Have you done a heavy metal detox with your kids?

Any moms on here ever heard of/have done a heavy metal/environmental toxin detox with your children? Or used any kind of supplement drops/sprays that help do this and promote kidney function?I’ve been doing some research on this and the benefits but not totally sure how to go about doing so safely! Any advice/tips or stories help


I think the pediatrician is the best person to ask.

Yes I have!
Check out Medical Medium
They have a heavy metal detox smoothie
Wild blue berries, banana, oranges, spirunila, barley grass powder, dulse seaweed, cilantro and water

Cilantro…removes metals.
I would not recommend doing a cleanse so to speak with kiddos.
Just introduce it in their diet daily

We take zeolite , and detox baths with Indian healing clay and acv, and have noticed a big difference in mood and less headaches

Apart from moving somewhere with fewer environmental toxins, I’m not convinced you can really “detox”. The only thing to really help your kidneys is to make sure you drink enough and eat a balanced diet.