Has anyones child had a birth defect due to taking anti-depressants during pregnancy?

Long story short … has anyone else taken antidepressants during conception and pregnancy and been diagnosed with birth defects due to? We are being diagnosed with VACTERL association. They’re also saying my little guy is going through antidepressant withdraw. Similar experiences? I’m beside myself with guilt.


Please don’t guilt urself things happen. Everything will work out exactly how it’s going to. U got this ur strong. I’m always here if u need a friend .

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I know it’s hard but try not to feel guilty. You did what you needed to do to stay healthy. The baby will get through this.

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Its hard to see that and why I stayed off mine when pregnant. That said many women have perfectly healthy and happy babies when on medications like that. The withdrawals are hard on them though but they will be ok. Just hang in there mama!

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Did the doctor tell you to not take it during pregnancy? Bc if you did it against it than idk what to say. Bc some anti depressants are deadly to babies. And doctors would have advised all of this if you were honest about what you were on. In sorry.


I am now 6 months pregnant and literally white knuckling it through because I stopped my anti depresseants. If you can safely take them I would reccomend you do. There are a number of medications that are safe to take during pregnancy. I wasn’t aware that mine were safe so just quit and I regret it big time.

I just saw another mom post an almost identical question in a mom group I’m in! But please don’t feel guilty you had to take care of yourself mentally too! You did NOTHING wrong. Sending healing vibes for you little one :heart:

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I’ve been through with drawl. I was taking Zoloft but I had a rare side effect that caused me to hallucinate voices and music. I withdrew for weeks and it was torture. Can’t imagine a baby going through that.

There are safe antidepressants you can take while pregnant and any doctor in their right mind would’ve taken you off of yours if it wasn’t safe. What happened? Idk what to say. Hope your baby withdrawals quickly and safely. Don’t feel guilty. Every antidepressant comes with risks, but it’s not your fault.

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I’m not bashing anyone where are you this is why you do research on every medication you’re taking while pregnant they had me on an antidepressant when I was pregnant with my son that could’ve severely hurt my son or could I give him a cleft palette or lip and Could of made his heart stopped growing

And to answer your question, my friends son was born addicted and he went through withdrawl too. He’s 8 now and a great kid, but he is intellectually slower than his age. He’s around 4 intellectually. All things considered, he is physically healthy. So, don’t stress if you don’t have to. Wait and see. Don’t feel guilty. Sometimes things like this happen and I’m sure you would’ve stopped had you known there would be issues.

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I was on Prozac for my whole second pregnancy. No issues with my son and zero withdrawal. I took a very low dose though

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Usually doctors will tell u what is safe and not to take. Sorry ur going threw this keep ur head up

I’m taking Cipralex at just 10mg but my doctor told me it was fine to continue. I am almost 30 weeks and now you have me concerned… I mean don’t feel guilty if your doctor told you it was fine to continue.

My Dr advised me not to take my antidepressants during pregnancy.


there are risks associated with all sorts of things. Driving in a car carries risks but it’s still necessary to get to places. Eating certain foods and drinking alcohol can carry risks, taking any sorts of drugs…
If you needed to take antidepressants then that is what you needed. It’s about balance - the chance of birth defects are incredibly low… the chance of danger to the baby from stress caused by the mother’s anxiety/depression could be higher. There are antidepressants which are considered safer to take during pregnancy than others - and the vast majority of people are able to take antidepressants without any adverse effect on the baby. But everything carries risk - or a chance of something unwanted.
Please don’t feel guilty. You did what you had to do, what was right at the time. I hope you get all the support you need.
You will get through this.
Big hugs

I didn’t take anything but my baby was still born with VACTREL. If u want u can send me a friend request. Don’t blame yourself.

My mom took them wen pregnant from my brother and we think he has something too

There is no evidence that antidepressants cause birth defects but I still stopped taking mine. I didn’t want to chance it.

I took my antideprassents when i was pregnant they just lowered my dose from 100mg to 50mg i was already on one of the ones they deem safe, some they dont advise as there hasnt been enouhh research in to it during pregnancy but ur doc shouldve went theough all the info with you and adv u of risks. Dont feel guilty or beat urself up love. Xx

This is a NO GUILT zone! Your mental health is VITAL to your baby! Sending prayers :heart:


Not me personally - but I know someone who took abilify throughout her pregnancy and her son was born with webbed toes and fingers. That’s all. Nothing else happened.

I took a low dose of Zoloft. When my son was born he was shaking (looked like he was cold) for about a day afterwards. Totally fine today. You do what you need to do to care for yourself as well.

No, but i will say I did stop taking mine bc I’m scared of this happening. But I am struggling.

I didn’t take any medications while pregnant and my son was born with multiple birth defects, one being a heart/lung defect. Birth defects are increasing acrossthe planet, whether you’re on medication for anything or not. Don’t blame yourself, just enjoy that little boy. He picked you to be his mama for a reason!

