Help please idk what to do

Need advice
My husband went to basic when our son was three months old we barely saw him and now live all together our son is now 16 months old and im trying to be understanding that he isnt use to the baby like i am but its hard. Im not sure if im over reacting or just being hormonal but it seems like he wants nothing to do with him. When he has off days he goes and runs around with his friends and then gets mad when he comes home and is tired and the baby wants to spend time with him. He sleeps in and ignores the baby when he’s off. He gets very impatient when the baby wants something and starts whining or starts getting tired and crying. I understand he works and everything but i still feel like he should be stepping up and trying to make up for lost time. Am i over reacting? I just feel stuck bc i moved here away from my sick mother so i wouldnt be feeling like a single mother but i still do

I don’t feel like you’re over reacting and personally I told my husband when we got pregnant that If he made me feel like a single mom I’d just be one. We made her together we’re gonna care for her together.