Has anyone moved away for a fresh start?

Hey moms! Those that needed a “fresh start” with their family (husband and children) …meaning we all need a reboot and to work on our selves while being around good people in a good environment… what did you do? Has anyone moved away from family and been happier? Our lease is up in March, and I’m considering moving out of our city, maybe even state… I know it’s kind of a vague post, just wondering if anyone has done anything similar! Thanks


My family and I moved out of state a couple of years ago, and it’s been absolutely horrible for me and the kids. My husband has had more opportunities open to him than where we were originally, but that’s the extent of the good that came from it.

It’s nice to get a “fresh start” keep in mind, depending on the children’s ages, you will need someone to care for them while you’re working. In my opinion it’s always a plus to live close to family and close friends especially for working mothers.

Yes my husband and three kids packed are truck with all the kids stuff and moved states. Left all family and friends behind. Best thing we ever did

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Yes. And absolutely have no regrets. Clear across the country! :muscle:t3: