Has anyone regretted getting their tubes tied?

Has anyone gotten their tubes tied and actually regretted not having more children? I’m 30 with two boys (2 YO and about to give birth to my second) with a bonus daughter. I’m done being pregnant and birthing kids, my husband understands how I feel and even though he would like to have more children, he supports my decision not to. I’ve been on birth control half my life and no longer want to be.


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I got mine cut and burned. They took a piece from both tubes, then burned. It actually prevents pregnancy better than clamps BUT you can NOT get a reversal.

I got my tubal done at 23, after my second son. I had a miscarriage a couple years prior as well as PCOS. I am done having kids, I still feel the same over 2 years later.

I’m getting my tubes completely out next month. I want more, but I have physically and mentally deteriorated more and more with each pregnancy. That being said, there are so many babies in foster care in need of living parents. So in a year if we still want another baby we will adopt. That’s just me though


If you are unsure don’t get it done.


I got mine removed, no regrets

If you are un sure talk to him about getting done his can be reversed.

Yes!! My ONLY regret in life is tying my tubes!!! Had them tied on my 24th Birthday, immediately following my c-section for my second son. As the years went by, I wanted more kids…same husband…did IVF unsuccessful 3 times…spent 60k… definitely my fault

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I got mine removed and it’s so nice. We want to adopt a kid but i was for sure done with pregnancy. If you’re open to more kids but not pregnancy i suggest considering adoption. It’s a fantastic way to help others and have the bigger family without pregnancy.


So far I’ve only known like 1 out of maybe 8 - 10 people I know that have regretted it. From what I can tell when you know you know.


I’m a young widow had I gotten it done with my youngest like I had wanted I think I would regret it my husband wanted more so I said ok to waiting and now he’s gone I wish we had more and he was still here

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Wanted more, but it was too dangerous. I knew I’d never be done having kids, so I left the number of children we had up to my husband. I love babies and will always miss that stage, but no regrets. :heartbeat:

Nope. I’ve not regretted that decision once.

I think if you have to question it, it’s not the right decision


No :rofl: I’m actually regretting not getting it done sooner. :woman_shrugging:


My doctor told me an IUD is more effective than getting your tubes tied. I went for the removal of my tubes and have no regrets. I was 30, and had my doctor put it through my ins as a birth control method. Even with my tubal, I could still do IVF if I ever changed my mind.

I will say though to prepare yourself for when/if your kids ask for another sibling. My son who turned 5 in March, has gone through spurts in the last year where he’s asked for baby. And I’ve seen him with friends babies and he does really well with them so it def pulled on my heart strings and had a little regret but not enough to change my mind. I only wanted two kids and love the family dynamic we have right now. You need to do what’s best for you. If you think you may change your mind, you could always ask for him to get snipped where it’s reversible and a much easier recovery.

I got mine done after my 2 girls. Tbh I’m so glad I did. My 2nd was very hard on my body…I NEVER want to go through it again and with the world now…yeah it’s just getting harder to survive. I’m happy with my kiddos


Honestly the peace I feel at not worrying so much about contraception is so amazing that I I wish I had done it sooner.
Like after kid 2 instead of kid 4 I love all my children don’t get it twisted but they were oops not plans.

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I did at first took a few years but I also had postpartum depression for 2 years. However I am so thankful I did get them done and looking at my ex husband reminds me I did the right thing lol. I do have 3 and it’s more than enough.

Had it done when my 2nd was 6 weeks .
No regrets …
When on to be an egg donor and a 3 x surrogate…

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Yes and it caused me health issues.

Dont do it if you are in doubt. I was 100% sure i was done having kids no regrets. You dont have to do anything right now maybe revisit the subject in 5 yrs or so or have him consider a vasectomy which he can reverse later.

I didn’t because I knew I was done. I will say that if you have any doubts whatsoever, don’t follow through.