I took antidepressants during my entire pregnancy and my son was perfect! Do what is best for you under doctor recommendation obviously

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I had my baby boy at 27 weeks and he withdrew off my anti depressants for nearly two weeks :cry: it was horrible to watch considering he was so tiny too. And yes there is no guilt to be had you have to physically and mentally well to be able to be the best mum that you can. Having said that it doesn’t take the feeling away. Sending love and good vibes your way :heart:

I took Prozac my entire pregnancy and while breast feeding. My son turned out perfect.

Do your own research and compare it with your OB’s findings and then formulate a plan…I’m proud of you mama for taking care of yourself❤️

I was on sertraline during my last pregnancy and i have a 15 month old who is perfect. No defects certainly nothing wrong with her growing or development infact shes well advanced for her age. Only thing is she doesnt sleep on a night but thats due to me being so worried after loosing my baby girl before her. They like to keep you prepared for the worst. I was told all sorts of bad things because of my previous pregnancy and she is perfect. Dont blame yourself your just looking after yourself and baby is going to need you more then anyone else so thats understandable.
Your already a good mum for worrying. Like the above post do some research and if it makes you feel better by not taking them anymore make sure you speak to your doctor first and get a plan together. Good luck and get some sleep your going to need it haha :heart::sleeping:

I wouldnt feel guilty. Your doctor should have switched you to a pregnancy friendly treatment plan. A lot of antidepressants are dangerous during pregnancy. Id consider going after your doctor for malpractice. But thats just me.

Hopefully your little one gets better and the rest of your pregnancy is healthy.


Not anti depressants but I took zofran with my first and she ended up with some physical disabilities. Shes 6yrs old now happy and healthy for now. Shes had 2 surgeries so far and possibly more. But honestly I wouldnt change a thing. The mom guilt was bad the first year or two but iv learned that I cant blame myself. I did what was best for myself and baby during my pregnancy to make sure she was able to come into this world. I made the choice not to go after the dr because I wouldnt change anything I did. However when she is older if she wants she can go after the company that makes the medicine. In our case there has been plenty of class action lawsuits that came out against zofran after my little was born.


I took venlafaxine during my second pregnancy and my little guy is perfectly healthy so they should have just switched what you were taking for your pregnancy

I took zofran and the only child I took it while pregnant was born with cleft lip and palate

I think everyone’s situation is different. I was on antidepressants from conception on. They tried to switch me to pregnancy friendly options but they just did not work. After consulting with my drs we decided it was best to go back on my old antidepressant. My baby had a little withdrawal but other than that perfectly healthy. I never knew zofran had issues either and I was on that for like half the pregnancy as well. I was to sick to function so I had to be on it just so I could keep some food down and not feel like death. But my daughter had no issues from that either. Just do what’s best for you, get second opinions if needed and do your own research too!

I stayed on 20 mg Citalopram and my babe was perfectly healthy!

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I think I took Zofran while pregnant for anti-nausea because I was sick the entire pregnancy. I had an abruption at 34 weeks and my daughter spent a month in the NICU, but no long term side effects. She’s a little high-strung and has some anxiety attacks, but no birth defects.

I was on antidepressants and trazodone during conception and pregnancy and while my son wasn’t born with birth defects it would make sense why his first few days were totally awful :confused:

Sure wouldnt let myself get pregnant if i was suffering from depression. Not fair to what the child will go thru living with a sick parent.


My little one was born not breathing and needed intervention which they said was from SSRI’s. My doctor and I both agree that I would not likely have carried babe to term if I was not on the meds because mental health is real and it’s not your fault! You would not blame yourself if you were diabetic and needed insulin. No difference here. I’m sorry this is happening for you

My son had withdrawal. I was advised to breast feed to help him with it. He didn’t cry for the first 2 weeks. Just squeaked and shiverred. Perfectly healthy 3 year old now

I was on multiple medications with my first, I found out I was pregnant around 3.5 months. I stopped taking everything and let myself suffer to be sure my little one was fine, my dr told me everything was fine to take during pregnancy but when I spoke with the pharmacy they told me everything was a class C l, so it wasn’t actually tested.

My son had withdrawal unfortunately. I was taking Zoloft at that time. The risks were bigger if I had gone off of it completely.

I was on seroquel and didn’t know I was pregnant until 11 weeks. At that point I was told to continue taking it because the withdrawals could cause miscarriage. We were told my daughter may have down syndrome during genetic testing. She does not have down syndrome and has no noticable birth defects or genetic issues. However she did have withdrawals from the seroquel. She had shakes and slept even more than the usual newborn. It was about 1.5 weeks of withdrawal. Now she is a happy healthy 2 year old and I haven’t noticed any lasting effects.

My doctor told me it was safe to take my pills but my son was born addicted and went through withdrawals it was horrible to sed

I was also on sertraline during my whole pregnancy with my second. I had untreated postpartum anxiety with my first that caused major panic attacks. I was informed that my second would go through withdrawal the first couple weeks after birth. It was a toss up for which was worse, panic attacks can also affect a baby and stress them out.

However, when he was born he didn’t seem extra fussy. Just hungry. Now at 3 months old he is my champion eater who sleeps through the night and smiles all the time. His doctor checkups are all normal.