Has anyone missed a period on birth control?

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Depending on the birth control, definitely.

Depending on what you are on when I was on depo I rarely had a period

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Yes all the time I have a jadel implant it’s never :100: or comman enough to calculate .can have one twice a month an non for six months it’s f​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:ked up

Yes and then I found out I was pregnant

Yup, 5 times, 4 different birth controls…their names are Rebecca, Vanessa, Cheyenne and Robbie, and one non viable pregnancy. Birth control didn’t work for me, we had to resort to surgery. I was on the shot, the pill the patch, and a different pill.

Yes depends on what you are on. The pill I was always right on track with my days because it helps regulate. I had the hormonal IUD though and did not have one!

I had the depo and didn’t have a period for years

Yes after three years on it. That child is 39 yrs old now.

Yes I did it all the time on the pill just continually took them