Help me choose a new name for myself!

So I need some middle names that would go good with Evelyn it’s not for my kids it’s for me I’m trying to Sprint away from my father’s family and I’m named after 2 of his grandmothers grandmother’s and so I need a good name that goes with the with me Evelyn any suggestions?


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Even changing your name is not change who you are. Come to terms with it and talk it through with someone close or willing to listen. A name doesn’t change the person or how we feel :heart:

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My Evelyn is Evelyn Raechelle. Pronounced ray shell. We call her Evie rae for short


My middle name my Madden last name is Shannon so it has a beautiful ring to it

Pick something meaningful to you. :heart:

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Rose or Rae do sound good with Evelyn


My grandmother is Evelyn June!

Evelyn raerose or Evelyn janelle :sunglasses:

Paige, Hope ,Alexandria Alexa, Noel

Rae, Rose, Faye, Marie

Jean or Jeanne mine and my granddaughters middle name.

Had Dezarae which by her choice wanted be called Rae Rae. Interrupted childhood she had live with her parents they taught her Dezi was better. Life has never been fair as it was her first 6 years) but now her choice remains Dez.

The names.Faith, & Evie came to mind, straight away.Its quite dificult, to choose.How about Roxanne.Lol.
My uncle’s wife, has your first name.
Lovely name.
Good luck.x

Sounds like you have your own life inspiration, so maybe pick someone who you feel influenced by and go with that, be it Rosie, Marilyn, Amelia, Margaret, Florence…

I know it’s odd to some, but what about Evelyn James? I love the name James for a girl, idk why


I came to say rae. But obviously that’s as old as time

My mom’s name was Evelyn Joyce I love the name Evelyn. Everyone called her Evie!

Willie Evelyn was my friends name

My girl is Evelyn Claire.

My grandmother is Evelyn. And her middle name is Francis.
Its the only thing I’ve ever known to sound right.

Evelyn nicole, evelyn marie, evelyn Renae, evelyn Rose