Have any mothers gotten hand foot mouth?

Have any mommas ever gotten hand foot mouth from their kids? It’s going around my son’s daycare, but he nor my oldest son has it. I got it tho!!! Any tips to hurry this along??? It’s absolutely painful!!! The doctor I saw today said it’s painful in kids, but it’s 10x more painful in adults!!! I didn’t even have a fever!!! I just woke up with blisters on my hands and feet!!! I can’t even walk well!!! Any suggestions???


Just got over it. Honestly no way to speed it up but I took childrens tylenol every 4 hours and lots of rest

Just have to let it run its course. :confused:

YES. worst week of my
life! there’s literally nothing you can do about it. you just have to wait it out. my feet and hands didn’t hurt for more than a day but i still have pink spots where the blisters were (i’m hoping i’ll look normal again by halloween) there’s really not much you can do, unfortunately. best advice i can give you is DO NOT POP THE BLISTERS. :woman_shrugging:t3: good luck!

Soak in warm water with baking soda

I had it.
Oragel helped with the mouth sores.

Bless you. I didn’t get this but got chicken pox from my son when I was 35 :frowning: Keep an eye on you and your sons fingers nails after. A few of my sons fell off when he had H/F/M at preschool :cry: we had to put plasters around them. They grew back absolutely fine x

It has to run its course. Treat the symptoms but it typically takes about 7 days. My oldest is the only one of my kids to get it and she got blisters in her mouth and throat along with fevers. The doctor had my give her a mixture of Benadryl and liquid Maloxx every few hours and ibuprofen as needed for fevers

Make magic mouthwash it will help the mouth sores. Take tylenol and motrin and wash your hands!

My adult son got it so bad he lost layers of skin off his feet and hands, his face looked like an ice pick was took to it, worse thing I’ve ever seen

I had it when i was 8 months prego it lasted 3 days and not much u can do but try not to walk alot or grab things then it just went away and the blosters popped

I’ve never had it but my daughter got it from daycare when she was 1. Theres nothing that can be done for it really. Just has to run its course! She was so miserable. Hope you get better soon!

My 14 year old had it when she was 3, luckily no one else caught it. Worst week and a half of her life!

hand foot and mouth is a very finicky medical issue. i constantly pack the active antibodies but i never get any sypmtoms or rash or fever out breaks from it. it is dangerous to an unborn child it took my daughter from me at 37 weeks.


Benadryl and Maalox swish in your mouth and swallow (follow Benadryl directions for dosing) for mouth sores. Ibuprofen and Tylenol, Epsom salt soak in warm not hot water. Lots of fluids and rest. It’s viral so it’s gotta run its course.

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I had it about 15 years ago … one of the most painful things I’ve had. The first 5-6 days were the worst but then as it wound down it was better. Lasted about 2 weeks.

Advil Tylenol numbing sprays Benadryl to ease the itching but you Just have to let it run it’s course over about 2 weeks there is no vaccine or treatment for it… I’m sorry hun hope yew recover quickly!

I got it from my son few yrs ago. So painful I had it really bad.

I’m the OP. Thankful that my mouth isn’t really sore. My hands are what hurt so dang bad. I’m a 911 dispatcher and I was almost in tears yesterday typing.

I had abit a couple of years back, struggled to walk, hold things… and lost nails. I had a fever so bad I was awake one minute woke up sweating so much that youd have thought I’d have just got out the bath fully clothed :disappointed_relieved:

My 3 year old and I had it last year around this time while I was pregnant with my 5 month old. It was absolutely awful. I had such painful sores all over my hands, feet, mouth, face, and my entire scalp. Had a fever also. Was so miserable. Nothing helped. Sorry to say but it just has to run it’s course. Resting as much as possible is all you can really do. Feel better soon Mama!:heartpulse:

If you dont get them inside you’re mouth and tongue you will be lucky, yes very painful I didn’t eat for 2 weeks it was horrible

I did! It was so bad. I was miserable forever. Mostly my mouth. Take ibuprofen. Nothing much you can do.

My husband brought it home from work to our little one myself and himself about two years ago… I got it the worst thank goodness… Worst stuff ever I couldn’t walk it affected my feet so bad didn’t really affect my hands much my mouth stung… The skin literally hardened into thick sheets like a glove on my feet