Hoho into a housewife

  • Maybe someone can help me. I use to be a man whore in a woman version, I played the field, never had a Orgasm. When I had my kids and met my soulmate I changed everything. I love my life. My man is perfect to me but I’d make up shit to get him jealous because it turned me on and he also knew I wasn’t serious at all. I just like the possessive part of men. Recently as he works away a lot, before I start this let me say HE WOuld not cheat… He recently has found a fantasy of me screwing other people hot. Like he wants a video and he definitely is turned on about it to the put he asked his best friend to do it and I’m like no I don’t think this is a good idea. For one I want to vomit over any idea of a man besides my own. My man is a captain America type of angel so he never has done crazy stuff. I flirted with his friend finally after months of being talked into it. My man got jelly and said I should be straight forward which I thought I was and the guy already knew what the idea was since he talked with my man before. I was trying to give him what he wanted but altogether I don’t wanna do it. Though I have the thoughts in my head that everyone should live out their fantasy’s and if I don’t live out his he will always think “what if”. I have only had one orgasm and that’s been with him, besides on my own once I figured shit out. I always heard all my life that men that can’t do stuff with their wife find a side piece that will…. But he’s not like that though I didn’t think he’d ever be this crazy about wanting something like this. He doesn’t want a threesome he just wants to watch someone else screw me…. He’s been gone four months I’m not sure if it’s the no sex part getting to him or what but he’s obsessed with me, I love it but I don’t want to be a slut and do these things. I’m hoping once he gets his hormones uncontroll when he gets home he will change his mind. He doesn’t even usually want another kid but now it’s a thought in his mind. Help???