Has anyones IUD fell out?

Has anyone had their IUD fall out of their body?! My dr’s office hasn’t called me back but should I be worried? Cramping and heavy bleeding. Wasn’t sure where else to ask


I had three and all three came out. Longest was in a couple months. Shortest was five mins. I was still on the table legs in the air but I had very heavy periods which is why they said to get a coil. One gush and good bye coil. Make sure to see a Dr to check it didn’t tear anything on the way out

Yes… mine did less then 3 months after getting it. I wasn’t bleeding and there was mild cramping. It was literally minutes before my son’s Christmas program. Called the er and they told me to get in the bath and pull it the rest of the way out. So after the program I did

Yup… I was mid cycle and it just fell out. Dr said it could happen. I had it in for less than 3 years (copper)

I apparently just lost mine after only having it for a few weeks… first period after getting it and lost it… period went from somewhat normal to very heavy bleeding and cramps… definitely see your Dr as soon as you can. Good luck

Mine did In 2019

The doctor who placed it told me not to be surprised if i found it in the toilet

Never fell out but I did remove it myself.
I don’t think having one fall out is an emergency unless you’re having serious side effects.

Mine fell out in a massive blood clot like the size of my hand horrible cramping made it almost a year

These stories are horrific. You all are tough women.

Mine had fallen but when I went to the doctors they said it didn’t fall out but was almost and wasn’t preventing me from getting pregnant they took it the rest of the way out I had heavy bleeding and cramping and got pregnant the same day it was removed. You’re extremely fertile once it’s out so just be careful.

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I got the stomach flu and mine came out when I was puking lmao I called and they said as long as I wasnt actively bleeding just be sure to use a different form of birth control for now lol

Yea it happen to me and I lost a lot of blood. Had to get. D&C and 2 bags of blood

Mine fell out of place and got stuck in the cervical canal. Hurt like hell when they took it out.

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Yes. And no clue how because I never saw it. Did scans and everything. Lost forever.

After having been in for a month, I had an extremely sharp pains and I had to get it surgically removed because I had poked a hole in my uterus and then after that I read the fine print and it happens to 1%