Has anyone taken Prozac while pregnant?

I'm 3 weeks pregnant according to LMP. I'm currently on Prozac 20mg, I have already made an apt with my OB for my first appointment which isn't until 2 more weeks. I have called my dr that prescribes me the Prozac to see if it's safe and they want me to contact my OB about that question. Well the OB's office won't answer any questions about it until they see me in person in 2 weeks. So my question to y'all is, have any of y'all taken Prozac while pregnant? Is it safe, etc?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone taken Prozac while pregnant? - Mamas Uncut

I had to quit my Prozac when I found out I was pregnant. There are more safer options I believe they prefer you to use

I was told that I could continue taking mine but I quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant

I am supposed to take Prozac but I’ve been unable to take it while pregnant. I’m 28wks with my 3rd child and I’ve been unable to be medicated because it isn’t safe during pregnancy is what I was told by my doctor. There are safer options but sadly they don’t work for me. You can always call and ask your local pharmacist too, but I I believe the doctors will tell you to wean off of the medicine because stopping cold turkey can cause more harm than good. But definitely speak to a pharmacist and see what they reccomend until you can see your OB.


Yes. I take fluoxetine (generic for Prozac) and it helped me tons! Started it with my first pregnancy and have taken it ever since. (Currently pregnant with my second)


I would not quit any kind of psych meds cold turkey, they will likely offer you other options and give you a safe method for weaning off.


It’s one of the safest to take while pregnant… I would continue until I was told otherwise.


I just had a baby in april and they made me switch ti zoloft

I am 25 weeks pregnant and taking Prozac. My OB said there was no immediate danger to baby so there was no reason to stop taking it.

I took Cymbalta through both of my pregnancies but had to stop Abilify. Ask pharmacist if OB won’t answer.

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I was told to keep taking my antidepressant while pregnant(can’t remember which one) and the baby was fine. Pharmacists are a great resource for medication safety info, or you can try calling La Leche League.

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I took 80mg during pregnancy. It’s safe

No it’s not, stop taking it


I hope everyone realizes, that because a Dr tells you it’s the safest. Does not mean it’s completely safe. They get kickbacks from big pharma for prescribing meds. Look up the meds and studies yourself,I bet you’ll find that the majority are not safe during pregnancy. Like the commercial Pretty sure or positive, what’s the difference.


I stayed on mine… effexor 150.mg

I’ve been taking that same mg too this whole pregnancy. Baby is completely fine.

I took 40 mg of Prozac while pregnant with my daughter, no harm to her and continued taking it through out breastfeeding for the first year.

I think it depends on your dosage and how the pregnancy goes.

I was on 7 medications before my pregnancy I stopped all 7 and have made the choice to not be medicated while pregnant because the meds that are safe do literally nothing for me.


It is one of the safest you can take!

Not whilst pregnant but I was prescribed Cymbalta after my 2nd baby…I was going nuts!:woman_facepalming:t4: (like more than just baby blues):ok_hand:t5:

I took paxil with all three of my pregnancies

Not a Facebook question every specific circumstance is different. Some are allowed some aren’t


You can ask pharmacist, they will let you know and put your mind at ease❤ Congratulations on the baby!!

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Check with your pharmacist.

It’s one of the safest for pregnancy . You are also
Not at a stage of pregnancy where medications am have much impact at this time.

Generally if you’ve been on your medication for awhile, they won’t pull you off of it. Plenty of women have been on antidepressants while pregnant. Me included. Two pregnancies. Been on Pristiq for over 10 years. Two perfectly healthy babies.

I believe there has been more research (not trials. But just no documented negative outcomes with pregnant women and antidepressants) done about pregnancies & Prozac, than there was on my antidepressants. I saw 3 different OBs and they had all told me to keep taking it.

Mamas health is important too.


My friend took it and I suffer from OCD and I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and pregnancy causes mine to
Be worse and my Doctor said if needed I could start back on it !

Currently 36 weeks and I’ve been on it since I was 6 weeks. I actually prefer it over what I was on prior to pregnancy!

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I’d call your pharmacist in the meantime. But I was prescribed shortly after pregnancy and my OB told me it would be safe in future pregnancies

It’s more dangerous to the baby by stopping your meds than it is staying on them

If a drs office refuses to speak to you unless at an appointment, I would find a new dr. My dr would never tell me to wait to speak to him.


Your Dr.who prescribed it should tell you! Sounds like he’s saving his ass if something goes wrong.