No, I was 32 when I had the Essure procedure done. when my second boy was only 2 months. He is now 10. And I’m so happy

After I had my 2 along with 2 bonus children, I was ready for no more.

I actually had my tubes removed and I regret it so much. I wish I could have had more.

You don’t have to make decisions now. Wait a few months or year - still using birth control (sigh) - and see if you feel same way. You’ll probably know what to do by then.

Yes, had health issues after and then was not able to have another child in the future. I regret it for sure.

I don’t want anymore. My kids are 9 and 12. But I’m on the DEPO shot because I’m terrified of having to have surgery.

I don’t reregret my tubal… As 3 children and 2 bonus we are happy with our family. However what no one told me was after my tubal I would have the worst worst pain with every monthly. Been 8 year and it’s still the worst.

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Not one day in the 23 years since I had it done.

Me. Had two kids and got my tubes tied 12 weeks after I had my second kiddo. Pretty sure I had a small amount of PPD. I wished they would have waited til I was out of my post partum and hormones still out of wack phase. I didn’t regret it up until about a year ago. I got into a really bad depression about it because I realized I may want another. I’ve accepted it now but there are days where I still want another kid.

No m, it’s been 7 years and I’m happy.

Have you tried the iud? It’s so convenient and lasts 5 years, & it’s quickly reversible!

I do we had our 4 yr old 4 yrs ago I have a SS and 3 bios and we decided we were done but now regret it bc we decided 4 or so months ago we wished we could have 1 more. I wish I would of gotten and IUD to give myself 5 more yrs to decide. My advice is don’t do it… even some ppl who thought they were 100% done changed our minds… one thing I have heard is you will never regret having anther child but you might regret not having one.

I got mine tied at age 22 and have zero regrets but if you’re even the slightest bit unsure, I would recommend waiting to do it

I have 3 kiddos. I got my tubes tied when our youngest was 4. Some days I regret it but only because I miss that bind and closeness. All the other times? Girl I am thanking the lord that I did it cause I’d prob have 15 kids🤣 and these 3 drive me mf crazy as is!

Nope not once! :woman_shrugging:t3:

No regrets here. Had my done when I was 32 after my third child. I knew I was done done w having to go through giving birth. Not only did being preggo put a strain on my body, but I also knew I didn’t want any more into my 30s…never regretted it. One day the grand babies will come, and I’m good w that.

There’s time’s you regret it, but most of the time you won’t,I don’t

I’ve done it and don’t regret it. I’ve always known that I wanted 2 . That’s what I was lucky enough to have so as they delivered my boy I told them to take care of business down there

Don’t regret it at all.

No I did not regret it.Who wants more children now a day with the Economy and evrythinh

17 years for me no regrets.

Get him snipped. It’s not invasive major surgery like getting your tubes tied


I had mine done a year or so after my 3rd i regretted it for awhile then i was gifted a beautiful little girl who calls mom to this day she is not mine by birth but is my child because i love her my kids are now 32 …30…27…22

I regretted it in my 40’s. Lol. I got over it quickly. :joy::joy::joy:

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If you’re not sure perhaps look into an IUD? Worry free and good for 5 years.

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I regretted it. I was with my husband 14 years. We split 6 months after our 3rd baby.

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Yes I regret it so much. I have 3. I had them tied in 2015. I’m looking into a reversal

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I didn’t regret it but before you have it done make sure you are absolutely sure about it because I know ppl who regret it she was young and a couple years after having done she cried because she wanted another baby

I didn’t regret it at all but I know some women do. Just make sure you’re absolutely done.

I had mine done and I sometimes regret it… why not have him get snipped?

My husband and I have been married 12 years and we had marital problems and now I have a 1 year old bonus baby

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It is not an easy decision. But it can sometimes be reversed

I got mine done and regret it every single day…

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I’m 41, too old to have anymore, so I don’t regret it.

