Have your kids ever done this?

For the past couple weeks, my daughter has been saying her tummy hurts almost every time she eats or drinks something. she doesnt act like it hurts and she keeps drinking and eating but she does say it. shes only 2 and a half, and again she still eats/drinks after saying it and doesnt say it afterwards. but should i be worried anyway? with all the covid and very very small doctor in my town i dont wanna take her in there unless its super necessary. thanks everyone!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Have your kids ever done this?

My son is 8 and has been doing this the last 2 months. He was now diagnosed with anxiety and they say it’s common for kids to complain of a stomach ache if they’re anxious

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keep a food journal to see if any particular foods are causing problems–gluten and dairy are common. Of course no fake foods are good for kids–synthetic colors, flavors, sweeteners can all cause problems as well as excess sugar of any kind

I used to get pains in my tummy when I’d first begin eating but usually only when it had been hours since my last meal . Could just be super sensitive to her own body and it feels weird while her stomach is adjusting to intake .

My niece did this when she was a toddler. We found out that she was saying her tummy hurt because she was hungry or thirsty.

My 3 year old does this

Was she sick with a tummy bug or diahrea or any siblings been sick recently? When my 7yo gets sick, my 4yo will then also start to complain about the same thing because she sees her sibling getting extra attention or the bubble gum medicine (if fever is involved) because she 1 wants to be like her big brother and 2 she wants the extra attention too. My son says he has a headache? Lo and behold 20 mins later my daughter will come over and complain about the exact same thing.

Take her to a doctor! There are lots of simple things it could be and lots of BIG things it might be. Take her to the doctor to make sure its not something BIG first, the. Ask strangers on the internet what other things it could be.

My two year old is doing this as well. I think it’s just a phase

Take her to a doctor. It could be a variety of things from anxiety, gallbladder issues, could just be a phase too. Never hurts to make sure though in case it is something serious

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Could be acid reflux. Mine complain from stomach pain a lot from it also could be bathroom issues. If their body doesn’t get rid of waste often enough then it can hurt the stomach.


Crystellie Louiise you could of written this

My little girl is 2 and has been doing this for a few weeks now she will only eat like 4/5 mouth fulls of her food then crys saying her tummy is sore she wakes up from her sleep and says its sore she will ear sweets fine but food is a no go she dosnt seem to do it at nursery only at home it’s so strange I wonder if it is anxiety as I have not long had a baby he’s 9 weeks old but we was home for 3 weeks then in hospital for 3 weeks so I wonder if she is anxious that I’m going to leave her and go back to hospital :pleading_face::weary:

All through elementary school I would always complain to my mom that my stomach hurt during the day. My intestines were outside my body when I was born and I had to have them put back in so she kept taking me to the dr thinking it was possibly due to that. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized it was just anxiety

Take her to the doctor. He will be the best person to advise you.

May be what she eats milk goes that to my great grand son he doesn’t get any thing with milk Dr. said it was milk

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My daughter occasionally complained of a stomach ache, only at bed time. I thought she just didn’t want to go to sleep. At her annual checkup she said it hurt when he pressed on her abdomen. She told him it hurt “all the time, all day”. I had no idea. They decided it was just stress. (Started kindergarten and moved to a new house). It went away when we moved again at the end of the school year. The stomach pain resurfaced when she took swimming lessons a year later. It turned out it was a chlorine allergy. The town we lived in that one year had high chlorine levels in the tsp water. Swimming was ok once we convinced her to keep her mouth closed in the water.
The point is that a doctor’s diagnosis of stress may be just a cop out.

My daughter did the same at the same age too she’s 3 now could be she’s constipated have to see if she poops everyday n how many times… my kids as babies to 5ish are lactose intolerant so I have to give them apple juice everyday to equal out the dairy they eat n bananas there fav fruit so keep an eye on that

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Have your kids ever done this?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Have your kids ever done this?

Any time my littles say they have a tummy ache, we go through some questions. Does it ache because you need to puke? Does it ache because you need to poo? Does it ache because you are hungry? After I found out they were saying it when they were hungry, I taught them that that hungry feeling isnt a tummy ache. We’ll call it tummy grumbling.


My daughter sometimes says she’s got tummy ache if she’s worried or overthinking about something

I’d call the doctor… something similar happen to my daughter and it she ended up needing her appendix removed she was 2 at the time …

What is she drinking and eating? Dairy can cause pain.

Pure craziness. My granddaughter (3) a couple weeks ago started complaining about random body aches. The stomach aches were the most of her complaints. Her Mom took her to the doctor and low and behold she tested positive for Covid. This would be the second time having it. She had no other symptoms other than stomach ache and occasional complaint Of leg pain

it would be good to take her to the doctor, anyway. you never know if something more serious is going on. it’s hard to articulate pain and problems at that age

Had this problem with my son for 5 years kept taking him to the dr and emergency room to finally be diagnosed by a specialist with Chrohns don’t wait to get second opinions

Keep track of what it is that is causing this. Could be an allergy?

is she constipated? my oldest was for the longest time nd we were told mirilax once a day and after cpl days she was ok

Take your kid to the doctor. Better safe than sorry!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Have your kids ever done this?

My 2 year old tells me her belly hurts when she is hungry. So it could just be she is hungry and nothing more. Don’t worry about it. If you do think something is wrong make a doctors appointment


As long as she is eating, drinking, peeing & pooping. She should be okay. My kids get the tummy hurts from me since I am pregnant and have bad heartburn. Monkey see, Monkey do. Is she hearing it from someone in the house?

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Have her checked out by a doctor immediately


Whenever my 2yr old eats he comes to me and says “mummy my tummy” and he usually wants me to rub it and then he pretend to burps. I think it’s a phase

Keep an eye on it encase it is something, but it may be nothing. My 3 yr old says her tummy hurts when she wants pedialyte because she likes the taste.

Have her checked out and keep record on what she is eating when she does .and watch her stomach in cause it starts to bulge .li may be just over eating but better to be safe than sorry. I watched a movie once that was a true story about a little girl who did the same thing kept taking her to er complaining about her stomach hurting and they kept sending her home saying she was faking .The mother managed to get her into a specialist and found out her stomach wasn’t working properly had to do a special surgery saved her life .Your daughter may be okay but better to be safe than sorry have exrays and any other test done.

It could be gastroparesis

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Could just be a phase, my 2.5 year old tells me he’s full but means he’s hungry haha

A child frequently saying their tummy hurts could e a sign of anxiety in the child, however since its correlated with meals times, it might be unlikely

Take note on what foods or drinks she is having at the time could be a food allergy


My boy is 2 years & 3m

He says this all the time when he is hungry
Because one day he was sick and was saying his belly hurt and I had said “do you want mommy to make you toast to help feel better?”

Now he says it ALL THE TIME when he is hungry

Aww bless her,have her checked out for Gluten intolerance

My daughter used to say it then we figured out she said it every time she was full or dident want any more so we talked to her about just telling us that part instead and it went away

My 3 year old says his tummy hurts nearly every day, I mentioned it to the doctor and because it doesn’t stop him from doing anything they said it’s probably fine

Can it possible tested for diabetes