Has anyonr gotten pregnant on the IUD?

Anyone ever gets pregnant with an IUD? I have had this one for a year (I had one for five years prior). Last week I started spotting (I haven’t had a period in years), and I feel sick to my stomach with a headache and pain in my ribs. I did drink Saturday, but no hangover or anything, and I didn’t think anything about even remotely questioning pregnancy till a friend just said something.


My friend got pregnant with an IUD.

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Yep twice take a test and go to the dr asap if you are 💁🏻‍♀

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Yes, 37 years ago. Get checked.

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Yes ,my son was born with it in his hand

:raising_hand_woman: 17 weeks pregnant with IUD!! Did not have any symptoms!!

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I did, ended up miscarrying

I did! My daughter just turned one

Yes. He’s 3. But I had issues with it and had even had my OB check placement and everything “looked” fine.

Yes I did and I ended up with a son he’s now 9

Nope. Had mine in for 4 years took it out last March 2019 and got pregnant in April 2020

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Nope. But I did start spotting on the Mirena after 3 years of no bleeding at all. Ended up having to take it out just cause, for some unknown reason, my body started to reject it :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I never have. I get like that when I’m having my period, which is mostly hormonal now and less of the bleeding. in fact I very rarely spot, but I get period symptoms! Like headaches and nausea etc.

I got pregnant with my son on the paragard. He is almost 9 months now. I started having my tell tell signs of pregnancy and took a test. They did an ultrasound and I was 5-1/2 weeks

Yes my daughter is 13. But my pregnancy was more of a shock. I had also had my tubes tied.


Had two IUDs and never got pregnant on either one

Has it possibly shifted…

My tenant had twins while she had an iud

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A friend of mine did!

Not with it in, but I got pregnant the day I took it out with sperm that was already present. That resulted in a miscarriage though.

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I haven’t but my sister did.

I personally didn’t but my cousin did get pregnant with an IUD. She is now a healthy, beautiful 10 year old.

Yes i did. Had my surprise baby on 8 July 2020

The IUD has been 100% effective for me. I had one before I conceived my daughter and had one immediately after I had my daughter. I love the paragard. Works amazing

3 out of 4 kids for me and the first was on birth control :woman_facepalming:t4:

This really happened 51 years ago when I gave birth to my son. One of the women who gave birth the same night he was born. Apparently she went into labor the week before and “ delivered “ her IUD! She delivered her son a week later. This occurred 51 years ago Friday! It was a military hospital in Washington State

I am on iud #3 my first one I didn’t have a period the whole time. My second one after 2 years I started to spot alot and then I would bleed very heavy for 3 weeks and spot for one week. Turns out I had a large cyst. Each situation is different so call your doctor


I stated spotting on the IUD 2 years after insertion because it had moved, I had spotting and cramps, the Dr. Removed after I had an ultrasound done.

I had it after having my third child and I got pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was five months along. My tubes have been tied for fifteen years, no problems with that!!

I have an iud and I still get my period regularly. If you just had it switched I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Your body knows something is foreign and it will try to fight it. Spotting is normal. Take the test 30 days from when you think you could have gotten pregnant to be safe!!!

yes i personally know someone that got pregnant in her tubes with a IUD ,miscarried & was hospitalized for days afterwards.very scary situation!

I’d get a test and definitely call doctor either way in case it’s moved. I do think tubal pregnancy is high risk with them though.

Best thing to do is take a test. If its positive get seen right away to make sure its not a tubal. If its negative call your dr if you want but sometimes you do still spot or bleed with IUDs

Yes , I got my handsome son aged 16 now , my IUD was in place - no problems , Dr said he was one in a million !

Yes she is about to turn 7. My iud had migrated and I became pregnant, had to have it surgically removed after delivery.

Me I was one 41 years ago it cost my mom her uterus it embedded in the wall

It happened to my daughter. Her IUD had started to fall out and she had no idea, she got pregnant and subsequently had a miscarriage.

My cousin got pregnant with the IUD. When her baby was born the baby pushed the IUD out, it was on his forehead


Contraception isn’t 100%…if you’re questioning pregnancy definitely take a test. Even with tubal ligation or salpingectomy (tubes being removed)…take a test if you think you could be pregnant. If the urine tests are coming back negative but you still have that feeling you can request a blood test from your PCP or OB. If the tests come back positive contact your OB ASAP to be sure it’s not ectopic/tubal & that your IUD is in place & fully intact.

I have a friend who’s IUD fell out without her noticing when she was on her period, with the kids in the bathroom fussing around she didnt see it in the toilet and fell pregnant

If you think you might be pregnant take a test…

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I got pregnant with the IUD, was extremely shocked but very happy with my blessing who will be 5 yrs old next month♥️

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My step mom got pregnant with my little brother with one. They had to wait a while to remove it to make sure he didn’t attach to it first

I did lost the baby though, followed by more miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. Make an appt if you think you could be.

When I had mirena I started getting sick and had severe cramps turned out to be ovarian cysts

I did and I have a beautiful 6 year old.

Take a test. If you still have pain I would get into your gyn. It could have perforated your uterus.

Absolutely I know a bunch of woman who have conceived with an iud

Yes. My mom had one placed after having me. I have a sister 2 years younger than me. Hers migrated.

I never have but know a couple ppl that have got pregnant while having an IUd

My sister did and had a tubal pregnancy and almost lost her life

I did. My 11th child!

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I did! Had my son 15 months after I had my daughter.

My friend had a tubal pregnancy with her iud

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I have had an IUD for 8 years for cramps AND my tubes are burned. I have had occasional spotting and cramps, obviously not pregnant. Check with your Dr

My mother in law did…twice.

My daughter is pregnant right now with her IUD baby

My ex sister in law did

I never got pregnant on one but it would often make me feel like I was pregnant. I would go get a test just to be sure. No birth control is 100%

Had a tubal pregnancy just about died. Because I
Of the damage done to my other tube had another tubal pregnancy. I would take it out immediately and check to s if your pregnant.

I didn’t but they do say it is a possibility

I got pregnant with an IUD, doctor removed it and said I had a 50% chance of a miscarriage but I carried him full term.

My son is an iud baby. Life finds a way

I had a iud for 1 a year and 2 days after getting it out i got pregnant, yes my dr told me nothing 100%, call your Dr

Go take a pregnancy test…then you will have your answer.

I would think she would go get a pregant test

My cousin did. She had twins.

I got pregnant with a tubal done

I did…twice. They’re now 5 and 3.

This baby right here😂


My iud baby will be six months soon.

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Yup I got pregnant with a copper IUD

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I never got pregnant on mine, but it caused me to bleed for 9 months, then when my dr finally decided 9 months worth of bleeding was enough she had me come in and have it took out. I haven’t been able to get pregnant again and it’s been 10 years. Also, I have a new dr and that bitch got lawsuits up the ying yang

HELLO… Go to the doctor

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I know lots of people who have