Has anyones baby had heart surgery right after birth?

I just found out that my baby’s heart valves are switched around. The baby will have to go into surgery, most likely right away. I’m so scared! This is our last baby, and we just don’t know what’s going to happen. Any kind words would be nice or experiences, please.


Hope you all go on ok x speedy recovery for your little on x God bless you x

My mom had open heart surgery a week after she had my brother. It’s a tough recovery but you’ll get through just fine! Sending good vibes y’all’s way :black_heart:

My daughter had heart surgery as a baby…(7 months) but not right after birth.

Rändom Pérson.! Her youngest had heart surgery after birth and she will be 7 next month! She’s one of the brightest and most intelligent kid I know! Her mom is always open for talking to people and giving great advice! She’s literally never met a stranger send her a dm

Prayers for you and your sweet little one! May God wrap his hands around your baby, may he be a guide to the doctors to fix that little heart, may his light and hands be on you and the rest of your family for comfort and peace. Amen​:pray::heart:

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Mine had open heart surgery at 3 days its tough to go through but it’ll be ok. Stay strong


My granddaughter had heart surgery six hours after she was born. The doctors walked us through what they were doing and gave us updates all the time and it worked out well

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Join a fb group called heart kids they have lots of helpful people

Not heart surgery but my son went into his first surgery at 25 hours old. Take a notebook and record everything. You will forget things they say. Wear something comfortable to the hospital, those chairs get very uncomfortable. Bring a pillow and blanket for your own comfort. Bring a word search or a good book. You will need the distraction.
Now my daughter did have open heart surgery at 14 weeks old. But it’s so much different than them going right after birth.

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Yes. My daughter had a VSD and coartation of aorta repair at 3 days old with several holes in aorta. 9 hour surgery! Scary for sure. Then they keep the chest open and covered for 24 hours and keep baby in a coma. No holding the baby for a week after surgery. Tough time. Probably will have a g tube put in before goes home you will have to learn to clean and use bc surgery and tube feeding messes up bottle feeding. However, my daughter got through it,stayed in the NICU for a month after for recovery, and went home a happy,chubby baby. She is now 7 years old and completely healthy.

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My son had heart surgery after birth! He was born with aortic stenosis! He’s 4.5 now and you would never know! Healthy and smart! Here he is with my youngest

It’s natural to worry!! I was one of those babies too! I had a PDA repair, murmur closures and valve repair. Now I’m 31 years old, have always lead a normal life and have children of my own :heart::pray:

My son had heart surgery a day after birth and 2 more surgeries before 4yo. He is 24 now and no problems till this day.:crossed_fingers:t2::pray:t2:

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My sister has surgery at 6 days or for coarctation of the aorta & open heart surgery at 5 month old

Not yet, my youngest (9 months) is scheduled for surgery the end of June

I have no experience with this personally. All I can say is stay strong momma and I will keep you and the baby in my prayers. I cant imagine how scared you must be. Be sure to find you a good support system to learn on during these hard times.

It will be alright, your baby will be fine. Mine had PDA surgery @ 3 months old. Definitely the scariest moment of my life. She’s 6 now. Stay strong. Sending you prayers.

Prayers for complete healing of your little one in Jesus name Amen :pray:

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My little girl had transposition of the great arteries where the two main arteries are the wrong way round. She had her open heart surgery at 6 days old and now she’s a perfectly healthy 3 year old. Wish you the best :sparkling_heart:

I do not know what you are going through, but im thinking of you dear. Stay strong

Prayers for your family my Zackery was born in 1993 with transposition of great arteries and hypoplastic left heart syndrome he was 10 days old 1 st surgery 6 months old second surgery and one and a half with 3 rd surgery that was called the Norwood procedure back then with a Fontana surgery he didn’t need another one til he was 12 years I’m sure they came up with a lot of other procedures with technology. This was very scary my other 2 children where completely healthy and had genic test done was no know reason. These surgeries worked for us but it was a lot of ups and downs not trying to scare anyone just wish someone could of prepared me. But it was worth it for my Zackery :heart:


Prayers for your Little one and Momma too.:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

My baby has had 3 open heart surgeries, his first one at 9 days old because he was missing a valve (truncus arteriosus) so they had to put one in. He recovered well and can do anything any other kid can do. He’s 7 now (:


Prayers go out to you

I had open heart surgery after birth in 1979 and 1984…feel free to message me with questions or just to vent! I’m 42 now with 4 kids! Prays to you and your family

I had bosses who found out when they’re baby was a week old he had a heart condition and had surgery a few days later . He’s now a very happy and healthy 16 year old. Good luck

My brother had open heart surgery when he was like an hour old. He had a hole in his heart. He’s now 25 and doing great!

My daughter had open heart surgery at 2 days old, now 24. She was born with out valve.

My bf had this done when he was born 29 years ago. It’s risky of course but after 30 years of this I truly believe there are much better off :heart:

They do surgery in the womb now too! There are pediatric cardiologists who specialize in just this, so trust you are in good hands. Look at statistics. You may find this surgery to be very successful and ease your mind. The plus is that your baby will likely not remember any of it and any scar will be minimal as your baby grows. Surround yourself with people who will see to YOUR comfort from now until your baby is completely recovered. You are recovering too! Might even ask your docs for pills to help with anxiety in the short term if you will not be breastfeeding. Be glad we live in a time when we have the know-how and technology to fix this. Use whatever spirituality you have to help deal too. Maybe stress balls and fidget spinners would help too. Hugs! :heart:

I know if 3 done is 32 40 and 28 great peoples

My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Praying the lord gives you peace and strength during this time. In the name of Jesus I pray the baby be healed. Amen

Prayers to you and your family… :two_hearts: