Has anyone tried gastric bypass?

I'm 21 and considered obese and I have tried the healthy diets and cleanses and calorie deficit and working out every other day and nothing has helped. I have PCOS and my doctor thinks thats why. She has brought up gastric bypass surgery. Have any of you had this done? How did it work for you? Pros and cons?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone tried gastric bypass?

Join the gastric sleeve and bypass group on FB. I’ve had the sleeve done.

I had it and it’s helped me to work wonders. One thing I will say is look at everything and all reviews. I’ve had 2 pregnancies since and nothing but complications and issues and I do feel they stem from the bypass as I had none with my first born.

You should talk to Joe Harris. I was also considered obese, but with his KLD Method, I lost 16 pounds in 28 days and I keep losing! Try this out before going into surgery.

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Taryn Pritchard this is what you had done ?

I’ve had many friends do it, but they were all at least 30. I feel your body is still maturing at 21, just a thought. I hope you are happy with what you choose.

Yes. 20 years ago. My daughter n bf did too. I would do it again tomorrow

Had it 5 years ago best deceive ever made lost 172lbs gained 10 back after pregnancy in 2019

My mother had it done in 2010 and has had issues ever since her connection has failed several times, she has had to have her stomach reconstructed and has had several leaks that landed her in the hospital for becoming septic. Her last stay in the hospital her connection leaked and she became septic and they had to remove a proportion of her bowl I’m sure this isn’t the case with everyone but it’s good to know the possible issues it can cause

I did 13 years ago. Biggest mistake ever. Ive lost my health. I will never be able te have a normal life again.

Are you on any meds? Have they checked your thyroid?

My best friend had it in January and has done amazing. Shes down from 300 to 165

I did… when i was 20…
Feel free to pm me if you want.

I had gastric sleeve and the only regret I have is not doing it in my 20s. I’m 4 years post and 35kg down. I’m now 44.5 now

Uve just had a sleeve 7 weeks ago

Are you on metformin? Had your thyroid checked?

I had it in 2014 I was in my 20’s. I don’t regret it. I lost 200lbs and havnt gained it back.

To whoever posted this message me and I can talk to you about it. I had it in 2013 and best choice I made! I’m the blonde in the picture. From almost 400 to 135lbs

Get your thyroid checked as well. A full panel test

yes I had one when I was 22. october 2016 was my surgery and I lost 65kg within 1.5 years. my weight before the surgery was 142kg.

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I knew someone that had it done and nothing but issues… when the time right you’ll lose it with medical help. I do think you are a bit way too young…

My mom always said if you can drink those drinks and not eat in order to prep for it. Then you don’t need it :joy::rofl: I think it’s bc you know what’s coming at the end of the fasting and prepping, you know help is coming. I lost 90 pounds on the plant paradox by Steven Gundry. It still has meat in it that you can have. Check it out if you choose not to get surgery :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had a sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey two years ago. Lost 5stone n have kept it off. I’m 51 n been on
thyroxine for 6 years

My sister had the sleeve done and she is thankful for it

My daughter had it. I know lots of folks who’ve had it, but she’s the only one I know who kept the weight off. It’s not a magic cure. Yiu have to make life style changes and stick w/ them

I would exhaust all other options before surgery 21 is young for surgery I’ve known people to get that surgery and go back to old habits (not saying you will) but the idea of it is eating smaller portions making you feel full faster all about self control


I had gastric bypass 4 months ago. I’m down 65 pounds although I’ve been at a two month stall due to being pregnant. So far things are going really good. It was a struggle to start while learning what I could tolerate but now going great

Before you do that, please see and endocrinologist. NOT YOUR GYN!! I have PCOS and my GYN tried to manage it for years. Finally sent me to an endocrinologist, who got my blood work in line with correct medications and I lost 85 lbs!!!

My aunt had it done. She’s happy with it but it was hard for her at first learning what to eat and how much she could handle without being sick. She’s had it done for a few years now.

