Has anyones 5 year old complain of stomach pain?

Does anyone have experience with a 5 year old having constant tummy aches? It’s been ongoing since February and seems to be happening daily to every 2-3 days. She has normal, regular bowel movements and I’ve increased fiber in her diet and have been keeping a food diary. I can’t pinpoint one food being the issue. She says it “feels like the bugs are pinching her” and it’s usually around her belly button. Sometimes she cries and it hurts her for hours, sometimes it only lasts 15 minutes.


Any other behavioral changes? Could it be anxiety?

I’ve had sudden gas cramps my whole life, sometimes it can be sharp like pin needles.

My daughter’s anxiety always presents its self as a headache or stomach ache. We did therapy and she’s been good since

Is she having chewable vitamins? My kids had tummy pain with certain brands

Wow. Should have been to the doctor already. Has she been around anyone new or different?

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Have her checked for Celiac

Why hasn’t she been seen by a Dr by now? What are you waiting for?

Have you had her checked out by a doctor?

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Getting abused/bullied by teachers at school?