Has anyone taken Celexa or Zoloft while pregnant?

Curious as to how many women were on Celexa or Zoloft while pregnant? Did you have any side effects, or did your child have any birth defects? There’s not much information online, yes I’ve talked to my doctor, but I don’t like taking any meds while pregnant, other than vitamins. So I have my concerns, and just wanted every day woman’s personal opinion based on their own experience. Thank you in advance.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone taken Celexa or Zoloft while pregnant?

I took celexa with both pregnancies, for me no side effects.

I read this on Celexa… Pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility while taking citalopram - NHS

And Zoloft… Pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility while taking sertraline - NHS I guess you could talk to your Dr about coming off it if you’re worried as otherwise it’s counterproductive.

I’m taking Zoloft now, my provider and I are starting to wean down since I’m on 200mg and I don’t want baby to have withdrawals. Our goal is 50mg by 28 weeks.

I was on Prozac for half of my first pregnancy, zero side effects and it helped me a lot with everything I was going through. Risks with any medication but you have to weigh the pros and cons- if your depression or anxiety is that bad, it WILL affect your baby in some way. If you can’t find another way, sometimes medication is the way to go :heart:

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I took Zoloft along with Seroquel with my first daughter. No side effects except for extreme energy lmao

50mg of Zoloft! I a weaned by my 7th/8th month of pregnancy after starting it around my 3/4th month. No birth defects, no complications. Also safe to take after while breastfeeding (at least Zoloft is). They don’t recommend continuing toward the last trimester because it CAN cause stiff muscle issues in babies. Like I said tho, I took it for months, weaned off before the third trimester and me and baby were fine.

I took zoloft while pregnant and it made me suicidal quickly. I immediately quit taking it.

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Took zoloft with 5 pregnancies because I have bi polar, and all my kids are fine.

Took Zoloft my whole pregnancy it saved me my son was born healthy 9lbs nothing wrong

I’m taking Lexapro. I tried the other stuff that is considered safe for pregnancy, but they weren’t working & my OB put me back on Lexapro. So far everything is good & im 25 weeks.

I took Zoloft at the end of my second pregnancy to try and help not get ppd since I had it after my first. No side effects to me or baby and took it during the entire time I was pregnant with my third child(5 pregnancy) again no effects what so ever. Weaned off of it shortly after the birth

I took Celexa with my first and she has a brain injury due to it!

I was just prescribed Zoloft and after taking it one time I was sick for a day and a half. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea… Tmi but just being honest. I took celexa but not during pregnancy. Prozac I’ve taken during pregnancy and had no side effects.

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