Has anyone used booking.com?

I’m curious has anyone use booking.com to rent hotels compared to rent from hotels. We want to go on vacation this summer and plan ahead. TIA

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it’s my favorite. always use booking.

As someone who worked in a hotel, I dont advise using third parties to book. Third parties don’t always have the correct information when it comes to what is available at a given hotel, and there were times we had to turn 3rd party bookers away because we did not have the availability in what they booked for (and no contact information to alert the customer to this). Also when you boom with a 3rd party, your contract is with them, not the hotel, so any changes you would want to make to the reservation, you would have to make with them not the hot. Same with getting a refund.

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I use it all the time for hotel stays and have never had a problem and have used them to book a room for this coming weekend

I only use booking.com - You get discounts also the more you use it. I’ve booked hotels in Florida, Tennessee and New York. Best app :blush:

I did when we went to DC, saved a lot

Go directly through the hotel you plan to stay at. The one time I tried using a 3rd party to book we got entirely checked in and up to our room and noticed a bag already in it so we went to the desk and the room was occupied, one guy at the desk knew but the guy that brought us up apparently didn’t and they LET US IN!! this was peak covid too so to be in someone’s room around their stuff, just to be sent to find another hotel last minute was all stressful and weird tbh.