Homeschool suggestions for my 11 yr old son

Having a lot of issues at my sons charter school. We already removed him from public school and charter school is close to kicking him out as well. Need homeschool site ideas please? As well as any advice.
Myself and my husband are both in the mental health field. We understand how to interact and engage appropriately with him. He has been receiving some sort of mental health services since the age of 4. Need some new ideas/advice/suggestions.
Thank you!


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Have you checked with psychiatrists/therapist?? You mention you work in the mental health field but you don’t mention your particular job in the field. I would seek therapy after you gather all the reasons why the school wants to kick him out. Is he disrupting class all the time, arguing or swearing at teachers, is he getting into fights with other students? You gotta find out what he’s doing and then get therapy to find out why he does what he does and then the therapy (cognitive therapy would be good) can help him change his thinking and behavior into something more positive so he won’t get kicked out of school. Sometimes meds can help if he’s experiencing depression or anxiety or other mental/emotional problems that meds can tame down while he learns how to behave appropriately in therapy. It won’t be a quick fix and things might even seem to get worse before they get better but hang in there.


Truthfully, I would look back into the public school system. Public schools are required to provide a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. Private and charter schools aren’t required to do that.


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Easypeasy is a great free homeschooling resource it has Christian courses if you want to use them but you don’t have to , mia academy is $25 a month for the homeschooling portion but it also is a good curriculum and community base.


First thing get an IEP if your mental health field he needs that then second put him on medication if he is constantly having problems he needs medication I wasn’t for medication at first but now I did it!! It’s the best thing I ever did now I have honor roll student and straight a’s is an amazing school

K12 or you can try time for learning it’s fairly simple 4 main subjects if your looking for easy on the mental health route I used time for learning for my oldest and it was amazing. Hopefully you find something that works for all of you and I wish you well in helping your son.


VLACS has a program and so doesn’t Khan Academy

Time4Learning is great. My oldest is 18 and we used it from 1st grade through 12th. I have an 11 year old who uses it now also.
It is affordable. Lesson plans are already set up for them. A cartoon character is the teacher that does each lesson so it’s more fun. There are worksheets to print. Answer keys for you to grade papers. There are chapter quizzes for each lesson then a big chapter test. Each quiz and test is automatically graded. You can have them retake them if they did not do great the first time. Every lesson can be done again also if they didn’t understand something. You have access to the grade above and below their grade level. If your child is great in Science you can go up a grade. If they struggle in math you can go down a grade. It’s a really great homeschool and I absolutely love it.

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AVOID K12. It is ok for kids who are bullied but otherwise do not need 504s. My daughter had one for being HoH. Algebra teacher refused to comply.

You need to know what is causing is removal from two different schools. That is the FIRST step. Get help for him if it is necessary. You have to mind in school. That is a given.

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Schools kicking him out bc of mental health is ridiculous :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: do they not have special education classes ? They’re trained to deal with kids who need the extra time attention and care. My son has adhd and is a handful at times and daycares/preschools always gave me grief about him. Never being mean just hyper doesn’t want to nap or has a hard time transitioning from one activity to another. And also has a short attention span. I’ve actually had daycare me refuse to take him last minute n I would end up losing my job. Smh. I finally got his iep done and got him into special education pre k at the elementary school and his class and teacher was amazing :heart:

Look into Kirk Baucher School. Not sure of the process but know of a young man who had major anger issues, really bad adhd they work thru Sierra Vista counseling you can ask the school and maybe look into the school.

Since you are in the mental health field, you should know that getting a correct diagnosis is important. If medication is recommended, try it. I’ve seen so many children show major improvements once they receive medication. Many grow out of the need for it as they mature.


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Does he show depression and the manic could he be lower bipolar But to young to diagnose. I know you are mental help people but some times parent think adhd and they are having mood swings