Has this happened to anyone else with an early ultrasound?

I went to my ultrasound today; I had to have an early one because I’m high risk. The ultrasound tech said I’m about five weeks and four days there was a sac but no yolk. Has this happened to anyone else? My doctor hasn’t called me yet, saying she looked at it. But I’ve read u usually have a yolk but 5.5 to 6 weeks. My HCG levels have been doubling and more like they are supposed to, and I’m not bleeding or anything like the last baby I lost.


I had that at 7 weeks. No bleeding either. Unfortunately it ended in miscarriage and no d&c. Looks like it can develop around 9 weeks though

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Same thing happened to me. Doc just said I was “barely pregnant” lol Kept doing weekly ultrasounds until we saw more! Don’t worry, I’m sure everything is just fine!

Doesn’t sound like it if your hcg is rising maybe earlier than though just

Don’t stress to much about it

That’s really early to see anything on ultrasound. My first we saw at 5 weeks and 4 days and the doctors were saying there was no heartbeat and that i would be having a miscarriage within a week. My son is 5 now. Give it some time to show up!


Yes happened to me. Sometimes initial dating is wrong

Yes it’s early so normal.

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I had that happen and we finally seen a yolk sac at about 6 weeks and then a baby around 8 weeks

Same thing happened to me with my second! I got a second ultrasound at 7 weeks and all was good. :relaxed:

Try not to worry!

I saw the same at 5 weeks and went back 2 weeks later and everything was fine! I know it’s hard but just try to relax if you can until your next check-up

Yes happened to me and I’m now 12 weeks along and everything is great good luck to you

I did. I panicked as I 2 previous miscarriages in the same year. I had to go in & get my blood drawn. It seemed like forever but was probably 2 weeks. The drs office called & said my levels were increasing. Dr did an internal u/s. We saw baby & heard her heartbeat! She’s 8 now. Try not to stress out. Early ultrasounds are tricky. Embryo is so tiny. Dr will know from other info from the u/s & blood work if it’s a viable pregnancy. You would’ve gotten a call by now if you miscarried.

Before 6 to even 8 weeks it can be difficult for them to see anything, as baby is so tiny. This is very normal. Don’t freak out just yet (I know easier said than done) and try to remain calm.
They really need to start explaining to poor people about this. They have to know it freaks people out to wonder if baby is there or not.

Wait until about 10 weeks and then check if there’s a yolk. By then baby should be quite visible for them to find.

Edit to add: I say further along because you could be earlier than they believe, as they tack on 2 weeks and they never truly know how far along exactly. So it’s estimated. Good luck!

We didn’t see anything until after 8 weeks. :heart:

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That happened with us with our, now, happy healthy 7 month old. We were just too early with the ultrasound. We waited 10 days and then had another scan and it looked great. Good luck momma

Yes, and everything turned out fine at the following ultrasound. The waiting was agonizing.

Happened to me to went back for another ultrasound and everything was fine now I have a beautiful 7 month old daughter

Yep! Couldn’t see my last baby at 5 weeks, but HCG was doubling as it should’ve. Went back at 7 weeks and they could see her. She’s the first one that’s taken that long to appear lol x

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I had this. Went for a scan the week later and there was baby with a heartbeat. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant :slight_smile: x

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going thru the SAME right now but have a 4.5 yr old boy bouncing on my chair who we didn’t see anything with until bout 7 weeks I am also high risk n other serious complications and other than him being 7 weeks early he is perfect in every sense dont stress too much hun give it a couple weeks

I had this happen also, my son is now 11

We had our first can at 5 weeks as a dating scan, their was literally nothing there yet but it gave us a more accurate due date

Absolutely! When I was around 5wks there was a sac but no egg. He’s now a beautiful, healthy 2yr old. :heart:

That’s exactly what happened to me, they made me come back 3 weeks later to try again and there was a tiny little soybean with a fluttering little heartbeat. She turned three this year. I know it’s impossible but try not to stress. Love and light :black_heart:

This happened to me with one of my pregnancies. Went back 2 weeks later and they were able to see the yolk sac and fetal pole. Sometimes it just takes time to show up on the ultrasound. If your hcg levels are rising it’s a good sign that everything is probably ok and you just need to wait a little longer then do another scan.

Same thing happened to me at about 5 weeks. I did another ultrasound at 8 weeks and everything was fine! Best of luck momma!

Same happened for me and dr said it wouldn’t b a viable pregnancy and I should think about termination :frowning: 2 weeks later saw the baby and heartbeat! 11 years trying for baby #2 & he is now almost 3!

I also had this happen. Was told that my body would naturally abort. I cried my eyes off that night. The next morning I went to a specialist and she did a repeat ultrasound. I was fine. It was the timing of the ultrasound that caused it to look like that. Try not to worry and get a second opinion if you have a hard time waiting. Best wishes on your precious baby. I was told I was not supposed to be able to have kids at all. I have 2 now. Merry Christmas

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It happened to me. I was 6 weeks and wanted me to abort the pregnancy because they said it would be ectopic and I told them I wanted to wait and see if baby forms and she showed up on my 9 week ultrasound. 7 months later my daughter was born. Shes gonna be 16 years old next month.


According to my reading it’s about 5 weeks before that sack is seen. If it was abnormal, the tech prolly wouldn’t have said anything. Did they detect a heartbeat? Early like this the timing can vary a little bit, depending on when implantation takes place etc. My Dr (I was an IVF patient) always waited until 6 weeks. He said because there’s not alot to see earlier yet. If your numbers are doubling, that’s a really good thing! I’d try to be patient and wait on the Dr. So many things can be going on at this point.