Call and ask your OB nurse

prozac is safe to take while pregnant. my doctor only would prescribe me prozac because im trying to concieve.

I have no idea as to this medication. But regardless, it’s safER to continue on a medication until a dr says otherwise and properly can wean you off. (Not saying this medication alone, but any medication).

Whoa Prozac has some nasty side effects, I wouldn’t take anything until you talk to OB/GYN

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I was supposed to but I didn’t. After I had the baby . I started the next day. But I had such bad PPD . I wondered if it wouldn’t of been so bad if I did take it.

I took celexa during my pregnancy, there are several that are safe to take during pregnancy, if you stop taking them now, (especially stopping cold turkey) you will put your body through shock which could harm the baby more, not to mention what it puts you through mentally.

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Contact the pharmacist that prescribes the Prozac, they should be able to tell you. Then find a new OB. It’s ridiculous that no one there was willing to answer this question. This is just a preview of how they will be during your pregnancy.

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That’s crazy in Arizona they immediately advised me to stop taking Prozac

Yes it’s safe but every person’s pregnancy is different. Just because one can take it doesn’t mean the next person can. If you think you can handle being off of it until your Dr’s appt, then stop it. We don’t really know your pregnancy do’s and don’ts so we really can’t give a straight answer. Good luck on what you choose to do until your appt.

This is what mommy meds says about it. With that being said, please do not just stop taking this medication. It can be dangerous to just stop cold turkey.

Do you walk around like a dummy , I know I did, took it for 3 weeks sitting like a dummy. DadaaaaAaA

I quit when I got pregnant… horrible withdrawal, but ok after a month or so…

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I wouldn’t take it cause it has been proven to increase birth defects by 18%

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I took it and everything was fine…

Call pharmacy and ask them

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Depending on how long you have been taking it, it could be worse to stop. Maybe slowly start weaning off but then you will have less in system which could be serious.
Whatever you decide, be careful.


I was on Prozac during my pregnancy. I was on 60 milligrams. It’s one of the safer ones to be on I believe. No need to worry.


I was always told that you shouldn’t take it while pregnant, but i also was out on Zoloft during pregnancy so lol :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes don’t stop taking the meds fully you can go into a withdrawal so for now take smaller doses until you can find out for sure

This needs to be a conversation between your prescribing doctor, and your OB. Do not go cold turkey off your meds. You are already at an increased chance of postpartum depression. Personally I’d stay on the lowest dose that you can maintain your mental health.


I took it during my first pregnancy and everything was fine. However he is adhd and odd but that also runs on both sides of the family.

I was on Prozac after I had my 1st baby. A year later I was still on it and wanted to try for a second and my OB had me ween off the Prozac.

U can tell them that u need to get in sooner due to being on a med that u don’t know it’s safe for pregnancy or not. Explain that to them and TELL THEM, do not ask them, to get seen sooner to discuss current meds. If they refuse to let u be seen sooner bcuz so then go to a different office.

Took my entire pregnancy, healthy perfect baby, still take it and I breastfeed. No issues.

TALK TO YOUR OBGYN. These Facebook people can give advice, but only your doctor and your personal situation can say what’s best for you and your baby. Quiting the meds can be more harmful to you and the baby, your doctor may recommend you stay on them, however if the doctor tells you to stop, you will ween off them slowly. Please do not just stop them based off Facebook comments.


My first pregnancy I tool it, my Dr decreased the mg to 20. She came 3 days early for an emergency c section was very healthy and still is! Do what is best for you. If you are already taking meds pre pregnancy I would say keep taking them as long as that’s what your doctor suggest. Everyone is different just like every pregnancy is different. Hope this helps a lil…

don’t take anything with out speaking to your doctor first just hold off for now

My dr said it was fine to take

No, my doctor took me off it immediately when I let him know I was pregnant. Definitely a conversation for your doctor though. Best of luck

I took them for both pregnancies. Both were healthy. No issues. Don’t stop cold turkey. That’s a terrible idea.

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You need to see your dr. I will say however that I was switched to Prozac during my pregnancy’s because it’s safer than other meds. I didn’t take it my entire pregnancy each time though because it didn’t help me. Just sharing my own personal experience, however your doctor could say something completely different. I only know what my doctor has personally done with me.

I took Lexapro. They said a lot of moms take these kinds of medications. However my baby was jittery at birth. So, I’m not so sure I would do it again.

