Home remedies for yeast infection?

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Hey I have another question for the group. I really need help with this one…

Im 37 weeks pregnant and have developed a yeast infection. Ive never had one so I’m new to this. Ive been to the doctor and they said the pill and the cream are both fine. But of course I had to google it and I read that you shouldn’t take the oral pill while pregnant… i have the 6 day Canesten cream treatment which is very low dosages but it’s not curing me as fast as I want it too. Has anyone been through this or knows someone who has taken the oral pill while pregnant? Sensitive topic I know I hope someone can respond. Thank you.


Use Mobistar 7 day treatment. You do not wanna have a yeast infection at birth. My friend did and her son screamed for 14 months with chronic ear infections it took so many different treatments to get it cured.

And if your doctor says it’s okay to take it’s ok.

A natural way to treat is to use diluted Tea Tree oil with fractioned coconut oil. If you have an empty 1oz bottle, fill it with the coconut oil and then add 5 drops of Tea Tree. Apply this before bed and then get a shower in the morning. It will clear up within days and is safe.

I took the 7 day treatment and took mw 3 more weeks to get ot cleared…

The pill works so much faster than any of the creams. Google says all kinds of things are not safe that are routinely prescribed during pregnancy

I took the oral during 3 of my pregnancies. As well as using the one day ovual treatment. I can’t stand to deal with a yeast infection. Jump on the fastest easiest one

You can use monistat while pregnant but I wouldn’t recommend using the applicator though. I used it once and felt like my vagina was on fire :joy:

Yogurt plain is the best

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Why does everyone trust Google over a Dr


I took the pill at 36 weeks. Because they are trying to prevent you having the baby with it because you will pass it to The baby

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I took the pill and it went away within a day

I was told no to the pill treatment and to use the longest treatment (6 or 7 days) only…

I took the oral pill while I was pregnant and I was alright and cured the yeast infection super fast.

Honestly your best bet might be to ask a pharmacist


I took 2 of those pills while pregnant recently and they knocked it out. Don’t google ask your OB and go with it.

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I have taken both. Trust your doctor.

I took the oral pill during both my pregnancy’s, symptoms went away super quick and the babies are just fine! Doctors wouldn’t recommend things if they weren’t safe :slightly_smiling_face:

Your doctor said the pill was fine. Google PhDs is why we have an anti-vax epidemic. Listen to your doctor over google. That shouldn’t have to even be said.


If your Dr knows you’re pregnant and says the pill is okay, take the pill!! Much faster results. Yeast infections are the WORST!

I took the pill at like 36 weeks work just fine was gone in like 3 days or faster I don’t remember

oh my, don’t believe the internet over a real live doc. I’d do exactly as doc says.

Ok so what you’re saying is that your DOCTOR offered you the pill and the cream. THE INTERNET told you the pill wasn’t safe so you decided on the cream. Now you’re complaining because the cream isn’t working fast enough?

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my ob-gyn told me to use the 7-10 day cream bc the pill can send you into labor/harm the baby

I took the pill while I was pregnant.

Try some acidophilus. It can help get rid of the infection. That’s what is in yogurt as the active culture.

Keep as dry as possible. Panty liners to keep undies as fresh as possible cream and probiotics. That’s what I day. Gone in a week the first time and week and a half the second. Mine recurred twice in week 37 and 28

Either or if fine. I would take the pill and the. Finish the 6 day. Wont hurt to do both. Bcuz you wanna clear that up before you go into labor, the infection could pass you baby.

The oral pill is not ok in your first trimester after that you’re fine

You use the 7 day treatment when you’re pregnant, yes it takes longer but it’s the safest

If the doctor prescribed the oral pill its 100% safe. Trust your doctor google doesn’t have its PHD

Put tea tree on it. It will dry it up fast!

Why would you listen to Google over your doctor? That’s my question.

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the 7-Day treatment on Monistat work wonders for me especially with the fact that you insert it every night and you just take a little bit and rub where it’s irritated during the day by day 3 I had no more problems I was good as new but I would definitely do the whole treatment to prevent anything from flaring up again

I took the pill and I was fine. Was gone in 2-3 days.

Used cream a million times not sure about pill. You can also get yourself some yogurt with probiotics in it. Dont use soap down there and only have showers no baths. It does take a few days to clear up. Also if having sex make sure partner hasnt got it too otherwise you’ll keep passing it back and forth so usually no sex till both treated