Has anyone taken Prozac while pregnant?

Call your pharmacist and ask until you can get with your OB.

I took prozac while pregnant with 2 of mine

Get a psyc np or MD that specialized in pregnancy and postpartum

I was advised by my OB that Prozac is safe.

I took it for both my pregnancies, both were fine and never had any issues

Don’t take it while pregnant hun

never prozac, but my OB and primary has kept me on my anxiety/depression medication and i’m 20+ weeks.
i take effexor

Your doctor has to answer that but from personal experience my OB said it was completely fine for me to continue remeron and Seroquel while pregnant and my psych said it was fine however the pharmacist refused to fill my prescriptions! Good luck to you :sparkling_heart:

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Maybe call the ob office to get a quicker answer. I was told most anti depressants are safe to take.

You can contact Infant Risk and ask them. I have an app called “Mommy Med” that I’ll refer to in a pinch :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hope you get some answers soon!

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I was told it’s one of the safest anti depressants there is during pregnancy by my doctor.

i did. and i took celexa in a diff pregnancy.
if the benefits (mom being healthy so baby can be healthy) outweigh the risks then its worth it is what my obgyn told me.

I was prescribed prozac while pregnant but i was taken off bc it made me violent and almost killed my baby dad…

Took it with both of mine & during breastfeeding no problems at all.

I’m pregnant, and I take it, been taking it the entire time

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Your doctor will compare the pros and cons. If the pros outweigh the cons, you will more than likely stay on it!

I was prescribed Prozac while pregnant due to my intrapartum depression. It’s safe.

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I started taking it literally the same time I got pregnant and they kept me on it since I was already taking it when I got pregnant

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:wave:t2: Pharmacy Tech here! While I’m not allowed to consult on your prescription or your doctors views/diagnosis, I am allowed to say that Prozac is one of the safest prescribed medicines while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. I’ve had a few people come through the pharmacy picking up this kind of prescription while pregnant. The pharmacist always mentions to them that if they have any concerns at all they should contact their PCM first and then their OB. Hope this helps in any way. :heart:

I took Prozac my whole pregnancy and my baby was just fine! :innocent:

I took another ssri its not recommended. When my daughter was born she had terrible shakes but they went away after the first few hours of being born theres risks for them so just weight them out​:heart::pray:t3::heart::pray:t3::heart:

My thoughts stop it untell you go see your doc :musical_note::notes:

I stayed on my 20mg of Prozac my whole pregnancy. Had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. My daughter was born 5 weeks ago and she is perfect, no issues.