Has anyone had their baby at 36 weeks?

Has anyone had there baby at 36 weeks and 3 days they think my water has broken and I’m waiting to see and I’m a nervous wreck I have never had a baby this early before and don’t know what to expect


I had a baby at 35+1 she was 5lbs 10 oz and there was no nicu time needed

My son was born at 36 weeks. He was perfect and healthy. Now he’s 11.

I had my first at 35 weeks. She was born 5lbs and we had to wait a day or two for the jaundice to clear up, but other than that she was as healthy as can be. No NICU time needed.

My boy bought into the world by c-section 36 weeks to the day 6lb 8oz

Perfectly happy and healthy, home 2 days later :slight_smile:

I’m not a medical professional but… my best advice is stay as calm as possible stress won’t help at this time, for sure your not the first Mumma to birth at 36 weeks and certainly won’t be the last they are Medical professionals, they do know what they are doing and will be able to support you fully! Please don’t fill your head with worry :slight_smile: xx

Our adopted son, who’s now 3 weeks old, was born @ 36 weeks. Weighed 7lbs7oz 19 1/4 in long. Thankfully perfectly healthy except for a tad bit of jaundice :two_hearts:

This isn’t your question but I had my son at 33 weeks and he is 11 now had my daughter at 37 weeks

36 weeks is considered full term or was anyway. My son weighed in at 6’9.5" . He’s now 25 and over 6 feet tall.

All 3 of mine were born before 36 weeks and they were all healthy and all were home w me w in a week. No NICU time!!!

I had my youngest son at 37 weeks, he was 9lbs 15oz. He stayed in the special care unit for a few days due to having a touch of jaundice. Other than that, he was a healthy boy.

Exactly at 36 weeks, emergency c section. 5 pounds 2.5 ounces. No nicu time needed

36w on the dot. 6lb even no nicu, time she came out screaming and healthy and is 6 months old now 🩷

I had my 36 weeker exactly in 2022. Due to severe preclampsia…he spent a week in NICU due to his lungs not being fully developing but is now going on 2 in October. He was 6lbs and 15 oz. :sweat_smile:

I had my daughter at 34 weeks due to leaking water . Baby was fine

My son was born at 37+4 he weighed 6lbs 1.4oz he was healthy no issues and went home the following day. He never needed the nicu or nursery

I had a friend who had her baby at 36 weeks baby is fine. Congratulations :tada::clap:

I did, 36+3, she was 5lbs 9, only problem was her blood sugar level was 1 point too low so she had 24 hours of heel prick tests every 3 hours, we got released the next day after 3 consecutive good level readings, she’s now 11 & not much shorter than me :rofl:

My Granddaughter was b I rn at 36 what 5 pounds was never l ike a prem.

Had my twins at 36 weeks…almost 6 & 7lbs a piece, no nicu needed for breathing or eating, didn’t need any lights and maintained body temp. My boy ended up in the nicu with a milk allergy, but that was it…

I had my son at 37 weeks and my daughter at 35. My son was 6 lbs and 4.8 ounces and my daughter was 6lbs and 2.8 ounces

I had my son at 36 weeks and 5 days, he was 4 lbs 12 Oz and had no NICU stay. He passed everything and was able to stay with me the whole time and went home with no problems :blush:


Yes I did , I had gestational diabetes they thought my son would be a 12 pounder if we let him bake full term . 36 weeks 5 days 8 lbs 4 ounces :brown_heart:


37 is considered full term, baby and you should be fine xo
I hope all is okay !! Congratulations momma !

My son was born 36+4, happy healthy 6 year old now

Had my rainbow :rainbow: girl at 36wks 6days she was 5bls 8.5oz only stayed 4 days to pass car seat test. She was perfectly healthy.


My daughter was born at 34 weeks

My water broke at 35 2 days with my 1st baby, she come out 4 pounds 1 ounce and had to do a little stint in the NICU just to learn the suck/swallow reflex. She is now 11 and a know it all. My second was 37 weeks and 4 pounds 4 ounces. She was just fine just small. My 3rd was 40 weeks 4 days and 7 pounds 3 ounces.
Your early term at 36 weeks 3 days and has a really good chance of minimal complications

Had my 5th at 36wks he was 5lb 13oz and spent 10 days in nicu had severe jaundice and on cpap he’s now 7 months old and still on oxygen

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My water broke at 31&6 with my first. I stayed in the hospital till I was induced at 34 weeks. My son was 5.5 & only stayed a few days for jaundice in the nursery. My second came at 35 weeks was 6.8 & she came home with me. My third I went into preterm labor at 29 weeks but was able to keep her in until 36 weeks. She was 6.8 & came home with me as well.

My daughter was born at 35 weeks 6 days, weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and was perfectly healthy. No nicu time and came home with me.

Had my daughter scheduled at 36wks & 4 days & i was A.M.A.
I did have lung enhancements shots the days prior to her delivery but She did great & we were home 4 days later

I had a 36 weeker he was perfect, came home less than 24 hours later.
I also had a 32 weeker. She needed some time in the NICU but only about 3 weeks.