Ive had the sleeve done in 2020, lost over 100lbs then this year had skin removal surgery. Only regret I have is not doing it sooner.


I had the sleeve done in February. Best decision ever. I went from 286 to 195. I will say my periods have heen crazy on and off even on birthcontrol. Your body will take awhile to adjust.

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Honestly worst place to ask for advice on this topic. Join a bariatric support group you’ll get better answers m of course everyone knows someone that’s had issues and they can talk about thyroid tests and meds but knowing someone struggling heavily with PCOS that shit doesn’t work. My sister had the surgery in July and has had 0 problems as long as she sticks to the plan. Just remember this surgery is a tool, you won’t just lose the weight with no effort on your end you have to change your life and the way you think. I’m scheduled to have mine 10/13 and I’m 25. You’re not too young but suggest looking into getting a sleeve before you do a bypass. Same concept surgery but the sleeve isn’t going to reroute any organs like the bypass does

Have you tried a keto diet?


My mom had it done in 2014 and had nothing but problems her best friend even got it and she lost her gallbladder and spleen soon after the surgery I know everyone is different but I have even been told by doctors the sleeve is better then the by pass

Gastric bypass and the sleeve are 2 different things. the gastric bypass they reroute your intestines and make a new stomach about the size of an egg but leave the old stomach in… with the sleeve they make a tunnel removing the stomach that is cut off I had the gastric bypass over 13yrs ago best decision for me!! I even had 2 healthy pregnancies after. I actually got pregnant 10mths after my gastric bypass. Keep in mind you can still gain weight if you don’t eat right. These surgeries are like a tool and if not used right you can gain the weight back.

It ruined my life… the dr cut nerves and scar tissue grew over it and it causes pain everyday… I gained all the weight back due to inactivity because it hurts to exercise

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I wouldn’t suggest it unless you are done having kids. I had it when I was 16 and after 3 kids i gained about 60lbs back and it is extremely hard to lose the weight.


It will help you not eat physically, but does not address the emotional issues behind eating. I have several friends who have had it… and gained all the weight back… after they went through years of medical issues from the surgery & hair loss cause of it.
Also- I have considered it myself. It’s not like you can just say “I want this surgery”. The approval process for insurance is crazy. You have to lose weight… to have weight loss surgery. Makes no sense!!

The issue is the PCOS, not that you’re fat. You’ve got to treat the disease and not just a symptom of it.


One of my friends did it around 18! She lost ALOT oh weight like lil too much but it worked great! She just had a baby and gained a good amount back so you reaally need to change your-eating and lifestyle ! If you think itll make uou happier do it!!!

Jennifer Jones-Prothro

As long as you go in to this as knowing that surgery is a tool not a cure. You do what you have to do because losing weight as a woman is hard let alone losing weight with PCOS. GOOD LUCK!

Gastric is a tool. We are over weight for 2 reasons… on a medication or sickness that causes gains or obsessive, compulsive eating. If you cant control your eating “addiction” youll gain it back and or addiction transfer. Lost my hate husband to suicide as it’s also a side effect. Gastric changes your psyche.


Check out Wiltrina Jones
If you can follow her plan you will lose weight.

If you dont drink its a great optuon for you

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The #1 CON… if you drink alcohol it WILL turn you into an alcoholic for sure. It did my mother and it’s MAJOR side effect of the surgery. No, it’s not just my mother this is a well known FACT. So, being young and probably wanting to live a full life where you can enjoy yourself is probably not the option for you. Try the balloon or sleeve. My sister had the sleeve, it only lasts 10 yrs and once removed you will gain the weight back.

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I had the rouen y done 22 yrs ago, saved my life it is a game changer for sure.

My sister did it and for it to work properly you have to follow the diet if not you will get sick or just waste your time

I had bypass 12 years ago. It was the best thing I did. Yes it has its cons. I can’t eat certain foods anymore but I have went from living to eat to eating to live. I dropped 145 lbs. I have kept it off since 2009. I will tell you to be effective you need to take your vitamins very important.

