Has anyones 5-month-olds needed a helmet?

My five-month-old needs a helmet. I was wondering if any other moms have an opinion on them lol. I scared he is going to be uncomfortable fussy when wearing it or even bust my nose or his sisters swinging his big old head around lol. It just looks for any info you don’t think a doctor would mention or advice from personal experience. Also, if you could add, “ has anyone seen any issues with learning to crawl or walk with the helmet?”


Mine got his at 4 mos. Did fine. The earlier the better

One of my nieces had to wear one and she seemed fine after she got used to it. She did get cranky having to wear it during the summer because of the heat.

Do what you think is right…A helmet is good protection.

Veronica Alonso I feel you can share some great insight here :heart:

My daughter had one and she did fine once she got use to it

My son needed it. He was 4 months and wore it for 6 weeks. Never seemed to bother him. I think at that age they don’t really notice it. I was probably more upset about him having to wear it than him lol. It made a big improvement especially when see the progress pictures. We went to cranial technologies in Edison. They were all very nice and explained every step.

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You dont want your child to have a flat spot on headcant say it caused add or other learning problems butmy son had many. But he was born before they used helmets he sure needed one

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My son has one and it does not bother him at all! I honestly feel like my husband and I struggle with it more than he does

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My son at his first helmet appointment.


My son got one when he was around 4 or 5 months and he did really good with it. He still has it on at 10 months and they really do help babies heads. There is nothing to worry about. Now my son doesn’t like when we have to take it off lol

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My daughter had a helmet for a yr and she learned to walk crawl with it. At first it takes a while to get used to but my daughter has the best balance ever from it

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I had to fight with my son’s pediatrician to get his so he got it late at 11mos (age adjusted 9mos). He needed 4 degrees of correction and got 2.5. It’s not perfect but looks much better and, most importantly, his glasses fit correctly. His ears weren’t even before. It’s worse for the parents than the kids. He didn’t mind it at all. It’s good you’ll have it during the winter months but be prepared because it will still get stinky up in there.

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Was he diagnosed with Plagiocephaly? If it’s not resolved by 4 months Drs do recommend a helmet to help treat it. They start out wearing for only an hour or two at a time and work up to longer wearing times. Most babies don’t even notice it.

Mine did great with his. His brother had fun with it too :joy:


My Roo had one about 6/7 months. Settled with it no probs, adjusted fine when it came off. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! p.s. the smell at the end of the day :expressionless::rofl:

Wanted to share my experience:

I was told at 4 months that my son wld need a helmet. In Texas it is not covered by insurance since it is considered cosmetic. I highly HIGHLY recommend this product!!! This product got my son out of needing a helmet. We were told he might need 2. He wld need to wear it 23hrs a day and if he were to have a skin reaction we wld have to remove it until it went away. Therefore he may out grow the first one and may not see the results as effected. At 2500k each 1800k with assistance we were stuck. Then I came accross this! And it changed our life! A little info about it.

This product was invented by Dr. Jane who is also a pediatrition and mom of 4! She will work with you personally and call you to follow up to see progress. We wld send her monthly pictures. My son used it up until he was 8 months and wow the results were unbelievable! It is only 29.99 and can be ordered via Amazon.

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My son had one and it’s fine. If anything be happy it’s going into the cooler months. My son would drip sweat in his but it was August.
It was very obvious that my son needed the helmet. His head wasn’t flat to the back but to the side because of torticallis.

Here are a few before and after pics from my experience with the Tortle no helmet

My little man had one too. It didn’t really bother him at all once we were done the adjustment phase. They are super light, so I wouldn’t worry too much about getting headbutted. If your little one runs like a furnace, make sure you put some baby powder on his head to prevent chafing. It doesn’t last too long. If he has phagioencephaly, I’d recommend physio to lengthen his neck muscle on the side he turns too (unless the doc already did) that will help a lot too.

Yup my baby girl! Expensive but worth it!


