Has anyone wanted to leave but felt stuck?

Has anyone felt like they wanted to leave their husband, but feel stuck because of their child?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone wanted to leave but felt stuck?re

Yep! Dealing with it rn! Not only for the child but no place to go and no job/money.


I left because of my child. Didn’t want my baby becoming a monster like he was.


I did but was with with my ex wife… took me two years before I just walked away and took control of my life.

^second this. I left for my kids.
Weren’t married though.

Been through it. I think every parent feels this way when they want to leave the relationship.

Thankfully he wasnt my husband. But yes I really wanted to leave but would get told I needed to stay. Even when I ended things finally my exes mom would tell me that “once you became a mom your happiness and safety stops being important and you should stay anyways”

There’s a huge stigma about single mothers or coparenting and its engrained in our brains that it Makes us awful if we leave. Please dont make my mistake and stay for years, its okay and much more healthy for every person involved to walk away.


Yes. I did. But the circumstances surrounding the break up made it imperative for me to take the kids and go. I didn’t want my son to grow up to be an abuser and I didn’t want my daughter to grow up thinking that’s what to expect. Your situation might be different. You may not be faced with decisions like that. If that’s the case, sit down with your husband, tell him how you’re feeling and see if you can salvage the marriage somehow… therapy… however. If not, see if you can part on good terms. Move to a place close by, in the same school district. Then see if joint custody works. That way the child has equal access to both of you. Not ideal, but the best of both worlds.

How are working on the relationship before ending it? We live in such a disposable society. The problem is that many times we are just bringing the same issues with us when we just from one relationship to another. Therapy could help.


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Yep and then things got scary and I ran with both kids. Can’t say it’s 100% good rn. But it was better then being there, that’s for sure.

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Having a child is no reason to stay with someone.

It’ll be an adjustment for everyone, but your child will be better off seeing their parents happy and apart rather than unhappy and together.

Lol no when your ready you’ll find a way out even if it’s back with your parents for a few months to save up money to get you on place it just take time and patience

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yes every single day I’m at war with myself over it

My advice is to just leave. It’s not a healthy for a kid to grow up in!

You’ll always find away to figure it out. Don’t waste your life away being miserable with someone. A lot of the times the kids are better off without the other toxic parent around

Just remember children learn what they live