Has anyone tried couples counseling?

Does anyone do couples counseling? If so, what made you start? Has it helped your issues?


Yes! But it only works if both of you are open to it.

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Yes, currently going for communication issues. It helps to be told from an unbiased source what’s causing the cycle. And help see things from the other persons perspective rather than how you perceive it. But both people definitely need to be putting in the work and want to fix it. It does work in helping understand each other better.

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Yes, but both individuals need to be willing to do their part.

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Only works if both are open and honest and willing to compromise together to move forward

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it can be very useful for couples who love each other but are having communication issues. Be aware that it does NOT work if one person is a sociopath abuser–they are very good at faking it and fooling counselors in to looking like the good guy and making the victim look crazy. If there is any abuse get counseling for yourself and get out–abusers do not change!

My husband and I went to couples counseling when we were the happiest we could be in our marriage. We both had trauma in our past that we didnt want to mess up the good thing we had. We used our sessions to work through our seperate pasts together and learned how to better support eachother in the real difficult times. It was amazing.

The counselor you choose is important. Someone told me it’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes. Some are uncomfortable to begin with, some feel okay than rub you the wrong way over time and then finally there’s the perfect fit. Be patient and good luck!

Hubby and I went about 11 years ago. We just didn’t have the tools to deal with conflict and our life goals weren’t in line anymore. The therapist helped us learn how to better communicate with each other, which made all the difference. We each have a better understanding of how the other person sees the world and our goals are now more in line with each other. Definitely worth it as long as you both are committed to change (not just changing each other) and find a therapist you both respect

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As long as you are not in an abusive relationship, and you’re both committed to the relationship, it can be a wonderful thing.

Doesnt work of both people arent committed to making a change.


My husband and I started going over a year ago, I wanted a divorce he just thought it would blow over eventually. We argued A LOT. We were both very skeptical that it would work, but it did! I had a lot of issues left over from a previous abusive relationship , he had issues dealing with the death of his daughter and a divorce . Our counselor is amazing! Sometimes you just need help from an outside perspective . We get along better and are more in love than we ever were. So I suggest you try it, for at least a year. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out, but at least you tried. Good luck!


I went with my ex-husband and the therapist told me to get a divorce while in a private session. I didn’t listen at the time and continued with the marriage for another year. Ended up divorcing and thousands in debt…ended up marrying my husband I have now. Shouldve listen to the therapist sooner lol.

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We went because he wasn’t faithful on our relationship. Our therapist worked with us separately to see if therapy was a good fit for both of us. I guess when she was satisfied enough she put us together and we worked from there. This was 4 years ago and I think its worked out fine.

No but we have went to marriage conferences and they have been wonderful for our marriage. I think couples counseling is a really good thing for couples who both want to work through things.

Yes it does help, as long as both parties are willing to be helped. You need to keep an open mind and be ready to hear hard truths.

Nope, my exhusband thought it was lame.

i want want. But I don’t know how to start

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