Home remedies for poison ivy allergies?

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. I have never been allergic to poison ivy, but it turns out that I now am. Started with a few spots on my rear, and now I have it head to toe. Went to convenient care, and they won’t do anything. I have an OB appointment tomorrow. Has anyone been given a steroid shot while pregnant or what can be done? I’ve been trying all home remedies I can think of!


You may have the pregnancy itch.:grimacing:

If you have a local Amish store around, they usually sell poison ivy soap. It’s the only thing that ever helped mine.

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Witch hazel might help

Or a like natural food store to find soap

I wasn’t Never until a couple years ago and I feel for you pretty sure I’d had gone crazy from the itching if they won’t have give me a shot. Hopefully your OB will know what best and can help you feel better.

Use the blue dawn dish soap to wash the area 3 times a day and it’ll dry right up. I’m severely allergic and it always helps, in addition to the shot of course.

Go to cvs ask specifically for calamine lotion put it on the spots with a cotton ball and also spray with cvs brand poison ivy anti itch spray. As someone who is severely allergic and lives in the country this will be your best bet. It should clear within a week.

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I’ve heard diaper rash cream helps. Just a small dot

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Oatmeal baths help with the itching. Rubbing alcohol is the best I have found to dry it up quickly

Apple cider vinegar caladryl aloe all help me. I dont believe you can have steroids during pregnancy.

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When I used to go to camp as a kid, they would put calamine lotion on to stop the itching.

Might not be poison ivy I was the same way and at 19 weeks was diagnosed with the pregnancy rash pupp. I would talk to your OB before treating it as poison ivy. I went to two different doctors and they both said it was eczema. My OB said it was definitely the pupps rash

Add a cup of white or apple cider vinegar to a bath and soak for 10-15 min. It reeks but takes the sting away

Witch hazel! It works! But at the dollar store, it’s the best thing ever!

Rubbing alcohol dries it out.

I’m highly allergic to poison ivy. Got it while pregnant and they would not give steroids. But…my ob did send me to dermatologist. She became my best friend bc she had the magic creams that kept me sane till it dried out. The key is to dry out out. I opened all blisters and used alcohol. It burned but worked. Ji wish i could have done that to my eye balls cause i had it there to. Hands down! Most horrible experience ever!

Theres a scrub that’s at Walmart and you scrub it in all the wounds in the shower and it removes the poison ivy oils and within days it all goes away.