I have PCOS and have struggled with my weight all my life… I wish there was a “cure” for it or a treatment that doesn’t involve just taken birth control or having my insides taken out… but unfortunately it’s not… not.me personally but so far my stepmother, and 2 aunts, and another relative have had both surgeries… I personally know the struggle and would give my advice to really try to exhaust ALL other possibilities… one has had it the sleeve for a very long time and developed an infection that not only had to be removed but almost cost her her life… the other just had it done and her stomach has frozen…she cannot eat or hardly drink… the biggest one was the bypass where I almost actually lost my stepmom… it’s really hard to loose and keep the weight off having pcos… hope your able to find the right solution for you and your body​:pray::pray:

If you haven’t tried keto maybe try that? I did it last year before i got pregnant and it helped me loose weight, it even made me have more energy and not feel so exhausted all the time after awhile of doing keto i switched to low carb and was still loosing weight ( i didnt get into calculating how much i ate or anything just made healthier decisions and cut out as many carbs as i could)

The PCOS is the problem. From a doctor I listened to, “PCOS” is caused by the testosterone/estrogen imbalance. You have too much testosterone and not enough estrogen. This, apparently, causes your pancreas to work improperly. It releases insulin to deal with any sugars/carbs you take in, but it doesn’t work right, and your body stores those extras that weren’t felt with by that insulin. The doctor said what she her PCOS patients do is go on a strict reduction of sugar/carbs, ie. keto and she gives them a regimen of medication as well that she did not disclose. It has work for all her patients who have followed through. It’s not easy and it’s not going to be. You have to be ready to change your eating habits and ready to stick to it for yourself. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I do have family history and suspicions of my own. I’ve been heavy most of my life, with my highest weight being 270lbs at the beginning of this year. I’ve done all the things I could think of up until now. I’ve tried keto several years ago but wasn’t too hard on myself about it at the time. This year, at 28 years old, I got fed up and decided I was going keto again and sticking to it. Ive done keto coupled with intermittent fasting (eating GOOD food once every 18 hours or so). It’s worked! I’ve lost 40lbs slowly but surely. All that weight didn’t get there overnight and it’s not going to leave that way either. Diets aren’t temporary, they’re lifestyle choices. You have to be ready to permanently change your relationship with food. ANY type of sugar or anything with any type of flour is going to be detrimental to your progress. Commit yourself to absolutely ZERO sugar and carbs and see what happens. I didn’t believe it either, but it does work if you get your mind in the right place and keep at it.

It took a lot but my sister and my daughter have PCOS and the only way they could lose weight was DO NOT get the Depo Shot, go on a diabetic diet, and exercise. It takes time, but it slowly happenes.


Depends on how much weight you need to lose. I had the gastric sleeve done in 2011…I lost 120 in 8 months…went from a size 26 to a size 8. I hated it…I looked 10 years older, I lost my hair and couldn’t eat much of anything for over a year. 3 years later I had a stoke and due to inactivity and bad eating, I gained 50 lbs of it back. I was miserable for a long time. I honestly think if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t. A former co-worker of mine just passed away a few weeks ago, and I was told it was due to complications she had from her weight loss surgery. She had the duo done, which I tried to talk her our of because she didn’t need to lose THAT much weight. Be careful what you wish for. If you’re young, you can work on tightening up the loose skin, but if you are older, the loose skin is very hard to tighten up.


I had the gastric bypass 1 1/2 yr ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Keep in mind though that Im done having kids!

I developed MS not long after. It sucked the life out of me. Personally, I don’t suggest. You are going to do what YOU want. Nobody’s opinion mattered when I wanted it. I was determined … Now regretful! Again, personal opinion and experience .

