Help me choose a new name for myself!

So I need some middle names that would go good with Evelyn it’s not for my kids it’s for me I’m trying to Sprint away from my father’s family and I’m named after 2 of his grandmothers grandmother’s and so I need a good name that goes with the with me Evelyn any suggestions?


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You could just omit it and change your first and middle to Eva Lynn


Evelyn Grace
Evelyn Rose
Evelyn Louise
Evelyn Marie
Evelyn Leigh/Leah
Any of these names go with ur choice, it’s just a matter of picking one that feels right to u. :blush: Good luck!! :grin::+1::v:


It depends on the last name too. Evelyn is 3 syllables so pick a middle name that flows with the last name in syllable counts. 3-2-1 or maybe 3-2-3…try that.


I think “ Marie” goes with most first names :smiley:


Just don’t use them, I haven’t used a middle name since I was christened.


Evelyn Opal.

It’s actually the name I plan to use to name my (eventual) child but what the heck, might never happen :v:t4:


The best present I ever received was my mum paying for me to change my name as soon as I turned 18. My father was a monster and I didn’t want to be tied to him in any way. I turned my middle name to my last name as I was called Keela Lee by my mum every now and again so it was familiar. My middle name I chose something that I always loved but spelt it differently. I absolutely love all my names now and think it looks just beautiful when it’s written. If there is a name you love, someone you admire or a name you have just loved when you were a kid choose that, no matter what you chose it will be perfect because you chose it. :blush:


I was going to name my daughter Evelyn Anne… I loved it but… she ended up Madison Claire. Good luck Sweetheart. My sister is doing the same. She has decided to separate herself from our father… I am 100% be hind her and you. My God always bless you.


Ellon (Greek origin) meaning “passionate and loves freedom”.


Evleyn Marie was my grandmother’s, It rolls off the tongue. I always thought I should give my daughter a name that kinda sounded like the word flower coming out. I liked Lorelai, but I came to common ground on Athena- Elena. My point is, if you have 3 syllables in your name, it rolls off the tongue if you have a 2 syllable (2 vowel) name afterwards. This is just what I would choose. I like names that are a mouthful because you’ll always forget them. :wink:

There are many possibilities and I hope you find the one that works best for you.

Charlotte from the name Charles meaning “free man”


What about choosing your kids names as your middle names? :slightly_smiling_face:

Evelyn Ray. For ray of sunshine


My sister is Evelyn Simone


Evelyn Jean. Evelyn Nicole. Evelyn Sara. Evelyn Helen. Evelyn Jane… Evelyn Kay. there are any number of names that can go with your first name.

Make a statement!

Why not go - Evelyn Ever-After

A fairy tale ending for you! :heart:


Marie…1st name that popped into my head lol…good luck!

Evelyn Lucy would be a good name :rofl::sweat_smile:


Whatever you choose, don’t go with Evelyn Lily! Almost impossible to say :joy:

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My daughter is Evalyn Florence Ella

Soph ee a…pronounced like I just spelt…


My middle name is Rose

Cherise, Sierra, Serafina, Melody, Rayna, Liana, Savannah, Miranda, Victoria, Marie, Maria, Marina, .

I have a Chelsea-Rose :wink::ok_hand:

The name Rose has come up several times and I do like that. I also like Diane or Christine. Here again I agree with previous statement that it depends on the last name. Good luck choosing

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Evelyn Kathleen! I know one!

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Evelyn Faith, Evelyn Elena, Evelyn Noelle, Evelyn Ryan, Evelyn Beth

My grandma was Evelyn Jane


Anne gets used a lot as a second name…

My mother was evelyn lorraine

Try a baby name website, us trans folk use those a lot and name generators are great too!


Jane, Marie, Rose, and Mae all sound very elegant

Michelle, Marie, Grace

My name is Evelyn Carlene

Evelyn Kay my sisters name

Evelyn Jade. Evelyn Rae. Evelyn Louise. Evelyn Storm. Evelyn Lee.

