Has anyone had this procedure done?

Has anyone ever had to have a Barbotage procedure done? I have a calcium deposit in my shoulder that’s been causing me severe pain for months. It’s tendonitis/frozen shoulder. Cortisone shot did nothing, and I’ve been doing shoulder exercises but still in daily pain. My Ortho says that my age (36) makes me a good candidate for the barbotage. I’ve never had procedures done before, so I’m nervous. And no one I know has ever had anything like this wrong with them. Any advice or tips are appreciated.


I had frozen shoulder after my rotator cuff surgery. Beyond pain full. Not sure what that is good luck. I had another surgery to fix mine

If you feel unsure, get a second opinion.

I would try it. Shoulder surgery is very painful and it took me about a year to get back to semi normal. I also had a huge calcium deposit. Ended up with anchor drilled into bone to hold bicep muscle after it was removed. I looked into this procedure but wasn’t available near me. Good luck.