So I got it when I was 20 years old I’m almost 23 so almost 3 years ago. I regret it but don’t at the same time. The only reasons I don’t regret is because it made me loose 107 pounds and I obviously look better and i was finally able to get pregnant. The reasons I regret it is because the pain when you accidentally over eat or eat to much sugar is so painful it can feel like your dying. I’m not able to eat like a normal person anymore I get sick really easy when eating. Now for the people saying you can become an alcoholic you definitely can but I didn’t and I still drink alcohol now there was a point where I was drinking a lot but that was for other reasons and it didn’t become an actual alcoholic. Just really think about it because I feel like my doctor pressured me into it and that wasn’t ok so make sure your wanting to do it not your doctor.

I had it scheduled my date and everything but my family was really scared about it i seen a lady on Facebook post about her losing weight taking supplements i asked her about it you always assume their scams are fake but i really wanted it to be true so I purchased some from her I canceled my surgery and two years later I’m down 138 lb im really glad i didn’t have to go that route of having surgery

5 years ago and no regrets at all! After the initial 2 years it’s up to you to keep your eating habits up as you can gain weight back so it’s something you have to work for after the fact!


I would not suggest it. You need to see a nutrionist and get a fitness coach.

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Do the weight loss pills first that your Dr subscribes and keto try to eat in moderation.
It really is a lifestyle change. Especially after surgery you won’t be able to eat those cravings you once had, in social setting you can’t have foods with sugar, fried, and you have to take vitamins for the rest of your life. You’ll have to sacrifice alot. I say try to do it natural. Especially idk if you drink and smoke if so it’s not a good idea. Did you weigh out the pros and cons.

I had the sleeve done last year, best decision of my life. I’ve had my kids so keep in mind if you plan to have kids you have to wait awhile after having this down to do so as well as be aware that there are certain things you will have to do for the rest of your life like vitamins and nutrients you have to take. Feel free to message me if you’d like!

Yeah one;of my cousins wife&to be. Honest you’re;gonna have to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise you;can gain back all that weight like she did.

I lost almost 200 pounds with gastric bypass. My honest opinion is that if I could do it over… I wouldn’t. It’s been almost 5 years and i still can’t eat proper, have bad stomach upset and am frequently constipated. Prior to surgery I had butt length, thick hair…within a year I had to chop it all off due to hair loss from the surgery (even with taking all appropriate vitamins). The first year was miserable. If you can do it without surgery, I recommend!

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Hi :wave: I was 19 when I went and decided to get the gastric bypass done 20 when the actual surgery was completed.
If you want to know my story I’d be happy to tell you just DM me as it is kinda personal and don’t need the comment monsters bashing me for my life choices

You need B12 injections afterwarts. Hope in your country the docters know.

I got it. 8 years later it needs to be revised. Its a lot of work and dedication. Ask about the gastric sleeve.

PCOS doesn’t stop you from loosing weight all the time… I was diagnosed 3 months ago… I’m also diabetic… I have lost 32 lbs by simply changing my diet and exercising.

I had the gastric sleeve done and I have PCOS

I cant see you dont lose weight if you control.your calories. You over eating that’s fact. And when you have this operation you will have to eat less. And that what can you do now without gastric bypass. Maybe you should go to psychologist coz overeating usually is related to mental health. Unless you you have some other sickness.


I had gastric bypass surgery done four years ago I lost 202 pounds I’ve kept it off I had no complications

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7 years ago no regrets do it again

I have PCOS since I was 17. I aldo tried all kinds of ways to lose weight. I lost 119 pounds on that instant weight loss coffee with a half of a lemon. This is what worked for me. I highly recommend this. I got the weight loss coffee at walmart. i hate coffee but it works!!!

I had mine 15 years ago and would do it all over again.


I had it done 11 years ago. Lost 125 pounds. I’ve keep it off all these years. No regrets!

I’ve had mine in 2005 my weight has always fluctuated since then but never going back to the 298 I was before.

I’m getting the sleeve done in November. And so looking forward to it

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone tried gastric bypass?

My mother did it. It worked great but like 15 years later she has started gaining weight back but nothing close to where she was. I’m considering it myself.

I had gastric bypass 14 years ago and the best thing i have done. You can pm if you’d like to talk further about the surgery.