Rose…Evelyn Faith

I have a Evelynn Elizabeth

Grace for middle name


Evelyn Mae. Pronounced may


Claire - Ruth - Marie

Evelyn Marie
Evelyn Rae
Evelyn Leah (pronounced lee)
Evelyn Faith
Evelyn Mae
Evelyn Ruth
Evelyn Jayde

Evette,Ansley, Bevelly,Caroline

Evelyn Eliza
Evelyn may

Evelyn Raine
Evelyn Monroe
Evelyn Rose
Evelyn Mae
Evelyn Bee
Evelyn Ray
Evelyn Renee
Evelyn Leigh

Mine is Kae. I love it


Joy. It goes well with Evelyn and it’s what you are looking for in your life!


I would say appreciate who you ARE. Learn to love the names your were given. Create your own identity with them. Never run away from your destiny, your true self.


If we would have had a girl we were going to name her Evelyn Grace


Whatever you want it to be. Pick something or someone that has a special place in your heart and use that (or a variation of it).


Evelyn Rose was there first thing that came to mind :slightly_smiling_face:


If you’re born a boy but tell everyone you are a girl deep down you are still a boy. Changing your name isn’t going to help but changing you will. Hold your head high and be your best

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LaJuan… my mom told me it was french and not very common. Wish it would have been my first name. Pronounced LaWan. Good luck.

Did your grandmothers mistreat you also or do you blame them for how he treated you ? If this action helps clear your mind of him then that’s fine.

It would be prevalent to know the last name and the current middle name so we don’t suggest the same thing. For all we know she could be trying to change the name Marie and 50% of the comments here are saying Marie. I digress…I quite like the flow of Evelyn May or Evelyn Jane. Something one syllable and simple.

Choose a masculine name like james or Michael. It is a popular thing now.

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Victoria (is a form of Victor which means Victorious)
Jane (God is gracious)
Saoirse (Irish origin), meaning “freedom” and "independence.
Matilda (one who is mighty in battle)

Consider the meaning of the name you want to give yourself

Evelyn Rayne. Since you’re washing away your past


My last name is now my middle name on facey. Don’t want to be associated with my maiden name.

Evelyn is 3 syllables so a short name would best Beth or Kay sounds nice

Why not split the name you like in two, Eve Lyn

Evelyn Grace sounds and looks really nice. It flows!


Rose, Rae, , or whatever had meaning for you


How about Evelyn Mae


Monroe sounds strong next to an elegant name like Evelyn


My great granddaughter’s name is Everly Hazel

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Evelyn Laura (my grandmother loving taught me to bake bread,sew and knit)

Evelyn Grace sounds like a great name.

I had a great aunt whose name was Evelyn Jane.

Evelyn Eloise (my dogs old lady name) , Evelyn Mae, Evelyn Rose

Therese (like St. Therese, the little flower)

I think the suggestion of Evelyn Grace is beautiful

Marie was my first thought, Faye might be nice or Quinn

My mom was Evelyn Fawn

Evelyn Abby…just popped in my head

Evelyn Margaret Anne is my partners mothers name. Nice lady

Evelyn Champagne … so you can toast to it .:wink:

Anne or Marie would be a good start.

Evelyn Claire sounds good too

Evelyn Jane, or Evelyn Grace or Ann sweet middle names


Renee. Goes with almost any first name.

Last name needed… For instance Evelyn Ann Anderson isn’t going to work… Neither Evelyn Amber Thomas which would make her initials EAT… It should probably have a consonant since Evelyn is a vowel so Amber and isn’t a good example but the last name would make a difference in any case.

Evelyn Dove. (To remind you that you are free)

A cousin is Mary Evelyn

Not one person in the world has my middle name… It’s carove pronounced care of

Evelyn Leelee. And your nickname could be Ell or Ellie

Change of name and new beggining.

Evelyn - Christine
Evelyn - Genoveve
Evelyn - Kristal
Evelyn - Elena
Evelyn - Lynette…

Evelyn rain or rayne

Donna Dolan or how about dont take things out of context?

Choose something that gives you power and love -

I think Evelyn Marie sounds nice.

My mil was Evelyn. Called her Evie

Rose, Michelle, Rochelle, Patricia, Sophia, Victoria.

Evelyn Marie, Evelyn Elizabeth