I went in for an ultrasound sound at 7 weeks and there was nothing on the ultrasound. When i went back 2 weeks later I was 9 weeks pregnant. I would get another ultrasound in a couple weeks. ( easier said than done, I know)

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I was only 2 weeks pregnant at my first ultra sound but based on my first day of my prior period I should have been 8. Needless to say they had me do a follow up two weeks later and found a heartbeat but no yolk or anything but the sack still. Dr told me my test never should have even tested positive with how early it was. I had to do an ultrasound every two weeks for my first trimester to monitor the embryo and a blood clot right next to the placenta in my uterus. Wound up with 2 ultrasounds in my second trimester then every two weeks again in my third because I developed gestational diabetes. I had more ultrasounds in my one pregnancy then most people have in 3 or 4. My son is almost 7 and a half and they couldn’t find his tiny self even though there was a heartbeat until about 9 weeks. Don’t lose hope just yet.

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Sugar, don’t borrow trouble! Give it time. It will be what it is either way. Prayers for you!


Don’t get worried unless the dr gets concerned! Just TRY to relax and enjoy life!
Being high risk, you’ll probably have at least one or two more ultrasounds before delivery!

Yes! I went in at 6 weeks and 4 days and had only the sac! Had to cancel my following appointment a week later since ny husban travels and we was gone, but my next appointment at 9 weeks. Not only was there a heart beat but 2 hands and her little feet were still like a tadpole lol!


I just had a ultrasound at 7 weeks and my ob had a hard time seeing anything we saw the sac but nothing else and she wasn’t worried at your next appointment your doctor will probably want to do another ultrasound to see if anything has changed

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Is the sac round? If so, it’s probably not a blighted Ovum. And if your counts are normal don’t consent to a D&C yet. The same thing happened to me at 7 weeks. Sac…no baby, no yolk…nothing. Thankfully my OB didn’t jump the gun. Many women have tilted uteruses and no matter which way the ultrasound beam scans, it can’t get a full picture.

Same thing happened to my daughter, she’s 21 weeks pregnant with a healthy girl but had the same diagnosis as you early on xx

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My first pregnancy (due June 2020) I ended up having to have a D&C. Found out I was pregnant, confirmed it with Women’s Care Center, went to my 6 week appointment, couldn’t find a heartbeat, followed up with my OB a week later and still no heartbeat, waited 4 weeks for it to pass naturally but it didn’t do had to schedule the D&C. Most horrible feeling going through all the symptoms but knowing nothing will be viable. Now I just had my first baby on Halloween 2020.


Try to breathe and relax. I know easier said than done. Wait a few weeks and schedule another ultrasound.


This can be very normal as it is so early-wait and see at next scheduled ultrasound maybe?

Yup. Was then subsequently told by the doctor that I needed a D&C. I declined and SURPRISE! It was a boy. He’s 3.5, perfectly healthy, and currently making a massive mess in my livingroom. Early ultrasound is notoriously unreliable.


You know when I had my daughter in 1977 you would only have an ultrasound if the doctor thought there was actually a medical reason for one. Maybe they need to go back to that ideology. Stop putting expectant mom’s into panic for no good reason unless there actually is a potential problem. And I know you are high risk. So was my daughter but she was healthy and she had her first ultrasound at the beginning of her second trimester.


This is why technicians should not give any report to a patient. Let the drs. tell them


I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks. I was told that the sac was empty and that I should get a D and C. Thank the Lord I did not act on that advice. I decided that if I was going to miscarry, so be it, but I was not going to do anything hasty. Two weeks later I had another ultrasound and I was able to see a strong heartbeat. My son is 37 and he is the father of two precious sons💗


I was really late yolk sac at 7 weeks n fetal pole was late too

It can be to early to see anything even at 5.5 weeks. Try to relax and just be as stress free as you can.

I showed a sac with no fetal pole or cardiac activity twice over 2 weeks. But that baby will be 12 in July.


Yes. I had one and all you could see was the sac. I went back two weeks later and you could see the yolk

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With my last I had to come back a week or two later because it was like that at 5 weeks

Trust in the Lord and Lean not on your Understanding. Give it a little time. Prayers for a heathy baby.

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Happened to a friend of mine. Sadly even though the numbers kept climbing, the sack never developed

Techs are not to tell you anything…Listen to your doctor…

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This is called a “blighted ovum” if you want to do some research. If this is the case, there is no fetus in the sac.

It’s early yet, give it a few weeks.

Facebook is not the place to ask for medical advice. Talk to your doctor.


No yolk? What kind of disrespectful talk is that. She’s not a chicken or a bird. Disgusting.

I had that happen to me in 2017. There was a sac but no embryo. My doctor called it a blighted ovum. I miscarried shortly after and had to have a d&c. If that is whats going on with you im sorry that it happened. I was told it was a common thing to happen.


make sure to ask for a gynecological ultrasound tech. Many of these techs go from the hospital to doctor’s offices and were not trained in a specialty. My baby may have lived at 32 weeks if the ultrasound tech had known how to do a biophysical profile.

I was pregnant years ago with my second baby. No ultra sound was available. I had some spotting. My doctor heard what he thought was th baby’s heart beat. I had a D&C. there was no baby, just the placenta and the sac. I ended up with a hysterectomy, due to fibroids.

Should be fine :slight_smile: for mine, sac can only be seen at about 6 weeks plus…I was worrying at week 4-5 when sac can’t be seen at that point

I don’t go to the doctor till I show so no

She shouldn’t have said anything. She should let the doctor tell you . No need to worry you