Has anyone taken their kids to the peppa pig cinema party?

Just wondering if anyone’s taken their kids to the peppa pig cinema party yet. We’re taking my 2 and 5 year old today. I’ve seen signs and stuff saying they don’t expect kids to sit still and that they’re welcome to sing and dance and move. I wasn’t sure if that was actually how it is haha. I’ve never taken my kids to the movies before. I know it’s not technically a real movie.

Pretty sure no kid at age 2 and 5 is going to be able to sit still when there’s Peppa pig around. My kid started sitting thru actual movies by age 7ish I believe BUT the talking part is a whole other situation lol he loves to ask questions even tho he knows we never seen the movie neither :joy::joy:. And I just looked up this peppa pig cinema party and from the sound of it looks like kids and adults are going to be up and dancing etc. sounds fun honestly so have fun with your little ones and enjoy it. Remember to take pictures to show them when they get older.