I regret getting my tubes tied cuz of who I had kids with and only having girls. Son I never had with person I always wanted to have a child with.
Too expensive to reversal tubial and it’s ok. Kids r expensive

Yes I have. My husband wanted me to get them ties and I did. Then came our divorce. He remarried about 3 years later and gathered another child. I cried like a baby. But God knows best and knew I could take care of 2 on my own but maybe not 3. 66 years old now and sometimes it still makes me sad.


Nope never regretted it.

I had my tubes tied after my second son. Five years later, we adopted 2 little girls. There are 140000 kids in foster care at any given time. Check out heartgalleryofamerica.org


Heck I have ten kids (2 angels, 5 bio, 1 step, 1 adopted, and 1 bonus) and still regret tying mine. Idky I think it’s just the fact that it’s permanent now. But honestly I’d cry if I was pregnant again especially seeing as my youngest is 6 and oldest 19 :joy:

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I’m in the same boat. 35 have a 3 year old daughter and I’m due with my baby boy little less than a month. I am doneeeeeeeeee. I’m either getting my tubes tied or my husbands getting a vasectomy. Time to enjoy the kids and get my body back to normal. I am extremely grateful for being able to get pregnant and have healthy babies, but I am definitely never doing this again. You could always get it reversed if you want more.

I jumped on the first opportunity to get mine REMOVED. I’ve been living my best life in the bedroom with no worries and no more birth control. It was one of the easiest surgeries I’ve had.

Me!!! Signed a form to have my tubes tied only to find out three years later they no longer tie tube apparently and mine were completely removed

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You can always have more children even if you don’t birth them yourself you can do ivf with your egg and his sperm

Make him get a vasectomy that he can reverse. Granted I’m totally with your decision to not want more kids, that’s your choice. But from women’s experience in my family, tieing your tubes makes more complications down the road. Not everyone is the same,but I watched my mom go through hell after she had her tubes tied, after she had me. I’m done having kids after I pop this 3rd baby out,but I refuse anymore birth control after getting pregnant on the mirena IUD,and I’m not tiring my tubes. So my kids dad is getting snipped, but it’s also reversible,granted it’s not for everyone. But it’s your decision in the long run and same as him.

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I had mine tied after my second daughter. I was definitely emotional about it. But I knew that I had all the blessings l could have on that part of my life. It was a hard decision but for me, it was the right thing. I still get a bit of baby fever here and there but I think that’s just something that happens to anyone.

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I got mine removed and I don’t regret it. I’m going to be 30 in August and I have four kids 4, 3, 2, and 1. They are a handful and keep me very busy. My body is finally getting back to normal after being pregnant four times in a row and I’m starting to get some energy back. I can have fun with my husband without worrying about getting pregnant. The only thing that sucks is I got my period back :joy::joy:. But nope don’t regret it at all.

I’m glad I did! I don’t want more kids and NO man can change that.

I regretted not getting my tubes tied after my 18 month old was born. Now I am 8 months pregnant. And was on birth control :woman_facepalming:
Also 30
Definitely getting them tied after this.

If you know you’re done, then I’d say your done.

Yes I do regret getting my tubes tied. I got my tubes tied in September 2014 after my third baby was born. At the time I was 100% sure I didn’t want anymore kids but about 4 years down the road and I would have loved to have a 4th baby. I wish I had heard that you never know what you’ll want down the road in the future before I got my tubes tied. I wouldn’t do it because it is true you really don’t know what you will want in the future.

I have not regretted my decision, it’s been 9 years.
I had my first baby a few months before I turned 30 then my second two years later.
I knew as soon as I got pregnant the 2nd time, it would be the last regardless of gender. No reasons other than, two felt physically, mentally, financially and emotionally perfect for me.
I do remember the Dr trying to talk me out of it after every appointment up until I deliverd my son, but I was certain it was the best decision for ME.

