. Just make sure your doc gives you everything you need.

I had covid with my twins at around 22-24 weeks. Just let it take its course, and both are great. Gave birth at 39+1 weeks. No birth defects all is good :grinning:. Worked on breathing exercises.

I had Covid at 5 or 6 weeks pregnant, and got the antibody infusion (definitely recommend, it helped a ton)… currently 34 weeks with a healthy baby boy!

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I had Covid twice while pregnant.
Had delta first then omicron.
I had the infusion both times. I was VERY sick the second time but I was also 35 weeks and my body was just exhausted.
Baby came 2 weeks early but that isn’t really unexpected for a 2nd baby.
Baby girl is perfectly healthy! :blush:

I had covid at 27 weeks. It was really rough. Mainly the body aches. But I recovered fine minus some hair loss :roll_eyes: it’s finally growing back 1.5 years later. Baby is fine & extremely healthy. She’s 13 months & has never been sick.

I’ve had covid during pregnancy and then later towards the end I got vaccinated.

I waited until my baby was close to being born so the antibodies he gets from me would help him during his first few months of life.

He is perfectly healthy as of now (I had him two weeks ago) and I hope we continue to stay healthy!


Ive had 2 different variants while pregnant . Severe symptoms with Omicron back in January…Took Amoxicillin with sinus meds for that. Then no taste or smell with congestion for 4 days in February. Currently 34 weeks with healthy baby. Just got whooping cough vaxx for her to have antibodies for that ,but staying away from covid vaxxes and treatments. She should have plenty of Covid immunity naturally

I had covid at 14 weeks and my baby was born healthy is now 4 months

I had covid at the very beginning of my pregnancy. Just keep your fever down and you and baby should be fine

Alyssa Dineen are you taking about the antiviral pill that they came out with? That is completely different from the antibody infusions. Also, long term covid and scarring of the lungs is from covid not the antiviral pill.

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I think u will be fine. I wasn’t pregnant but i have several health conditions where drs were very concerned if i wouldve caught covid, which i did eventually and i was only sick 36 hours…having the flu was worse for me. I was on the list for the antibodies infusion but never needed it and found out what was in it and glad i didnt get it… mice DNA/cells…. No ty

One of the things my OBGYN told me at my first visit was if I were to test positive at any time to call so they can send me for the infusion.

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If the fever is over and no difficulty breathing you and the baby will be fine through natural antibodies. DO NOT GET THE COVID INFUSION. Neither you or your baby needs it.

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I got the antibody infusion back in January when I was 5 months pregnant. It was very simple. You get an IV and they monitor you frequently throughout the whole thing. Then they’ll watch you for at least 30 min after. I was terrified at first, but it really wasn’t a big deal at all. I was feeling better within 2 days afterwards.

I was really sick with covid but I wasn’t pregnant. Its really different for everyone so it’s hard to say. I would see what your doctor thinks.

I tested positive at the beginning of the new year while heavily pregnant (7months) with my second son. Baby is perfectly fine, was the whole pregnancy. They did warn about possibly preterm labor (labor starting before week 36/37) however there has been very little study. He arrived at 39 weeks exactly and he’s fit as a horse.

When I had covid, I didn’t run a fever. It started as basic sniffles and coughing that gradually got worse. We had a Christmas party and some guests we had tested positive so I went to get tested to be safe since I was still working full time. I took off for two weeks and popped a rib out of place from coughing so hard and also lost my sense of taste for a while. Me and baby were / are perfectly fine. Only thing they noticed towards the end was less amniotic fluid but it wasn’t dangerous or anything. No idea if there’s any correlation.

I’d definitely consider getting tested. Not with an at home rapid test tho as those are not very accurate. You’re very likely to get a false negative. The test up your nose or the saliva tests are your best bet. Drink lots of water, don’t do anything strenuous and try not to stress. Hope you feel better soon mama

I had Covid when I was 34 weeks pregnant and then again when my newborn was 1.5months old. Here is my healthy baby boy at almost 6 months


I did. They believe covid made need to have her early. I got the infusion and it didn’t help. I had an emergency c section at 29 weeks. Her heart rate would almost stop with every contraction

Had covid back in January, I’m 40 weeks pregnant as of an hour ago and everything is fine lol.

I did the infusion. I felt better that day… I would ask your doctor about it before get it. I also have a few underline health concerns.

My sister had COVID with my nephew and he’s fine about work be 2 this year


Has more info on antibodies infusion

I had covid at 5 weeks pregnant, I refuse to get any vaccine. But I’m now 21 weeks pregnant and me&baby are perfectly fine!

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I got covid at 10 weeks, and again at 27 weeks. Baby is fine and healthy. She just took alllll my nutrients and it took a while to recover. Baby completely healthy and fine. Don’t stress yourself, coronavirus is just the flu

I had it at 34 weeks pregnant. It helped my symptoms almost instantly. Don’t regret it at all it was totally worth it. Baby is now 6 weeks old and perfectly healthy

I got it around 20 weeks. Only at 36/37 weeks right now but baby has been perfect so far

I cot Covid 2 times while pregnant my baby is fine I’m 33 weeks this week

I had covid at 33 weeks pregnant it was just the sickness I found hard to deal with I was on 3 different anti sickness tablets but managed to stay home. He did loose some weight but he soon put it back on plus more he was born at 39 weeks at 7lb 8oz

Danielle Munro Duncanson youve had a few times haven’t you? X

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Iv had covid 3 times while pregnant baby has been fine each time. But each time iv been absolutely floored with it.xx

I had covid December 2019 before the US started testing for it. I worked at a facility with a lot of Asian folks with work cards, and it was right after a lot of them returned from their time off they took before we went on our Christmas holiday.

I was sick for about 45 days. I was 4-5 months pregnant. I had to sleep sitting up, use a humidifier and Vicks 24/7. I would cough and choke laying down and wake myself sleeping. At the worst, I was lucky if I had 45 mins of rest at a time. I was sick the entire 3 weeks I had off for Christmas plus 3-4 weeks returning work. Extra fatigue. No appetite. I had went to the ER 3x and they told me it was just a viral thing the first time and since I was pregnant nothing they could do. Same thing second time. 3rd they said it was pneumonia, and told me to take robitussin… which I had done already and did nothing.

I survived. Don’t worry about injecting your body with garbage. It just feels like a bad flu or pneumonia but it’s better than putting experimental stuff in your body.

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Not sure if I’m right here but surely if you get it while pregnant your baby will then have some immunity?

I don’t think I would get any covid shots while pregnant. They just don’t know enough about the side effects. Your baby will be fine. I wouldn’t vaccinate for covid any child even teens. It is too risky compared to the risk without it. Young healthy people do fine with it.