Has anyone had to get a cervial stitch to avoid going into early labor?

Any other Mama’s had to have a cervical stitch put in to avoid premature labor? High-risk doctor mentioned it yesterday because I am only 25 weeks and my cervix is a centimeter to thin and are worried I’m gonna go into early labor. If so, how do they do it, and is it painful?


I did! I had mine put in at 16weeks bc I have incompetent cervix. I highly recommend doing it if your cervix is already thinning. I had a preemie at 26weeks due to shortening cervix. When I had my stitch put in with my second I held him in till 35 weeks.

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I’ve had three. Literally just had my third last Monday. It is not a fun process but it’s definitely worth it. Don’t take your chances. Have the cerclage.

They put me under for it so I didn’t feel it. Then when it was clipped it just felt like pressure. I had mine done at 20 weeks had my son at 37 weeks. 3 days after it was clipped

Basically, you get an epidural, they place the stitches then you’re monitored until you can eat, walk, and pee on your own. They also may give you IV meds if the pain is intense. Sore for a couple days, bed rest for two days after then go back to life as normal

I lost my daughter at 22wks because of an incompetent cervix. I had it done with my second pregnancy and everything was great. I did go into labor a month early even with the cerclage.

I have an incompetent cervix…def. worth everything to keep your baby safe and continue to grow. My 1st cerclage was placed at 20 weeks due to premature dilation and thinning of my cervix and I was in bed rest for about 15 weeks before I went into labor, my other 2 were placed at 14 weeks, and one was 40 weeks and 1 day and my last son was 38 weeks…

Jennifer worth reading!

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I had one put in at 17 weeks. 21 weeks now. I have an incompetent cervix and went into labor during my first pregnancy at 28 weeks. They were able to stop the labor and I was on bedrest until I delivered at 35 weeks. I was dialated 3 cm from 28 weeks on.
The surgery was simple I received something similar to a epidural for the procedure. Felt fine the next day.

i had an emergency cerclage (stitch) placed at 23 weeks. i was already 1cm dilated with bulging membranes. I went on bed rest & kept my girl in until 39 weeks. I lost another baby girl at 22 weeks because my waters ruptured before they could place the stitch. next time i will get a preventative cerclage at 13 weeks. it saved my baby.

I did at 14 weeks. I was put under… i was a little sore after but not in a lot of pain. They took it out at 36 weeks. I had scarring from it. I went into labor the day before my due date and the dr. Had to break the scar tissue with his fingers for me to fully dilate

I’ve had it done 5 times after I lost my 1st baby at 26 weeks. I also had incompetent cervix. With some people they can put you to sleep while they do it or the can do a epidural. You may feel slight cramps and have some bleeding. But it’s not really painful. It was uncomfortable when they took them out between 36 and 38 weeks

I had one my last pregnancy and I was miserable. I wasn’t supposed to be. He just had his foot on it. He was a healthy 6 lbs 1 oz baby well worth it. Every miserable bed rest second. Some doctors say you can do normal activity some put you on bed rest for the rest of your pregnancy

I had it twice. First time it was put in at 20wks. The Cerclage broke and he was born at 35wks. It saved his life. Having it put in wasn’t too bad. I think it hurt worse the 2nd pregnancy when it was removed. Definitely worth it.

A friend did and she carried to term. Her daughter is now in her 30’s.

Doctors don’t usually recommend cervical stitches past 22 weeks because it might actually get labour started instead of delayed. So the way to go is usually strict bedrest. (so please do consider getting a second opinion) I was told this by a high risk fertility expert.
I have incompetent cervix and got my stitch with my son at 17 weeks and that was already considered late-ish. I had one with my daughter at 19 weeks and unfortunately lost her because of pprom a week later after the stitch.

I had two cervical cerclages with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, plus complete bed rest. After our first lost at 20 weeks :’( of hestation; It was necessary to save my little rainbow babies. They are now 7 and 5 years old. It’s not painful at all, doctor only numb my body from the waist down with an epidural, which honestly was the most scariest to me. You get to go home the same day if everything goes good. I had some discomfort for about 2 days, but it was worth it for my babies. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy; stay positive, don’t worry too much and enjoy every moment. Take tons of pictures of yourself with your cute growing tummy; because I can tell you that I didn’t do it and my kiddos ask me for them. :’( now I wish I had.

I had one with my second baby. It’s a simple procedure. Might get a little cramping and some blood spotting from the procedure. But so worth it. First baby I did the bed rest route for the whole pregnancy, that was aweful. Second baby I told the doc to weld this oven shut until he’s done baking.

I have its called a cerclage. You are actually put to sleep for the procedure. But afterwards you may be a little sore and mild cramping like the day of but after that you are good to go. I had 2.

Compared to the pain of losing your baby, i’d imagine it isn’t too bad.

I have not had it but they’ve been doing it for decades, long before I started having kids in the 70s. Do it if you need it, but look at alternatives and find out the risks of all the procedures and choose the best for you. Wish you all the best and congratulations! Your doctor should be explaining the entire procedure to you. Ask them to.

I had a cervical cerclage because my cervix was smaller then a pinky nail. Mine wasn’t successful but I also wasn’t listening to doctor orders tryna make everyone happy. I was NOT put to sleep but I did have an epidural and stitch put in. I was numbed up until next day and actually wasn’t sore. I got to keep baby in 8 more weeks. I got it placed at 22 weeks, gave birth at 30 weeks. He’s a healthy little smart alleck now :joy::joy: