Healing after domestic violence?

For those of you who have been in domestic violence/ mental cruciality situations.

How long after you got out did you start taking things at face value and valuing yourself? Any advice on getting my mind and focus stronger ?
For some reason even tho I’ve been out for a bit still going down that dark self blame for everything including spilled milk
(working on seeking Help but a lot of hoops at the moment )


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Healing after domestic violence?

Allow yourself time to heal. Everyone handles things differently, so don’t be hard on yourself.

It’s been over a year for me and I still struggle. I hope things get better for you

I’m at 2.5 years, still working at it unfortunately.
I hear it gets better though.:heart:

I’m still traumatized years later but I have a family who loves me , my wonderful daughter and fiancée. It does get better, but take care of your mental health

Be kind to yourself. Remember each day is a new day.

Honey I have been away from that life for 12 years mine has gone on for 10 years. I still have hard days. I am my worse critic. I do not know if you ever get over it. You more then less learn how to live with it. I had to see my abuser for the first time out in public this year and I will be honest I think that is how I am stronger today then I have ever been. It showed him he does not have any control over me any more.

Between my 2 Xs and my narcessustic, dysfunctional family I am still battling demons of the memory if all the things I dealt with. I went to a therapist at different times but because of all the years of being in abusive situations I never realized just how much abuse I have had in my life. So much that I couldn’t understand when anyone treated me normally, I was always looking for abuse in even that situatiulion. In abusuve situations I didn’t notice until something happened to make me realize I was again in an abusuve relationship, from a SO to a group of people In a club or teaching group. I have sekfin been able to talk about the abuse in the therapy because Until a few years ago I nevercrealuzed exactly how the abuse affected me or even what was abuse. I tried to not be abusuive with my children but at the same time had to try to protect them from my parents.