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I got my tied at 44 3 months after giving birth to my 6th Lol :laughing: so yeah I don’t regret it especially when I became a grandmother at 45 Ahahaha

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Would your husband be willing to get the snip? This way if you decide to have more children the snip is reversible whereas a tubal ligation is not reversible. I had my tubes tied and did regret it many years later.

I havent but my friend is 32 and has 3 kids. Her youngest is 9 and she regrets it.

No regrets!!! I’ve had mine for almost 5 years and although I love my little one and I do miss the baby stage I never want to birth another child. Lol.

Also. Only do it if it’s something you know is right for you. Don’t do it for anyone else. :two_hearts:

Yes and no
Since I did I have had nothing but issues and I rather have larbor then the pain I have each month

Yes I had it done at 23, and wished I hadn’t I always wanted more kids. Also made my periods 50 times worse

Absolutely. I regret it daily.

Medically I had to have my tubes tied and a ablation, I only have one bd , 2 sd, I regret not having another child so bad.

Only regretted it for a few yrs after having mine done at the age of 24 with 7 kids and became a grandmother at 31 !!! Im now 37 and have 4 grandbabies


I got my tubes tied after my second child. I was almost 21. My situation was a little different from yours. My marriage was going south very rapidly. I knew I was going to have to get out and I knew I would have trouble trying to support the two children I was going to have. Before I left, I did manage to graduate from LPN school, so at least I could get a job over minimum wage. But it was still tight because LPNs didn’t make much back then. But we managed. I was never sorry I had my tubes tied. It allowed me to bond tightly with the kids I had. We’re still close to this day. I’m 65 and they’re 46 and 45.

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My mother had my brother after her tubes were tied

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No, I don’t. I got mine done 13yrs ago. Right after I gave birth to my 2nd child.

I think you can get them reversed as long as you don’t get them burned or anything… maybe you should suggest to your husband that he get a vasectomy. I know for sure those are reversible! 

I’m 4 months postpartum just having my last baby girl number 3 and the 3rd really messed me up. I have some serious muscle damage with having 3 c sections my pelvic floor is so weak. I’ve kept an extra 30lbs after birth. I’m absolutely happy with my decision with getting that done. The only thing I will say is after the tubal ligation my periods are so much heavier the first 4 days but that’s my only complaint. You do what’s best for you some people will say they regret it some will say they love the decision do what’s best for you mama pregnancy is hard giving birth is hard and if you feel like you’re done then hey that’s ok. Good luck to you on the birth of your baby I hope you have a safe healthy birth and the baby is healthy :heartpulse: :sparkling_heart: :two_hearts:

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You can get the implant it’s good for 3 years. It also will not effect your breastmilk if you breastfeed.

I had mine tied at 23, I have a son that is 21 and a daughter that is 18 and I’ve never regretted it. I got my perfect pair and they are amazing!

I got my tubes tied when my daughter was 4(she’s 18 now) at first I did regret it but I’ve been a single mom for all of my daughter’s life and its presented some challenges. I didn’t think it was fair to bring another child into the world knowing how I’ve struggled with just one kid. I’ve been able to give my daughter things that I know I couldn’t have given 2 or more children. It was a tough at first but I’m so glad I made that decision all those years ago

Why doesn’t he get a vasectomy? its a quick outpatient procedure, and easily reversed. IF you guys decided to have another, they could extract his sperm without reversing the vasectomy. This way you get to raw dawg it without any heavy regret.

Yep. My periods have gotten so much worse! I’m done having babies, but was refused a hysterectomy. Still being refused a hysterectomy because “I’ll regret it later”

Yes I did! I was 26 with 5 kids and regretted it for the first 2-3yrs but now my son is going to 6 this year and I’m so glad that I went through with it now.

I had mine done at 23 after my second child was born. I knew mentally and financially we’d never be able to afford to have any more, plus my husband is a disabled vet that I care for full time, so I got my tubes tied. Ten years later, we both have wished that we’d have the option of having one more baby, but that’s not possible anymore. Do I regret it? Yes. Was it still the right decision though? Yes.