Plenty of kids at my kiddos school have had then or still have them. It’s not a big deal it’s just to help make their skull round. I would also ask about maybe osteomanipulation for him, you’ll have to see a specialist for it since it’s a babies skull

We were afraid that my son would need one has he did have a flat spot and hated tummy time but our pediatrician told us often times it’s actually not nessicary and flat spot almost always goes away by the time they are 2. He said that a lot of neurologist actually do not recommend them unless the child has severe frontal disformation, he said he hasn’t put a kid in a helmet in 5 years. So we didn’t worry about it and we did tummy time as often as we could and he also had a jumper where he would be upright and not on his head. He will be 3 in November and his head is literally perfect. It had a definite flat spot when he was a baby tho for sure and his head is perfect and round now. It’s up to you and for sure take what your pediatrician says seriously but in our case we did not get a helmet and what my pediatrician said about it going back to normal by the time he was 2 was more than accurate.

So my LO was born with Torticollis and his head flatten severely by about 2 months. I spoke to his Ped around his 5mo mark about him getting a helmet and she was 100% against it. She told me he needs to be rolling and sleeping on his stomach because “it will eventually go back to normal once he does”…
Anywho, long fight with her but she finally caved and we got the helmet a little after 7mo. He was in it for about 4 months and went from 18.39mm to about 3.74mm.
He had no issues crawling, cruising furniture, learning to walk and getting into all the mischief he could. While these helmets look bulky, they pose no daily delays.
There’s also a huge “helmet” group here on FB, they were such a great support through our journey!


My son had the option to get one and we decided not to. Most of his issues fixed themselves. Unfortunately the issues that we would’ve wanted fixed, weren’t fixable by the helmet so we figured why bother. The doctor said it can bother them so unless they really need it it’s not really worth it. Good luck to you and your little :heart:

My little girl had one and we got it when she was 6 months old. I think I was more apprehensive about it than she was. The first few days it takes some time to get use to it but after that it just becomes the normal. I was more worried if she would have a problem going to sleep with it on but she had no issues with it at all. We had it on for about 4 months and she was done. Best decision we ever made and can completely tell the difference. I’m sure one day when she’s older and sees the before and after pics she will thank me as well also lol :joy:

What determines a baby to need a helmet? I have no clue as to what these are, our baby boy is 8 months old

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I was told when my daughter was 2 months that she would need one when she reached 6 months, then at 4 months it had corrected itself so no longer needed (LOTS of tummy time, so much so that she started crawling at 5 months) I would definitely have gotten it if needed though. I’ve nannied babies that had them, and I’d rather do what’s best for her, and make sure her head is shaped correctly as a baby, rather than have a teenager who hates me because I didnt want a helmet on them, and now their head is wonky.

When my son got his it took a few days for him to get used to it but they tell you to start off with an hour a few times a day when you first get it and work your way up to 23 hours a day. He was warring it full time in about 4 days so it didn’t take too long to adjust. Yes you will get hit in the face/head with it. Yes it will sometimes hurt and yes you will get over it lol. You will learn ways of avoiding being head butted with it just takes a little time and readjusting of the way you do something’s. Mine was a little slower meeting milestones but he always met them within the “normal” timeframe. They do sweat a lot and it can/will stink…make sure you clean/wipe it down every night! You will both adjust just fine!

My now 9 month old son has had to wear one since he was 4 months old.(My son was an extreme case due to being premature, most babies don’t have to wear it that long) It has been a long hard 5 months at times, but for the most part they get used to it and forget it’s there. Alot of times I think it bothers me more than it does it my son and I have to constantly remind myself that’s its only for a short period in his life and that I’m doing it for his own good. With the “back to sleep” campaign it is very common nowadays. We are hoping this Thursday when we see the Dr. That we will be done with it. Good luck!

My son had one around the same time ! It’s amazing how it works too but make sure you clean it daily or least every other day cuz it starts to smell from their head getting sweaty! After the first two days my son wasn’t bother by it it’s just the getting use too. My son never had any problems with any of the milestones cuz of it either! The only problem I had was people staring or asking what’s wrong w him but this was two years ago and I feel so many more babies are wearing them now and it’s out there too

My son had to wear a helmet but he was four years old he had to have surgery on his ears to have cartlidges put in his ears and because of having surgery or something like that done with your ears you lose all equilibrium therefore he had to wear a football helmet because he could not sit up by himself walked by himself or anything until he healed and that lasted a couple of weeks I believe I don’t know why your child has to wear a helmet but if you had surgery it would be very important to know that his equilibrium is off I really can’t say much more without knowing the reason he has to wear the helmet