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My youngest I had at 36 weeks. Spent a couple weeks in the nicu. Looking at him now you would never know he was premature. One of the hardest parts was how often he had to be poked for blood tests. And not being able to pick him up wverytime he cried

I had mine at 36 weeks.
He weighted 6.13lbs and couldn’t keep warm but except that he was perfect. We stay 24 hours at the hospital and went home.
He’s 3 now and he’s an awesome little boy :blue_heart:

Yes. I had my daughter 36wks on the day. She was 5lbs 2oz, came out bright eyed and ready to take on the world. We stayed two days for a small touch of jaundice. No NICU needed. I was in the beginning stages of preclampsia, I was induced because we could not get it in check. She is now 13 and built like a brick house.

I had one at 34 weeks she was 6lbs 10oz stayed 3 days in the special care just as a precaution.
I had one at 36 weeks he was 6lbs 1oz spent 3 days in special care as a precaution. Both are perfectly healthy 11 and 12 year olds now.

I was a 36 weeker and my daughter was a 32 weeker x she needed 4 weeks nicu time due to heart issues and respiratory issues. I was in for 2 weeks

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I had 1 at 35+1. He was 5lbs 6 oz. He did spend 2 weeks in NICU to gain weight. He’s now a happy healthy 13 year old who is now taller than me

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Have had 3 babies at 35 weeks and only one did nicu time for a birth defect

My daughter was 36 weeks with no issues or problems. My son was also born at 36 weeks and spent 12 days in the NICU with slight breathing problems. They are now 21 and 19 and healthy.

I did. Thank God i did she was 7lb 12oz already only issue was i labored 29 hours before she was delivered so we went on antibiotics before and after and she had issues maintaining her temperature

I had my son at 35 weeks because my (placenta ruptured)he was 7lbs 2.5 Oz 19in long he is now a healthy happy 1.5 year old


My son was born at 36&4. 6 lbs 3 oz, perfectly healthy :smiling_face:

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I did. She was 6lbs 3oz and was perfectly healthy. I was able to bring her home like normal

Yes I did he was in nicu about two weeks due to him not being able to breathe without oxygen but he’s a happy and healthy two year old

Yes 3 of mine were n they al weighed in at 4 to 5 lbs and all came home after 2 days‼️ sending good thoughts n vibes your way

I had my eldest 25 years ago at 36 weeks with pre eclampsia. She was 5lb 1 oz and was in high dependency for a short while. Was only in hospital 10 days though altogether x

My oldest is 28 now. He was born then. He was 6lb. And healthy…
Best wishes!! God Bless

I ve had All my children at 36 weeks, 1 at 34 weeks
Your baby may be a little smaller the. Usually babies , mine were all full size 6.5lbs +
But that’s becasue I am diabetic and my babies “ cook” faster

Expect that your little baby will more then likely develop Jaunice and be a little miss Colored more on the yellow side, you more then likely have an extended stay at the hospital providing your wee one gets over Jaunice , he or she will be set up with a tanning bed , with these cute little eye covers

You ll have top notch care from the ICU, there have to be put in an incubator moreless and you unfortunately won’t be able to hold your baby as much as you would like
Becasue of an earlier due date your baby may be a little behind on nursing so there may have to have a feeding tube
You ll have to pump your Breast milk and provide that to the nurses
There will then more then likely tube feed your little one and also give you time to breast feed …

It’s a little bit of a challenge but YOU CAN DO THIS !

You ll probably have to find accommodations close to the hosptial , if you have a Ronald’s McDonald house in your area … a social worker or a nurse can help you apply for these accommodations …
very very nice place to stay

Best of Luck, it will be a little
Bit of a challenge but your in good hands
Best of luck !

I had my second at 37wks he was healthy weighed 7lbs 15oz . He was jaundice .

My 6 children have all been born naturally between 35 and 37 weeks. The 35 weeker spent a week in the nicu, but the other 5 were completely healthy

I had my first at 36 w 5 d

Baby was okay and didn’t need nicu time :heart:


My 3rd was born at 36 weeks she was 5lbs she was in nicu for 2 weeks

Yes 3 of them and they were normal births. Good luck momma! :heart:

Yep! She was fine just on small side!

My oldest son was born at 36 weeks and my youngest was born at 34 weeks and 5 days.

My grandchild was born at 36 weeks C section baby and mom fine, no complications

Yes born at 4# and now she a spicy 5 year old

Had both my children at 36 weeks. I was very tiny. Dr said I couldn’t go anymore. My son weighed 6lbs3oz and was 21 inches. My daughter was 4lbs 13 oz 17 inches. She stay 2 days after me because they couldn’t regulate her body temperature. She I special needs She has Cornelia de Lange syndrome. She is really healthy and high functioning. Today she is 4’9 and weighs 70 lbs. My son id 6’ and weighs 200 lbs.

36 weeks is actually considered full term. It’s best to carry to the end at 40 weeks but 36 weeks is ok

My son was born via C section at 36 weeks. He was small at 4lbs 11 Oz but very healthy. I had some complications with my own health and was sent in to be induced and opted for a C section.

I did. My son had no issues and was over 8lbs.

Yes, our boy inhaled amniotic fluid (c-section) and had to stay for a week.
Our youngest was born around 34-35weeks, I ended up getting steroid shots to help her lungs. I had contractions for weeks they tried stopping them but couldn’t get them to stop for more than a day. Then less than an hour so they did the shots. Few days after the steroid shots I ended up having her because nothing would stop the contractions and she started to show distress. She ended up going home with me.

My son was born at 35 weeks we only spent 5 days in the hospital and that was just because he only weighed 4.7 they wanted him to reach the 5 lb mark and to make sure everything else was good we left in 5 days a