Have any of you moms who have had an epidurals had problems?

Had problems years later with lower back pain and it like forming a hump right at the top where your tail bone kinda is. Making you butt sorta flat or lumpy. Cuz my lower back is like that and it hurts doing anything even simple chores like laundry. Keep in mind I'm 18 and I had an epidural 4 and almost a half years ago. Plz no judgment. But ig my question is, what have you done about it? What exercises helped? Did you go see a doctor what did they do or suggest? Was it serious?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Have any of you moms who have had an epidurals had problems?

Im 21 I had my first epidural at 18 (it failed me miserably i felt every bit of pain pushing a 9lb 7oz baby out) and my second one in January which worked,

My back pain is HORRIBLE personally, ill have days where ill feel like my whole back is on fire because of them, i can feel the exact spot where they placed it because of the pain. I regret getting the epidural now but it helped sooo much with my second baby

And epidural definitely wouldn’t cause a lump on your tailbone, that sounds concerning and you should probably get that checked out in case it was something more serious. But it will cause some back pain in like mid to lower back. I have a horrible experience with it.

It cause horrible back/hip issues and daily boarder line migraines for me. They messed up the first time hitting my hip so they had to redo the damn thing in 2008

I had problems with my 1st epidural they poked and picked jabbed forever to get it right had pretty bad back problems later but idk if it was bc of that or not also developed a disk slippage while pregnant with her but i went to a chiropractor helped A LOT my girl weighed 8lbs 11 ounces … 2nd epidural didn’t mess with my back no problems after …i would definitely go to a doctor a back doctor see if they will do an xray or mri it could be caused by an epidural possibly or there could be another issue going on

And definitely consider going to a chiropractor :two_hearts::heart: they do miracles!

My back where my tailbone is hurts daily sometimes i cant even get out of bed an walk cuz of it.

See a chiropractor. I have also had issues with my back since having an epidural 4 years ago. It is unfortunately one of the possible “side effects”.

My epidural was 14 years ago. On the first shot, they hit a blood clot and had to pull it out. The second shot was successful, however, they must have hit something around the tailbone area. To this day, I still cannot sit directly on my rear. I have to have a leg underneath, or sit more on one cheek than the other.

Yes!!! After my 1st epidural, a few months later I formed a lipoma on my spine that causes so much discomfort. My doctor said they couldn’t surgically remove it because it was on my spine, and I would basically just have to deal with it. She said it could have been from my epidural but couldn’t be 100% sure. But it formed exactly on the spot my epidural was put in. I don’t think it was a coincidence. I got a 2nd epidural 6 months ago with my 2nd babe, and it actually hurts so bad, I have to stop what I’m doing & take deep breathes. I do yoga & exercise 5 days a week, eat a clean diet, and try everything to try to help with the pain. But as my doctor said, I just deal with it :disappointed:

I never had an epidural but there are a few people I know who experienced side effects. My MIL still has back pain from it 38 years later.

according to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, there’s no credible evidence that having an epidural will lead to permanent back pain.