Has anyone used spermicide as birth control?

Any ladies on here use spermicide as a birth control . I been off birth control for awhile and have been doing really good. Recently had a scare but I was just late . Any pros or cons anyone can share. I’m in a committed long term relationship just trying to be a little more careful


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone used spermicide as birth control?mot

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I used it with fertility monitoring.

My niece is a spermicide baby :joy::skull:


They use it on condoms. No birth control is 100% though

Be more careful. Spermicide and a condom are best but nothing is 100%

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It’s not meant as a standalone. No birth control is meant as a standalone. But spermicide and pills are weak. If you’re trying to prevent pregnancy, you need multiple forms used (or if you’re absolutely not wanting pregnancy risk, hysterectomy or no sex).

Just spermicide alone isn’t that great at protection. It works best with a condom. I was looking at that option too and ya may as well have him just pull out :joy:

Seriously do not take chances if you are not prepared to have a child! Use any form if birth control you can, IUD, condoms, tying tubes, whatever will help. All children deserve to have a life that was wanted, nurtured and loved. That’s hard to provide if unexpected in some cases. Personally I tied my tubes, and my husband has a vasectomy. Plan ahead, I know I did and I am more than happy with my 2 children. I knew I didn’t want more. I didn’t want to trust another human with my fertility, I trusted myself.

Kids are amazing and it’s an incredible journey with them but once you are someone’s mother that fact never changes, you are a mother for life! I personally want to be the best one, I knew 2 was my limit.


My husband and I used it for years before we decided to start a family. Never failed us.

I would just go on birth control

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Spermicide doesn’t work

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Allergic reaction to spermicides.

Save yourself for Jesus :heart:


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Pull out method hasn’t done me wrong or better yet even condoms ! Birth control in my opinion is a hot mess for the body & ive never even considered it but from reading some past post IUD’s sound like a hot mess !!!

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Combine it with BBT and you should be fine.

BBT = basal body temperature, useful for tracking your cycles.