I took it while pregnant and still taking it. Only thing that seems to work for me

I took it during one of my pregnancies, I would switch to a different medication if you can’t go without it . My son had an issue with his breathing after birth and was in the NICU for only a few days. It did resolve itself within a few weeks, he’s 3 now with no lasting side effects. Had I known it could cause issues, temporary or long term, I wouldn’t have taken the risk. I was only on 20 mg, so it wasn’t even a high dose.

They should be able to give you that information over the phone. 1st trimester is a dangerous time with meds…but don’t suddenly stop taking it youll get withdrawal. Reduce your dosage if you can and tell them you need that info immediately…its only pushing a button on their computer for goodness sake. A few seconds of their time against the safety of your baby

My daughter is taking Prozac and is pregnant

Ask a pharmacist, but should be safe!


In 2003 I switched from Celexa to Prozac while pregnant, for the pregnancy. Afterwards I went back to Celexa. I was allowed to stay on Celexa while pregnant with my 2nd

Call pharmacy , doctor will have to wean slowly should be the prescribing doctor who knows if it is safe for you or not


I took it while pregnant and everything went fine
But I would wait and talk to your OB so you feel better about it. Make sure everything is all good.

I took it the whole time I was pregnant.

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My OB took me off of mine as soon as I went in. I was on the same dose.

I did. I believe it caused my daughter’s cleft lip.


You could ask a pharmacist if you’re still needing advice and unable to talk to your doctors.


I took it my whole pregnancy and didn’t have any issues with my daughter. I would talk to your OB to be safe.

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My dr prescribed It while I was pregnant

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I take 40mg of Prozac and I was told to stop taking it immediately when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. She’s one now.

Took Effexor while preggo, no problems and that mess is wild compared to Prozac lol

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone taken Prozac while pregnant? - Mamas Uncut

They took me off Prozac and put me on celexa and i felt fine my entire pregnancy.
The celexa was actually the best med I had ever been on pregnant and not pregnant.

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Never stop suddenly taking a medication like that without a doctors help. It could actually cause more harm than good. I would personally keep taking it as prescribed until you can get in and talk to your OBGYN.


You can call a pharmacist…but I would call my doctor back and let them know the OB doctors office want tell you anything until you’re seen. You have yourself and your baby’s interst at heart.

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A pharmacist can give you info


I fell down a flight of stairs with my second daughter and they took rxtays and I told them I maybe pregrant and took pain pills and they said it maybe be restarted I latter found out I d broken a desk in my lower back she was born and was my smartest daughter and went to collage so sometimes Drs say things about your baby and sometimes drives you nutty tell the child was born and I had a not her daughter born 2 years latter was fine I has
Had sugery on my back when my daughter had a baby and I had a very back break from falling down the stairs I the Dr didn’t know Joni had 2 babies with a breaker like that one I allso took shines pills a lot I even had a few drinks here and there they didn’t say I couldn’t back then but I have never been a big on drinking my sister in law drank big time and her husband their daughter was a very smart kid and went threw collage and got a very good job in electric tropics so beware of what they tell you don’t get so scarce that you loose it either follow you dreams I have heard of alot of peole

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That have been in different things in their life. And babies ok good luck to you and your fam

No , they usually discontinue the Prozac and opt for Zoloft

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They pulled me from Effexor immediately and put me on Zoloft. I was happy and emotionally stable the whole pregnancy

I took Prozac thru 3 pregnancies and my babies where just fine. It was ok to keep me on it my on said as I had been on it for so long and I couldn’t take Zoloft or celexa. It really depends on your OB and your medical history. I wouldn’t stop taking it until you see your OB. And have a conversation with them. It could cause serious side effects to just stop abruptly and the ob could chose to ween you of it.

I took it for my whole pregnancy. My ob told me it was safe

Yeah, I would never abruptly stop taking anything without talking to them. It might have worse effects on you health if you do that. My OB kept me on my welbutrin for the entire time. So they may allow you to stay on it or change it slightly.

I would call your pharmacist with questions until you can see your Dr.

Prozac isn’t safe. Id hold off on it u til u see ur ob.

I weaned off of it when I found out I was pregnant

Never prozac but ide maybe not just quit cold turkey, maybe you could step down and then quit.

Keep taking it until you go see the doctor. They will either keep you on that or find something that is good for you and won’t harm the baby. Just don’t go off it…it can cause shock to the fetus/baby and do Marie harm! Congratulations