Help me understand

Someone please help me :sob: I have always been a little heavy but I’m currently pregnant. I’m sitting here crying my eyes out because I’m so heavy I stepped on one of our kittens and killed it on accident. Why am I hating myself for being so fat I managed to kill a kitten! I’m a little over 200 lbs right now but I am just beyond disgusted with myself. I have never stepped on an animal and killed it until today and I just wished I could change how heavy I am and what just happened but I cant :sob::sob::sob: has anyone else ever been so miserable with weight because of an incident? I have never been over 200 lbs before and all I can keep saying is how fat I am now!!! My husband keeps saying it was an accident but do accidents like this happen more than I’m thinking??? Please help this momma out :sob:

I am so sorry you lost a kitten in such a horrific way. But it has nothing to do with your weight mama, this could have happened to even the skinniest of people. Keep your head up, it was just a freak accident.