Has anyone had this issue while pregnant?

I’m looking to see if any moms have had something called the geographic tongue while pregnant. I had covid back in December and developed thrush from the medicine. I got some oral nystatin and got rid of it. Well forgot to change toothbrushes (read, you can get thrush again that way) and noticed my tongue was starting to turn white again, and I used what I had left of the nystatin, but it wasn’t going away. I went to my ob-gyn and showed him, and he said he didn’t think it was thrush. He thought it was geographic tongue and that it was caused by my hormones from my body about to give birth (I’m 37 weeks today) but that it’ll most likely go away when the baby is born. But it has become so dry like sandpaper and irritating, and I’m miserable because eating anything irritates it. I haven’t found anybody that has had the same problems, so hoping I can find someone to relate to and may have some pointers for me to help.

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I don’t have experience with it, but as a nurse, I can tell you that you can get Biotine mouthwash for dry mouth.
They also have a gum and a toothpaste.

Its only purpose is to hydrate dry mouth. I’ve used it and it really does help!

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My mom and sister have had geographic tongue their entire lives, born with it. I’ve never heard them complain that it hurt

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Maybe get a second opinion from regular doctor.

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Yes pregnant with my first baby and always thought it was just me!!! It’s such a weird symptom of being pregnant. I am 35 weeks and have had it the entire pregnancy!

I’m not pregnant but had covid and got thrush and can’t get rid of it! I think u should get another opinion as well. My tongue burns/ is sore too.

I have a geographical tongue. I have had it since birth. It only hurts when I eat salty and spicy foods.

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I just read something yesterday about geographical tongue and covid being connected

I have had geographic tongue for 20+ years… it never bothered me until 5 years ago. I had to go to the dentist and was prescribed Magic Mouthwash for when it flared up and became so painful I couldn’t eat or drink (every few months). It’s like lidocaine, antacids, etc mix. I never used it while pregnant or nursing but it’s worth asking your dentist.

I feel your pain :pray:t3::heart:

I got it when I was pregnant with my first son 3 years ago. It didn’t go away until last week when my second child was born. As soon as I had him, it cleared up

I’ve had geographic tongue all my life. It usually flares up before I get sick and when my hormones are crazy. My doctor put me on Lysine and B complex. It’s helped a lot!

I had it with my 2nd pregnancy… and honestly it comes and goes, she is 2 now lol it doesn’t bother me now but it’s gross to look at haha

Had it for life, dont have any pain with it unless I eat or drink anything acidic or sour. Currently 29 weeks pregnant and have it now. Brown mouthwash helps.

I went to the dentist because I thought I was getting a hairy tongue it was white and everything I did made it worse. After looking at it he said it was a hormonal issue and recommended I brush my teeth after ever meal but clean my tongue with a tongue scraper rinse thoroughly and then use Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse worked after 1 week of use and didn’t stop until 2 months after I had my baby.

I have it. Idk if its hormones for me but I’ve had it a long time. It kinda comes and goes. When it gets bad I have to avoid any spicy food and minty stuff irritates it too.

My 13 year old son has it he has always had it and it has never bothered him

My almost 4yr old daughter has always had it and it has never bothered her. I did ask about it at her dentist appointment last month and they just made a note of it and said it’s nothing to worry about most of the time.

I get it every couple weeks or so and I am now 30w. It only lasts a day or so for me though! Never had it before pregnancy.

I have that problem, but due to my thyroid. I just live with it. Not much to do. But if it is your thyroid. I’d get it tested Especially with pregnancy or some lack of hormones due to pregnancy.

My granddaughter gets geographic tongue whenever she is sick…the Dr says she may fight it forever…she is only 6…

My five year old has it. He has always had it. Certain things make it flare up.

Geographic tongue is possibly related to psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disorder. Fortunately, psoriasis, and other autoimmune disorders, frequently improve during pregnancy. Scientists think this is due to the body turning off the “self vs nonself” mechanism so the body doesn’t attack the fetus as “nonself”. However, geographic tongue does seem to occur during pregnancy, likely due to hormonal fluctuations or vitamin deficiency.

I had it during my last pregnancy. Thought it was thrush, doctors were weird about it saying they hadn’t heard of a pregnant lady having thrush in so long they almost didn’t remember what it looked like :woman_facepalming: went thru a few bottles of nystatin & then they said geographic tongue. Anything spicey or citrus was painful… it went away about a month after I had my daughter.

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I have that as well. it was worse during pregnancy but it never went away. Certain acidic foods can cause flare up sometimes. Its annoying but ive learned to ignore it over the years.


My dentist told me I have it, and she said it’s no big deal, and I have always had it, I didn’t know it could come from pregnancy though! Amazing!!

Very common in pregnancy you just have to go to docs get checked and use cream /meds on advice

Yes yes and yes!!! Currently pregnant so currently have it. It started with my first pregnancy, three years ago. I notice it gets really bad when I eat very high sodium or very processed food- fast food, ham, lunch meat, etc. So I try
To stay away from that. What I’ve found helps with pain and to lessen the lesions, is fresh lemon water- morning and night. The lemon helps minimize the bacteria on your tongue…


My Mom had it, I have it and 3 out of my 4 son’s have it. We have to be very careful at times what we eat because some foods will trigger it. When I was pregnant with my first son, it was so extreme I couldn’t hardly eat. I would suck on ice chips and ice cream because it would sting so bad I would cry. If my sons eat foods high in acidity they will have flare ups and complain. Tomatoes seem to affect us the worst.

I have it but I’m not pregnant and it doesn’t ever bug me

I have that! Usually when I eat certain things. Steak sauce, some fruit… it feels like it burns my tongue and then I looks like welts around my tongue. Mine goes away when I’m not pregnant.
I just try to stop eating what’s causing it before it gets too bad. Or take a break and drink some water. My drs never knew what it was I kind of googled it myself. Cause then it never happened while I was at the dr office so I couldn’t really show them lol

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i have the same problem but mine never went away after birth :confounded:

My son was born with it. Went away by the time he was about 6 months old.

I am sorry, I have never heard of it, it sounds awful :cry:

I never have but I have heard of other women getting it !!

Did you check on these? : Vitamin deficiencies: People who don’t have enough zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 are more likely to have geographic tongue. Fissured tongue: Doctors think there might be a genetic link between geographic tongue and fissured tongue, a condition that causes deep grooves or wrinkles on the tongue.

To manage discomfort or sensitivity, your doctor may recommend medications such as:
Over-the-counter pain relievers.
Mouth rinses with an anesthetic.
Antihistamine mouth rinses.
Corticosteroid ointments or rinses.
Vitamin B supplementation, in some cases.


I was born with it, you need to avoid acidic things whether it’s the citric acid in juice or the acid in mayo or tomato sauce. Tomatoes- you can try take the seeds out which is where most of the acidic part is. Hope this helps.

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Change your toothbrush, rinse before brushing every time with half hydrogen peroxide and half water in shot glass swish 1 full minute brush as usual 3x/day or after every meal see if that helps

Make necessary hygienic changes, of course. However, consider researching covid and geographic tongue as there is preliminary reports of a connection.

I have that. I got it last pregnancy and it won’t go away :frowning: I have tried everything drinking alot of water changed tooth brushes mouth rinse. Nothing helps. I asked my doc and he said its normal. When I eat sugar it gets worse. He never actually sais what it was but my tongue looks just like this

Zinc and mouthwash. Did he take a culture?

Why would you ask FB for suggestions, especially where you are pregnant! Go back to the doctor, ask a Pharmacist.

I had it with my kids they are 28, 25 and 23 and it still flairs up.