I have PCOs and found calorie deficit good but i do have to go lower then recommended so i go 500 cals under maintenance and not 300 cals. I also go to gym and do strength training rather than cardio and have lost a stone. Cant help about gastric bypass sorry but hope find something that helps you


Some swear by a slice of lemon in water I’m on slimming world found this out in my group , I have PCOS and chiari malformation so limited to working out

I’m about to go and get mine today. I have hashimotos and several drs told me it world be a good idea. My heart can’t handle the yoyo anymore. I’m almost 40 and at high risk for a stroke or heart attack. Wish me luck!

I have pcos and hashimotos hypothyroidism and lost 50kgs on lazy keto just have to be determined enough to do it.


Have you tried low carb? And I mean less than 60 carbs a day? I’ve lost 30 lbs since June and 25 overall inches! Size 20 down to a size 12-14


I had the gastric band, best thing I’ve ever done, lost 5 stone since February. You just have to work along side it, stick to healthy eating, exercising, and it works a treat! It isn’t always easy, and can be mentally challenging, but is the best thing I’ve had done x

Try the injection ozempic. It is used to control type 2 diabetes but alot of people are using it for weightloss.
It’s basically the surgery in needle form.
I have lost 18kgs since May and my suger levels are perfect. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you do something less permanent!? A band?


My daughter had the gastric sleeve done 5 years ago and it helped her alot :blush:

Glad to see that other lady deleted her comments. Ignore idiots like her and do what feels right for you. No harm in giving things a go :cupid:


If calorie deficit isn’t working you are eating to many calories and in denial with yourself sorry to be blunt .


Get a personal trainer they will help you reach your goal :blush:


You can Google it I had a friend that had it done and I guess as long as you follow the rules you’ll be fine it’s a very strict after operation diet and stuff for months then your meals are going to be small and nutritious I believe you can’t just start eating a whole bunch of stuff because then your stomach will stretch and then you go back to where you started what you need to discuss it with your doctor and maybe Google and see what they have to say I Google everything I don’t take everything to heart but it’s a good place to start

Band is less medically perm in case it needs to be reversed, for instance a severe illness where medicine needs to be absorbed.


I was 21 when I had the VSG (vertical sleeve). My family was against it but the doctor looked at me and said I will eat myself to death if I don’t get the surgery. Fast forward 10 years, I’m anemic and need transfusions once a year and still can’t eat more than a few ounces. Surgery weight was 340, I now stay between 200-215, I never met goal weight but I’m happy :blush:

Yes, I had the sleeve done and lost over 200 lbs. I’m now really thin and it’s life changing. Best decision I ever made.

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I am 5 months post op from gastric bypass surgery. It is a strong misconception that surgery is the “easy” way out and that’s not the case at all. Having this surgery is very hard. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are a lot of steps and hoops to jump thru for insurance. Heart tests, mental evaluation, sleep study, etc. Everyone’s requirements are different of course depending on insurance and the doctor. It is also a fast/drastic change that if you don’t stick to can really make you sick in the end. So definitely do your research about what kind of surgery you would want. If you’re still not sure setup a consult with your primary and see a surgeon and they can definitely be more insightful about how the surgery will effect you and based on your weight and overall health which surgery they think will benefit you the most. After surgery people run into problems with their gallbladders, hair loss (severe), acid reflex, etc. So just make sure you do your research and make sure it’s something you really want to do.


I had it in 2014 due to diabetes. Let me 1st say that not one person’s weight loss journey is the same. That being said, my journey has been difficult. 1st 2yrs were great. 3rd yr, my body can no longer process meat protein so I’m now vegetarian. I am severely anemic, bone density has decreased, my teeth are not as healthy do to lack of calcium, I do take vitamins but it’s not enough even at max dose. So now 7yrs out, I’ve had a 50lb regain, still vegetarian almost vegan(stupid dairy), BUT I am no longer diabetic and even though I’ve dealt with all that BS, I do it all over again. Good luck in whatever you decide BUT make the decision for you, NOT for anyone else

Go see an endocrinologist if it’s hormones